Ravens will increase ticket prices by 10%


Steve Bisciotti isn’t the only one who will have to pay more money to watch Joe Flacco play in Baltimore next season and beyond – season ticket holders will be doing the same.

As reported earlier today by the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens will be increasing their ticket prices by an average of 10%. The increase marks the first time the Ravens have raised ticket prices since the start of the 2009 season.

“We are thoughtful and detailed in our study of our ticket prices,” senior vice president for public and community relations Kevin Byrne said. “We did a lot of research plus comparisons to other NFL teams, other events, and also most importantly, our budget.”

The increase of ticket prices doesn’t have a direct correlation with winning a Super Bowl. Most recently, after winning Super Bowl XLVI, the New York Giants didn’t raise their season ticket prices. However, they had just recently increased prices due to an increase as they moved to a state-of-the-art Metlife Stadium which had a $1.6 billion price tag with portions split between their stadium roommates, the New York Jets.

Ten NFL franchises raised their price of admission in 2012 and the Ravens had planned on joining them last season according to Byrne.

“This is not related to the Super Bowl,” he said. “It has been planned. It was planned last year when we didn’t increase when we throught we would.”

So far, the Ravens have joined six other clubs (Packers, Bills, Bears, Eagles, Redskins and Jaguars) in raising ticket prices whereas the Bengals and Chargers have decreased the cost of their tickets to help lure more fans into the stadium and avoid blackout restrictions for local television broadcasts.

As ProFootballTalk pointed out, the Ravens are now within the NFL’s top third of season ticket costs and Baltimore is only the 27th-largest TV market in the country.

TV contracts provide the largest amount of income for NFL franchises, but they must be careful to balance the demand of attending a game with a justifiable ticket cost. With increased technology and more access than ever, many fans are choosing to watch games from the comforts of their couches in a close proximity to their refrigerator versus paying $100 per ticket to sit in a plastic chair and drink $8 beers.

Until fans voice their displeasure by not attending the games, prices will continue to skyrocket.

Personally, the seats I sat in used to cost $45 back in 2005. Through increases, those tickets have now been increased 10% over the $90 per game I paid to sit in them last season. The best thing the NFL could do is at least give fans a break from charging regular season prices for preseason games. Why should fans have to pay the same amount to watch players who will likely be bagging your groceries or sitting next to you in a cubicle in the office come September as we would pay to see Ray Lewis versus Peyton Manning during the regular season?

The seats may be empty during the preseason but the bottom line is that someone is paying for those seats regardless of whether someone is sitting in them or not. Until they don’t, owners and the NFL will laugh all the way to the bank.

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9 Raves on “Ravens will increase ticket prices by 10%

  1. Rob on said:

    This argument about preseason tickets at regular season prices is pretty lame. You do understand that if they lowered the preseason prices, they would have to raise the regular season price to make up for it…right? While I was hoping that there would not be an increase, I am ok with it. After all, the Ravens have gone a long time since the last increase. Additionally, they have put on a good show over the last 5 years, making the playoffs in each of them. The ticket is still a bargain. Yes, I said bargain. As long as you can buy the season tickets and resell them for 50% over what you paid, it is a bargain. Contrast that with the Orioles, who raised ticket prices dramatically year after year while putting a complete joke on the field. I commend Bisciotti for the way he does things. It is a class act organization.

  2. Sobojim on said:

    All that I keep hearing from the players is that it’s a business. I’ve been a faithful season ticket holder since day1. Up until 3 years ago I attended every home game, and some away games as well. For the last 3 years I’ve been selling my tickets to the highest bidder. After all it is just a BUSINESS……

  3. neil b on said:

    The increases when he first bought three team were ridiculous. This is expected. Mine v started at 350 a season now they are 974. Once they hit the 1000 price plateau I am out. Problem is with ticket prices every thing else goes up too. Paddling will probably be 40 a game this year. It is getting to be too much. I have a home and kids now it is getting hard to justify the expense.

  4. stolomom on said:

    No surprise in this story. When ticket price didn’t go up last year I was sure they would this year. Not saying I like it, but like I said; not surprised!

  5. wetzie on said:

    The tix are a bargain for now, while the cost increases are infrequent they are large. As far as the preseason goes charge what they are worth. Even if the regular season tix go up it is a pain paying $100 per seat for worthless games.

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