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The Baltimore Ravens, winners of Super Bowl XLVII, will open the 2013 regular season on the road on Sept. 5. Below are statements from the Ravens and the Orioles that shed light on the attempts to allow that game to be played in Baltimore.

Ravens Statement: President Dick Cass

“After thorough discussions among the Orioles, the NFL and the Ravens, it became clear that holding both an Orioles’ game and the Ravens’ regular season opener on the same day would create logistical situations that would cause serious issues for the city of Baltimore, and fans for both teams. The Ravens greatly appreciate the willingness of the Orioles to adjust the start of their game in an effort to make this sports spectacular happen. But, in the end, anticipated problems with parking, rush-hour traffic, plus crowd and car congestion around Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium, will keep the doubleheader from taking place.”

Orioles Statement

“The Orioles have great respect for the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and thank Major League Baseball, the MLB Players Association, and the White Sox for doing everything possible to work with us to explore all options to reschedule the September 5 game. We also appreciate the work of the NFL and the Ravens over the past several weeks as we attempted to accommodate the Ravens’ interest in a game the same evening. Given the limited options available to reschedule the game at that late date in the season, the parties jointly determined that even an earlier start time would still create such enormous logistical difficulties that it would greatly diminish the fan experience for both events which all parties realized would not be in the interest of their fans or the City.”


  1. RichieG on said:

    And the Ravens couldn’t open at home SAT night because…
    And, no matter what, I’d boycott the Orioles’ game.
    RichieG in Dallas

  2. Chuck on said:

    My guess it was someone at the O’s organization that would not budge! Didn’t they teach you how to be nice to your neighbors growing up Baltimore?

  3. Ravens fan in Houston on said:

    NFL MUST bend and open on Wednesday……teams have played on ALL religious holidays in the past, so no reason to stop now. That’s Option #1. Option #2 is have Ravens open on the first SUNDAY NIGHT game at Home and pick two other teams to play the Thursday game…………it more of a slap-in-the-face to the Super Bowl champs to make ‘em open on-the-road……….jeez!

  4. Rumor Ray on said:

    The NFL Needs to make this a WEDNESDAY Night Game. Simple … The fact that they tried to use the Jewish holiday as an excuse makes this matter even worst. They have played games on Christmas, other Religious holidays and New Years.

  5. JUST MOVE THE GAME O'S on said:

    Real Simple Orioles……Move Your Game and Get on with Life….You are taking away one of the biggest things in Baltimore this Decade….Get ready for empty seats all year….oh, and if I was Goodell, I would annouce a new initiative called “NFL Around The Clock” which would consist of NFL games every day of the World Series to teach MLB a lesson they won’t soon forget. Oh, and I realize it’s not just the Orioles fault, but they could just as easily ask the White Sox to swap 3 games series so the O’s play out of town in Chicago in Sept, and in Baltimore earlier in the year (especially since they play in Cleveland right before this White Sox series in Sept that is costing so much trouble and could easily get to Chicago)

    • Enn. on said:

      No. Real simple. The NFL needs to move their game to Wednesday night. They did last year. And they played on Rosh Hashanah for MNF last year. And Rosh Hashanah ends 9/6 at sundown – so they would still be playing on Rosh Hashanah on Thursday.

  6. Kathy Callis on said:

    Hard to fathom that between the Ravens, the Orioles, the NFL and MLB a solution couldn’t be found to benefit the fans of the Super Bowl winner. So now a team that DID NOT make it to the SB last year gets the reward of hosting the opening night of the NFL season. Way to go, geniuses.

    • Mike P. on said:

      what tradition…….. the SB champs have had the home opener for only ten years, some tradition and last year that tradition wasnt even kept

  7. Tgun42 on said:

    Wednesday night is the first day of a Jewish holiday. The leaugue looked into that possibility. But we play sports on Christmas , Easter and a whole lot of other holidays. An away game for a opener for a Superbowl Champ is disrespectful. But we are Baltimore, not The Patirots or the Cowgirls, so I hope no one was looking for respect. Where is Aretha ?

  8. junebug on said:

    Its just arena flag football now anyway;the NFL is a starting its death spin to powder puff football, so no big deal.

  9. JerryB on said:

    Pure, unadulterated BS coupled with a huge dose of hypocrisy! All of a sudden the league is concerned about playing a game on a religious day…..please don’t insult our intelligence with such nonsense! As for moving the game date, it seems the league did just that last year to accommodate Obama and the Democrats. Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary and the NFL logo will be there……… Oh, and one more thing, this new “tradition” of the Super Bowl winner opening on a Thursday night is also BS. Seems like just yesterday the tradition was to open on a Monday night long before there were the ridiculous Thursday night games. “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make drunk with power”, which is why the NFL’s popularity is not sustainable….

  10. kevin on said:

    The O’s are right on this one. Their schedule was out last fall way ahead of the Ravens 2013 schedule, so the NFL had plenty of time to adjust. I wouldn’t budge on it ether if I was the O’s.

  11. Rick S on said:

    Seems like the NFL could have figured out how to have the season opener in Baltimore if they really made it a priority. Or at least figured out how to have the Ravens play in Baltimore for their opening game, even if it was not the first game of the NFL season. I doubt the Ravens wanted to play their season opener as an away game being that they are the reigning world champions. Baltimore should organize a huge protest to highlight the issue. It is obvious this is all about money like Tony Lombardi has stated in his recent post.

  12. Mike P. on said:

    Okay, I’m gonna start by saying if you are a true Baltimorian and you say anything bad about the Ravens or the Orioles organization, cut yourself because you don’t know where you live. There is one person and one person only to point the finger at and put all the blame on, Mr. Roger Goodall, the asshole that won’t quit. He has successfully turned this city against their main professional sports team and he’s from Baltimore himself! FOR SHAME GOODALL, FOR SHAME!!!!!!! MLB schedules have been released for several months now. The fact that he is using the scape goat of Rash Hoshanah for the home opener being away is just sad, and if I were Jewish I would sue this asshole for his job!!! Games have been played on odd days and they have been played holidays. Just come out and say Goodall, I’m an asshole that must wave his dick around at inappropiate times. So to all of the obvious bandwagon fans that are saying this the Orioles fault and to you especially Mr. Goodall, I say “Go F*** Yourselves!!”

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Ravens never gave up and neither have their fans!!!! Why settle or give up . Ravens should open at home,no excuses for this utter BS. Maybe we should call on #52 to get this done for Baltimore fans.

  14. Anonymous on said:

    PLAY THE GAME AT THE SAME EXACT TIME. THERE IS ZERO REASON THIS CANNOT BE DONE. I have a parking pass to one of the joint lots. So I don’t have my parking for that game. So what. I will take the train. No big deal. People will get to the game. The O’s will have a maximum of 5,000 fans. SO WHAT!!! It would be absolutely great for the NFL to show live video of the Orioles game multiple times with absolutely no one there.

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