Ravens to receive 4 Compensatory Picks in 2013


The Ravens are expected to receive four Compensatory Draft Picks for the 2013 draft given their free agent losses. This would push the team’s total number of draft picks to 11 come April, 2013
Under NFL rules four is the maximum number of Compensatory Draft Picks permitted.
This offseason six of the Ravens’ unrestricted free agents signed by other clubs qualified.  Those six players matched up against two unrestricted free agent signings by the Ravens (CB Corey Graham ~ Bears and Sean Considine ~ Arizona) net out to four picks.
It is possible that Considine may not qualify in the evaluation but that designation is a moot point anyway, since the maximum number of comp picks awarded to any individual team is four.
The Ravens lost G Ben Grubbs (Saints), LB Jarret Johnson (Chargers), S Tom Zbikowski (Colts), S Haruki Nakamura (Panthers), DE Cory Redding (Colts) and DT Brandon McKinney (Colts).
Players cut by the Ravens (Chris Carr) or signed after being cut by a player’s old team (G Bobbie Williams ~ Bengals, WR Jacoby Jones ~ Texans) do not count toward the compensatory pick calculation. 

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18 Raves on “Ravens to receive 4 Compensatory Picks in 2013

  1. Edgar Caetano on said:

    It is possible that Considine may not qualify in the evaluation but that designation is a mute point anyway, since the maximum number of comp picks awarded is six.

    you mean four?

    thanks for the piece. these picks are non-tradable, right? cheers

  2. J on said:

    Who’s the guy on the web who can calculate, fairly accurately, what round the picks will be in? What’s the highest a comp pick can be? A 3rd or a 4th? I would think Grubbs would net a third, since the Ravens did not bring in any blockbuster FAs this year.

    • ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

      pretty sure the highest is a 3rd but really it’s the same thing as a 4th since it preceeds rd4, so it’s pick 97 etc. I’m also pretty sure they’re fairly rare.

    • Ed in ON on said:

      AdamJT is the guy who predicts them. Grubbs will likely be a 4th rounder, to get a 3rd rounder you basically need to sign a deal over 50 million from what I have read, and he didnt.
      Grubbs 4th
      JJ- 5th
      Redding- 6th
      Z- 6th or 7th

  3. spy on said:

    I agree with ‘J’,,,,,more details please , we really need to know where these picks will fall,,,,,,,,,,the Ravens will need an infusion of youth real soon as many veterans are way past their prime,,,,,,,,I look for Birk and Lewis and Reed and McKinney and the other oldies to be real liabilities this year……….people , it’s going to be a long year with this coaching staff……………..

  4. Tony Lombardi on said:


    It’s too early to tell where the picks will fall. The formula consists of a combination of playing time, salary and awards for each of the players. The higher for each, the better for the Ravens in terms of compensation for lost picks. Essentially you need a season of work to accurately gauge the value of the comp pick.

    • Ed in ON on said:

      2nd round= never, impossible
      3rd round- not for grubbs. Guys like Haynsworth, Peppers, and Williams net 3rd rounders with their 100 million contracts, not Grubbs.

  5. Ed in ON on said:

    Sateesh- no comp picks are ever in the 2nd round. We will for sure get a 3rd for Grubbs, and likely for JJ and Redding too. Nakamura and Zbikowski would likely net a 5th or 6th rounder. So I would guess 2 3rd, 1 4th, 1 5th. So we should use our other picks to move up a bunch….

    The guy who calculates the picks is AdamJT13, http://adamjt13.blogspot.ca/ but he hasnt done it yet this year….

    • Nick Blevins on said:

      We would be lucky to get a 4th, 4th, 5th & 6th. There were too many bigger signings than Grubbs for us to get a 3rd. Mario Williams, VJax, Carl Nicks, Cortland Finnegan, Brandon Carr.

      At least Mayock and others think this is a very deep draft, where the top of round 1 isn’t much better than the bottom of round 1. I’d love to see the Ravens trade back into the 2nd, and move up like you said and end up picking 6-7 times in rounds 2-4.

      • ravensean509@gmail.com on said:

        yeah, that’s what i “smell” as well. Another kindle/cody or upshaw/osomele type of situation, although its possible we could trade up for a guy falling down (alec ogletree or a LT etc). Pretty sure we’ll be trading all over the place.

    • Shas on said:

      We fans almost always overestimate the value of the pick coming our way. Last year for instance, only one 3rd rounder was given out, to Oakland after they lost Nnamdi Asomugha. In 2011 there was also just one 3rd rounder given out, to Carolina for losing Julius Peppers.

      I think we can all agree that Ben Grubbs isn’t going to be viewed as lofty a plary and Asomugha and Peppers.

      If you look at fourth rounders given out the last couple years, was the Titans losing Kyle Vanden Bosch, Green Bay losing Aaron Kampman in 2011, and that’s it. There were a handfull of fourth rounders last year, including the Ravens for losing Le’Ron McClain. Chris Chester got them a fifth. Based on that, a fourth for Grubbs is about the best you can expect.

      Last year the Ravens turned those compensatory picks into Christian Thompson and Asa Jackson.

  6. Les on said:

    Why trade back??? With the rookie salary scale set in place, taking an end of 1st rounder is like taking a 2nd rounder. I like the fact that Ozzie gets a whole bunch of picks to have. For the most part, as we know, Ozzie has been incredibly successful in the draft. I expect him to do the same again in April.

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