Ravens/Orioles scheduling conflict may force Ravens opener to road


Ugh, really?

From BaltimoreRavens.com:

The Ravens and Orioles have not been able to resolve a scheduling conflict that could force the Ravens onto the road for their Thursday Night Football season-opening game, per a league source.

There is a tradition that the Super Bowl-winning team opens at home on Thursday night. That’s a desirable game for the champions because it’s a celebration of their season and allows for longer rest before their Week 2 game.

The opener would be scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 5, but the Baltimore Orioles, who play next door and share parking lots, also have a game slated for that night at 7:05 p.m. versus the Chicago White Sox.

One option the league considered was for the Ravens to play on Wednesday night, but decided against it because that’s the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.

The other option for Thursday night would be that the Orioles would move their game time.

The league source said the “least desirable” option for the Ravens to open on the road.

The Ravens’ opponent is expected to be announced Monday at the NFL owners meetings, but the conflict could delay the process. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to speak on the subject with the media later today.

This disgusts me. While it may “smell like” Peter Angelos, without knowing all the details I’m not just going to blindly blame the Orioles owner. Apparently both commissioners – Bud Selig of MLB and Roger Goodell of the NFL – have been involved in the process, and a compromise still has not been reached.

Already, Ravens fans and Orioles fans (many of whom are BOTH) are taking sides on Twitter and Facebook.

For example:

How incredibly disappointing.

The O’s and Ravens have built up a ton of goodwill over the last several months, with players from both teams attending the other’s games, and the Oriole Bird waving a Ravens flag during the Super Bowl victory parade:

Above, Joe Flacco, Ed Reed, and Ray Rice wear “BUCKle UP” shirts last October

I may be a bit of an idealistic Baltimore fan – I want every Ravens fan to be an Orioles fan and vice versa, though I know that obviously isn’t the case. People are fans of teams for all sorts of reasons that go beyond geography and civic pride.

There are Ravens/Yankees fans (gross).

There are Redskins/Orioles fans (ew…but, understandable).

Hell, there are even Orioles/Steelers fans (the WORST).

Still, I can’t “choose” between the two teams when you ask me “who do you love more?”

I love both of my Baltimore teams, and watching B’More fans take sides between the Ravens and O’s leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach. It’s especially bad when it’s over something that seems so incredibly avoidable, like this scheduling conflict.

The Ravens deserve the PR that comes with hosting the season opener following a Super Bowl win.

The Orioles should be flexible – to a certain extent – but they shouldn’t be overly inconvenienced.

If the two sides can’t work something out – and the Ravens do indeed lose the chance to host the season opener at M&T Bank Stadium – both sides come away looking incredibly bad, in my mind.

Get it figured out, and play ball, for crying out loud.

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41 Raves on “Ravens/Orioles scheduling conflict may force Ravens opener to road

  1. riverterri on said:

    Love them both but, Ravens win this one. Were the tables turned and the Orioles had won it all and expected to have the parking lot to themselves for their Opening Day, I feel that the Ravens would give them that.

  2. Sharon Stolarski on said:

    When the Ravens won the Superbowl back in 2001 they didn’t even get to play the first game of the season. It’s good to know we at least have enough respect now that we do have the first game! I believe since the Ravens won a championship last season and the Orioles didn’t that the Orioles should step aside and let the Ravens play that time slot!

    • debwse on said:

      Sharon, exactly! I completely agree. I mean, Ravens are the Super Bowl Champs. I can’t believe this is even being discussed as an “issue”. It should be super clear to ANYONE that Ravens should have first right to game selection…period….but sadly I have to say that I am not surprised. Ravens are always disrespected by EVERYONE, except their fans.

  3. Jerry M on said:

    Are you EFFING kidding me who cares about the orioles give the SUPERBOWL CHAMPS the home game it’s a NO BRAINER Come On Maaan.

  4. Knawledge on said:

    Why do we even need to debate this!? Ravens won the Super Bowl, entitling them to have their season opener at home. The Orioles just need to suck it up and change their date or time.

  5. From Mars on said:

    This is a thought. What if the Orioles are playing like crap? Who cares about baseball. This is a Football town, and pretty much always has been. Do any of you think this clown Angelos is ever going to bring a World Series Title to Baltimore?
    I loved this sport as a kid. I can’t stand it now! The never ending season is what it should be called!

  6. Hollywood on said:

    I love both the O’s and the Ravens, but why can’t the O’s just simply move their game with the White Sox to 12:30? It wouldn’t be the first time they played a 12:30 game. I’m quite sure that they will be able to work something out! Just ask Adam Jones, he will get it done

  7. birds on said:

    Why can’t the Ravens just play Wednesday? Rosh Hashanah didn’t stop the NFL from playing Sunday night last year. How is it an excuse now? Power play by the NFL

  8. Matthew on said:

    There’s a clear difference in significance between these two games. One is just another regular home game, the other is a season-opening, banner-dropping, celebration of championship. I can’t even believe that this is an issue. I want to like the Orioles, but this situation could definitely put a halt to that.

