Ravens Unlikely to Draft a WR in Round 1?


Despite the addition of Steve Smith, Sr. and re-signing of Jacoby Jones, a lot of Ravens fans are still clamoring for Ozzie Newsome to draft a wide receiver in the first round on Thursday. There is definitely some logic to their argument – Smith is at the tail end of his career, and Jacoby Jones, while a game changer, is a number three wide receiver at best.

Ozzie was asked this week if there was a position the Ravens would almost assuredly add some depth and talent to with this year’s draft.

“I would say based on the depth of the receivers in the draft, the number of guys that we have draftable, I think that over the eight picks it would be hard pressed for us to draft a receiver with one of those picks,” Newsome said.

Translation- the Ravens are going to take a receiver, maybe even two, but it likely won’t be in the first round, and it would be a little bit of a surprise if it came as early as the second.

While this may disappoint some fans, waiting to take a receiver until the middle round makes sense for several reasons.

The Ravens have more pressing needs. Free safety and the offensive line are much thinner at this point than wide receiver. While there are options right now at both right tackle and free safety they are certainly far from ideal, and upgrading each is no doubt a priority.

The wide receiver corps is deep at the moment – possibly the deepest in Ravens history. You can make the argument that Smith is past his prime, but he doesn’t need to be the Steve Smith of five years ago. He just needs to take pressure off Torrey Smith, which he will. Also, lets not forget about Marlon Brown. With all the additions this offseason he’s been somewhat of an afterthought, but he had a great rookie season and could likely make big strides in his second year.

This year’s class of receivers is deep and the Ravens can still find some great talent beyond the first round. Jordan Matthews is a projected second rounder and would provide great value if he was still on the board when the Ravens select 48th overall. Jarvis Landry’s stock has fallen after a disappointing combine and he could still be there when Baltimore picks in the third round.

Assuming Ozzie and the front office don’t make a trade, at the 17th pick they are caught in somewhat of a no man’s land as far as the wide receiver position goes. They are too far down the board to get Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans, and taking any of the other potential first round receivers is a bit of a reach.

When the draft concludes on Saturday expect to hear about the success and failures of other teams. The Ravens rarely do anything that immediately causes headlines or excitement in the offseason.

More often than not, they save that type of thing for January.

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4 Raves on “Ravens Unlikely to Draft a WR in Round 1?

  1. cheri on said:

    And if Steve Smith takes a big fall sort of like D. Mason did after he left the Ravens and sign with the Jets. I can see it now people saying on the message boards “what do you expect from Flacco he has no weapons to throw to there old except for Torry” this is kind of what we heard last year among everything else with the offense including Oline and Rb. I am almost to the point in thinking if we don’t take a WR early this year it is because of their track record of misses at the position and are a little hesitant to go that route anymore. Call me frustrated if this happens. Sorry blowing off steam.

    • Cheri on said:

      This is why we have to always bring in that 30 something year old vet it’s” let get a draft a WR in the 5th round”.We need to address it earlier then that, besides Torry is not a #1 as much some people want to make him out to be.The 3 wr’s in the division are all better then him Green, Gordon and Brown.

  2. Rich on said:

    The article says it correctly. They have more important needs than to draft a WR in the first round. They need a FS or the better QB’s in the NFL will do exactly what P. Manning did to the Ravens in game #1 last season. They need a RT or Flacco will have no adequate running game or pass protection to allow him to throw to that 1st. round WR that will be useless. And, really, they might not be able to pass on C.J. Mosely at ILB if he is still there at pick #17. Expect their 1st 3 picks to be, in some order, FS, OT, and either CB or ILB (depending on the value of what player is available) Then, that 4th and 5th pick is likely to be RB and WR.

  3. george on said:

    I agree with Cheri above. More importantly its that Steve Smith’s is 35 years old and a temporary patch. He could easily fall to injury. I am excited about him and think he will be a big help this year. But because there are play making receivers in this draft we can actually get, we need to strike. There may be a number of years before we get this chance again. I fear Pittsburgh is going to get a big play making receiver to add to the one they already have. The Bengals already have one TE’s and two great . The Browns may have two after this draft. It’s an arms race and we need to keep up. The thought of another developmental wr makes me cringe. I do believe we can get a good one in the second. Get young and stay young at every position!

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