Ravens Smart to Extend 2nd Chance to McClain

Rolando McClain Raiders 55

I’ll admit that when I heard of his most recent arrest, like many of you, I was ready to kick Rolando McClain to the curb and drive the final nail into a coffin called Rolando’s Ravens career – one dead on arrival.

But Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh have so far refrained from doing that and you have to wonder why. After all isn’t a John Harbaugh team supposed to be rich with character consisting of over-achieving, hard-working Mighty Men who love the game of football?

Such a description doesn’t exactly jump to the forefront of your mind when you think of McClain.

So why do the Ravens think as assistant general manager Eric DeCosta said during The Baltimore Sun Sports Forum, that Rolando, “deserves a second chance”?

Could it be that there are still concerns about the middle of their defense, one that Ozzie seems hell bent on improving? Are there lingering doubts about the ability of Jameel McClain to bounce back from a spinal contusion injury?

Let’s assume that the Ravens are sincere and they genuinely want to give McClain a second chance even if some would argue, and with reason, that the “second chance” took place a couple of chances ago. The Ravens do have strong ties to Alabama, Nick Saban and The Crimson Tide coaching staff. Surely they’ve done their homework and have concluded that “second chance” is worth the risk.

And really what risk is there?

The Ravens aren’t guaranteeing Rolando any money so even if second chance needs a third, so what?

Some might worry that McClain could be a locker room cancer. But the Ravens locker room is strong and one bad apple, assuming McClain goes that way, won’t spoil the whole bunch. It’s far more likely that McClain would be influenced to move in a positive direction than him influencing other Ravens to venture down a dark path.

Even if the Rolando Experiment fails, the Ravens stand to gain.

Think of it this way…

Suppose an agent is looking to place his client with a team where he can resurrect his career and then cash in later either with that team or another. The agent will first look for an organization willing to extend second chances. When that list is complete the agent will prefer that his client receives a fair chance to compete for a starting position, ideally with a team that can make a postseason appearance.

Sounds a lot like the Baltimore Ravens doesn’t it?

Now suppose that player given the second chance actually takes advantage of it?

Might that not be a great way to get extreme value from a position while effectively maximizing limited salary cap dollars?

And now, let’s suppose that player is Rolando McClain.

Are the Ravens wise to extend McClain a second chance?
Yes (89%)
No (11%)
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21 Raves on “Ravens Smart to Extend 2nd Chance to McClain

  1. purple reign on said:

    It’s a no-brainer. PFF ranked him, statistically, as the #8 best linebacker against the run last year. We STUNK against the run last year. Arthur Brown was a great draft pick, but he has the size and speed of a great COVERAGE backer, not a thumper. Pairing Rolando with Brown could really improve our defense. And if he fails, it doesn’t cost us a penny. Only upside here.

  2. Tgun42 on said:

    He hasnt had a chance to get into the locker room yet to get mentored by Ozzie, and OJ . Give him a chance. I think being around former teamates from the tide and having great mentors on D like Sizzle and Dummerville and Ngata and Webby will be good for him. Our team has great influence in the locker room but more importantly in the community too. You dont see Rice, or Torrey out in the clubs. They are in the community or with thier families doing positve things. That can rub off and change that young mans life while also suring up our middle.

    • Sdot on said:

      Rice is always in the clubs lol I’ve partied with him many times but he does drink like that, mostly guest appearances

  3. Chad on said:

    Agreed 100%. Look at why NE is such a destination for aging vets that might have some perceived or warranted charater defects. Corey Dillon, Och Cinco, Randy Moss the list goes on and on.

    On another note really what did he get arrested for? Illegal window tent, come on man! Most people who have tint on their car now it is illegal. Secondly out of 700 people in a park he is the only one to get arrested? Really? That is just dumb luck or fuzz profiling and for what throwing up N.W.A’s anthem to the crowd. Pretty sure we have all yelled that a few times. I get the gun thing in the park andthat to me is strike one. Next mistake though he should be out the door. My two cents.

  4. Ravcolt on said:

    Stupidity, especially in this day and age, still has its rewards. Local police has him ranked in the top five of their list of “arrests waiting to happen.”

  5. John on said:

    The guy is an idiot, and will screw up again. That said – he comes with no risk and a high reward. We’d be foolish to cut him prior to the end of camp unless he REALLY screws up.

  6. Hut Guy on said:

    Sometime in mid November , when McClain is playing havoc with opposing offenses, all that has happened recently will filed away in “cold cases”.

  7. Ravenwoman on said:

    The Ravens haven’t invested one cent in this guy. They have up until September to make a final decision, so why not leave him on the roster until crunch time? This second chance business is a smoke screen for “We are unsure about our linebacking corps.” Believe me, if the Ravens had a strong group at linebackers, he probably would have been cut.

  8. Ray Lucy on said:

    Did anyone stop and think maybe that is why he keeps doing it, rewarding bad behavior never sets a good example!

    • Bill on said:

      How is his bad behavior being rewarded? He lost a lot of money when he got cut by the Raiders and got no guaranteed money from the Ravens. He probably keeps doing it because he is not very smart.

  9. Purple Snow on said:

    Tony–Thank you so much for taking the high road on this issue. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. I think the guy will come into camp and if he loves the game he will turn things around–it is his last chance in the NFL. I think the team and coaches will motivate him. If not, there is nothing really lost. Also, in future articles about this guy, I hope the writers will refrain from showing the pictures of the guy in hand cuffs. I don’t agree with continually showing a player in a picture at one of his lowest points.

  10. drgeo on said:

    Don’t care if he is dumb enough to make America’s Most Wanted Window Tinters, we just don’t need stupidity on our team.

  11. JerryB on said:

    As you say, Tony, there really is no risk here. It may well be more a matter of maturity than anything else. So, the Ravens may have provide him with a “baby sitter” of sorts, assuming he makes the team!

  12. Evan on said:

    I think he has a chance to be great but his story is similar to ellerbe. Being decent the first few years the ravens give them both 1 year deals and they do great and then we can’t keep them in free agency

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