  9. Ravenwoman on said:

    This will become a PR nightmare for the Orioles if they don’t step aside and reschedule their regular season game, that will probably be meaningless as far as the standings go in September. I cannot believe that the Orioles brain trust would let this conflict get this far and receive all kinds of national media attention. If Buck hears this or reads this message, please, on the part of all Orioles fans everywhere, call Peter and convince him to reschedule the game. Isn’t there a voice of reason anywhere?

  10. Bmore fan on said:

    I really grew up a bmore fan I have never commented on here but I believe now is time I love the o’s going to the games but this is to much biscotti has already said he would compensate for any loss in revenue I will never return to the o’s that is a disgrace for the fing product he put on the field for 20 years no pride in peterhead Anglos

  11. WHY SEPT 5th on said:

    Folks, it’s real simple why the NFL won’t move the game to Sept 4th…the Ravens are expected to play the Patriots (which is what every Raven fan wants) whose owner, Robert Kraft, is Jewish. The NFL won’t make Kraft miss the game which he would have to do if the game was moved a day earlier, so no go. O’s should just move their game to 3 or 4pm start time and Ravens kickoff at 8 or 9pm respectively. Otherwise, fans should boycott the O’s game on the 5th (and for those who will say it’s not the O’s fault, and rather the White Sox, if you boycott the game, the Sox feel the financial pinch too since the gate and concessions will be much less).

    • TheChuck on said:

      It is ashame that we are letting a minority dictate the NFL schedule. Games are played on Christmas. Players have to give up Christmas with their families. As an atheist, I don’t get a holiday.

  12. OriAl on said:

    Both the Orioles and the White Sox are coming off of road games. The White Sox apparently don’t want to change the time of the game, and the Orioles, even if they were willing to change the time, can’t force the White Sox to do it.

  13. Scrooge McDuck on said:

    Thank you OriAl-Finally somebody makes sense, the O’s don’t operate in a vacuum, you have to deal w/the Sox who also play a night game the day before and obviously don’t want to play a day game after arriving at 2 AM! Bottom line, O’s had the day 1st-NFL can schedule Ravens-Pats on Wednesday, not like they haven’t played on Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur/Christmas before.

  14. MDExile on said:

    If I read the calendar correctly, in 2012, Monday, September 17th, 2012 was Rosh Hashanah, starting at sundown on Sunday, September 16th. I’m betting that there was a Sunday night game, and there was definitely a Monday Night game…Broncos at Falcons. I call BS on the Rosh Hashanah excuse. As for the Orioles, both they and the White Sox have away games the night before. The Orioles schedule is what is it. Let’s just embrace the “NFL is against us” conspiracy and schedule Thursday Night at Pittsburgh.

  15. Scrooge McDuck on said:

    One other thing to remember-baseball doesn’t have a clock. What if either team plays 17 innings the night before(not like the O’s didn’t do that last season), game ends at 12:30, then you have to travel and play a day game the next day? Just no way the MLBPA/WSox will go for that. Of course we all want the Ravens to have that game, it’s special, but O’s hands are seriously tied.

  16. Matt on said:

    The Rosh Hashanah excuse is hilarious and just shows how dumb the NFL actually thinks its fans are… THURSDAY NIGHT IS ALSO ROSH HASHANAH. IT’S A TWO DAY HOLIDAY GOODELL!!! In addition, the NFL never seems to have any problems scheduling games on Thanksgiving or New Years…

  17. MDExile on said:

    Playing Devil’s Advocate,
    Maybe, just maybe the NFL and MLB did get together before the MLB schedule as released.

    The Ravens have opened at home 4 of the last 5 years. Maybe the NFL told MLB that the Ravens would open on the road this year. If you look at the Orioles schedule in September, the two weekends following are road trips for the Orioles, including both Monday nights.

    That would give the Ravens a start of Road-Home-Home-Road. Every Raven fan would agree that 2 out of the first 3 at home would be a great start to the season.

    If MLB and the NFL really wanted to battle, MLB would schedule home games every weekend in September for the Orioles.

  18. Dav on said:

    Have the O’s considered moving the Thursday game to a day/night doubleheader on Saturday? Seems like more people would show for a Sat afternoon game than a Thursday game. Just a thought!

  19. Rob on said:

    Why can’t the Orioles/White Sox move the Thursday game to Sunday, make it a doubleheader. Game already scheduled at 1:35p. Orioles stay at home on that Monday, play a 7:05 EST game against the Yankees. White Sox can catch the red eye and head to Detroit, where they play a 7:10 CST game against the Tigers. Plenty of time for both teams to get rest and play their games, while the Ravens can get the Thursday game they were promised, and most definitely deserve.

  20. debwse on said:

    The Ravens are Super Bowl Champions…as Champions they should have the first right selection to the Thursday night game. Enuf said.

