Ravens will erect statue outside of M&T Bank Stadium to honor Ray Lewis


As Super Bowl Champions, the Ravens will open their season in Baltimore on Thursday Night Football. That night, fans will get their first taste of Baltimore Ravens football without Ray Lewis, a man who gave everything he had to the Ravens and the city of Baltimore.

If there were mountains in the city of Baltimore, Lewis’ face would surely join Johnny Unitas, Cal Ripken and Brooks Robinson on the Mount Rushmore of Baltimore sports. Given the landscape restrictions, the city and the Ravens will honor Lewis in a more traditional way.

Fresh off his first Super Bowl win as the majority owner of the Ravens, owner Steve Bisciotti addressed the media during his annual season review press conference. During the conference, Bisciotti was asked if a statue of Lewis may go up around M&T Bank Stadium to honor him.

“Yes, and the fact that you said, ‘Maybe,’ I’ll say, ‘Absolutely, maybe.’” Bisciotti said confidently. “Yes, we have to work that out. Where? And how long it takes? But, yes, I think he set himself apart in Baltimore sports history and we will certainly look into it.”

Lewis ends his 17-year professional career having only played for the Ravens. While a member of the franchise, he won two Super Bowls, was named to 13 Pro Bowls and was named Defensive Player of the Year twice, amongst many other accolades.

As for a timeframe for the statue project, Bisciotti has other important things to discuss first. One of the only negative things that comes with winning a Super Bowl is that you’re five weeks behind teams who ended their season after Week 17.

Bisciotti could only lend, “I would not be surprised if there was one in the next year or two.”

Given the contributions Lewis has made to the team and city, it’s likely that he’ll receive some of the same treatment the late Johnny Unitas received where a statue and plaza were dedicated to him outside of the stadium. Lewis will surely join the team’s Ring of Honor and will likely have his number retired as well.

With so many iconic poses that come to mind when you close your eyes and think about Ray Lewis, figuring out the design of the statue may be the hardest thing of all.

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14 Raves on “Ravens will erect statue outside of M&T Bank Stadium to honor Ray Lewis

  1. derrick on said:

    Absolutely not. To me, just 1 fan, it’s simple……Ray Lewis in the final part of his dance. Leg up in the air, arms cocked back with his head back screaming!

  2. Pedro on said:

    He needs to have Sam Adams, Goose and Ngata in front of him as a statue, as he was not a legendary player when he didn’t have a big haus in front of him, great, but not statue worthy without them

    • John on said:

      You’re an idiot. Ray Lewis made everyone around him great – including them. That was his signature. It’s also why being DC in Baltimore came with the guarantee of being a HC.

      Crawl back under your rock in $hittsburgh!

  3. Lance Lucas on said:

    Its a No-Brainer. The end of the squirrel dance…with his right knee in the air. Theres nothing else to consider. When they built Michael Jordan’s statue, there was nothing to ponder or think about. Everyone knew what it would look like. Let’s just get this thing done…ASAP. Go Ravens!!!!!!

  4. Tico Carreras on said:

    Derrick hit it in the nail, there is no discussion needed. Ray’s ultimate footprint id the squirrel dance and the pose discussed above is the most appropriate to his fame. While a lot of his team mates may in deed help him through out his career, it is he who drove the spiritual and emotional highs of the defensive team. SO, let him take the honors he justly earn. Let’s get the fan base cheering this fact and get the statue commissioned.

    If I may add, The Johnny Unitas statue was nice at the time and he certainly earn his spot at the stadium for his contributions to the Colt’s years, an era that ended with much sorrow, with all due respect I say move Johnny’s inside the stadium entrance or on the west entrance of the stadium. This is a Raven’s stadium, let the Ray Lewis statue represent the Ravens at the entrance instead, he at least was an original Raven from beginning till his 17th year retirement. A RAVEN represents the Raven’s Stadium…

    • Michael Filippelli on said:

      Sorry Tico, ain’t gonna happen. You don’t move the statue of “The Babe Ruth Of Football”. The “TEAM” is Baltimore football…the Ravens are the continuation of what was started in this town in 1954. You have to look past the logo’s and colors and blur the lines otherwise you’re shutting out a GREAT legacy. As Baltimore football fans we know all too well that what happened in March of ’84 could possibly happen again, if it did I suspect you wouldn’t take kindly at brushing aside at what Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden et al have accomplished. It breaks my heart and chaps my @$$ that great men and Hall Of Fame athletes who played for and won for Baltimore are being relegated to football purgatory. Johnny Unitas considered the Baltimore Ravens the rightful heirs to what his squads started and being on the sidelines at every Ravens home game until he passed essentially means Johnny U died a Raven. M&T Bank Stadium is a BALTIMORE Stadium paid for and financed by Baltimore fans and it’s where the Ravens play.
      As for where Ray’s and Jonathan’s statues should go….here’s a better idea!


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