  21. debwse on said:

    It’s because it’s the Ravens…any other team wouldn’t be having this problem. As usual, our team is disrespected. Pretty sad when The Super Bowl Champions can’t even get the honor of being opening game AT HOME!!! That’s a perk of being the World Champions…HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE FOR THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBBALL! I mean seriously….didn’t anyone think about this when they created the scheduling for the teams? Oh, wait, that’s right….with exception to Ravens’ fans….NO ONE IN THE WORLD CONSIDERED FOR ONE MOMENT THAT RAVENS WOULD WIN THE SUPER BOWL…that’s right…I forgot. This is absolutely unacceptable and unbelievable…unless of course you’re a Ravens’ fan…..cuz we are served this BullSh*t ALL THE TIME!!!!

  22. Les on said:

    Dav- spot on. Let the Ravens have Thursday night, give the Orioles /White Sox Thursday off and let them play a day /night doubleheader on Saturday (or even Friday) . Both baseball teams could use a day off in September, so it makes sense all around. Too easy to figure out.

  23. James on said:

    Come on now guys! The Orioles hands are NOT tied. They can absolutely do something whether it’s to play a weekend doubleheader or play an afternoon game. This is serious, being able to open the NFL season as champs. Idk about everyone else but if we don’t get to do this I’m gonna feel like our run as champs is going tl end earlier then it needs to. I mean yeah technically another season has started but it’s our banner day you know, another part of being champs, the LAST part. Get this done!!!

  24. sanetoolong on said:

    I’m a huge baseball fan, a Tigers fan, but a baseball fan and I attend O’s games. Granted, I root for the visitor most times, but when they’re not playing the Tigs I go for the O’s…I just love baseball.

    A baseball game in the afternoon is part of the past-time of baseball…all games used to be this way before stadiums were lit for night play. There’s something magical about an afternoon ballgame even though night games are nice as well. This time, it would be nice, and easiest, to move the O’s game to the afternoon versus making the Ravens play on the road or schedule the game for another evening. The O’s made a try for the pennant last season so they should at least have the respect and understanding that if it were them, they’d like the consideration as well. It was a big sports year for Baltimore…keep the happiness alive…just move the dang ballgame up a few hours. The season hasn’t started yet, so it wouldn’t be last minute and games have had start times moved or delayed hours the day before. This should be an easy solution and decision.

  25. Ravenwoman on said:

    Would it be possible for the Orioles to play at Ripken Stadium or in Bowie? If the Nationals are not using their stadium that day, move it to D.C. In the future, MLB should never schedule a game for the Orioles that would even remotely conflict with the Ravens. If for some reason the Orioles reach the post season, then the Ravens should do everything possible not to conflict with the Orioles. Both teams have a civic duty to accommodate each other for the benefit of the fans of Baltimore.

  26. HollywoodHeiz on said:

    Kraft wants the Ravens to play in Fixboro that night. And I’m thinking he and King Roger may just pull that off. Becareful what you wish for because we all saw Tommy break his leg in an opener before. Hope something gets worked out and these bozos don’t get involved.

  27. debwse on said:

    What’s MLB do when there is a rain-out? they find a way to move the game to another day…why is it so hard to move a game that’s months away? because It’s BS! that’s why.

  28. Greg on said:

    Baseball teams play doubleheaders and make it work. Give me a BREAK the crying about a day game after a road game is dumb. Also since when is Rosh Hashana cause a DEADSTOP in sports or any other industry? How many of the NFL Players are Jewish? Coaches? Do Fans not watch a game that falls on RH? Please. Spare me.

  29. OriAl on said:

    1) To change a game time, the two teams, the MLB Players Assn., and MLB must agree. The O’s couldn’t unilaterally choose to change the game time, even if they had no issue about doing so.

    2) Buck and Duquette expect to be in a pennant race in September, and do not want to anything that lowers their chance to win even one game. A 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. game following a road night game and flight home (resulting in players getting to bed late) means some players may not be at full strength for the game.

    3) A split doubleheader means that either regulars play both games, risking injury or just tiredness the next few games, or backups play one game. Both scenarios increase the chance of negative outcomes for the O’s. Buck plays for every advantage – I can’t see him going for moving the time or day of the game.

    4) I seriously doubt that Angelos is the person saying no. He was offered financial compensation, if money was the problem. He’s listening to his baseball men, IMO.

    5) This screwup is totally the responsibility of the NFL, which didn’t consider the Ravens as a possible Super Bowl winner, and ask MLB to schedule the Orioles for a road series on the first Thursday of NFL season. So, the game can be played Wednesday night. We Jews will survive.

  30. Ravcolt on said:

    Why should the Orioles screw up their rotation just so the NFL can attempt to justify the dumbest invention ever- Thursday Night Football. Play the game on Sunday just like it has been for the past 80 years. What idiot would rather go to a game in the middle of the week?

  31. ericwa on said:

    Ravens decide to play there game Thurs night too. Give fans a refund who have parking in the Os lot. No one will be there for the Os game. O’s loose money and fan support for not supporting balt sports fans. if Os move to a day game then ravens/nfl pay Os for moving the time. Pretty simple. But Ravens should play thurs regardless of what O’s decide.

  32. hank on said:

    Who cares Steve and the rest of the owners are killing the NFL with this stupid helmet rule. The NFL ia a joke now thanks to all the goof balls that run it and the owners too. I hope it go’s down the tubes!!!

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