Ravens/Redskins an annual rivalry?


The NFL schedule release later this month is one of the great offseason events for fans. Everyone is excited to start looking at when their team plays and making plans for games still many months away. But I always felt like the league has been missing something when it comes to the schedule format and that would be in regional rivalries becoming an annual theme. For instance, would you like to see the Ravens face the Washington Redskins once a year (instead of once every four)?

I would.

There are significant advantages to playing the Redskins once a year. The first is travel. The 30-minute ride to Landover Maryland would be an advantage to the Ravens (or the Redskins, depending on which team hosts the game that year). Playing one of their road games so close to home would effectively reduce the stressful wear and tear of traveling to seven times per season, as opposed to eight.

The other advantage would be for fans – a new rivalry. Some in the area consider the Ravens and Redskins rivals but they really are not. Playing a team once every four years is not a rivalry no matter how close the teams are geographically. But if they play every year, a nice little rivalry could develop.

Will the Ravens/Redskins rivalry ever match up to Ravens/Steelers (or Cowboys/Redskins)? No way. Even though I don’t like the Redskins personally, they could never reach the level of disdain that I have for the Steelers. I’m sure Redskins fans would say the same about the Ravens and Cowboys.

An annual Ravens vs. Redskins game would be a fun rivalry for the fans. Even though the Redskins got the regular season victory against the Ravens last season, Baltimore got the last laugh, winning the Super Bowl. In fact, the Redskins beat the Ravens in the regular season in 2000 as well – maybe losing to Washington in the regular season is the key to Baltimore Lombardi Trophies?

We have seen the advantages when the Baltimore Orioles face off against the Washington Nationals every season – it gets the area involved and everyone knows it is the talk of the week in both areas, with bragging rights on the line.

The O’s and Nats play the “Battle of the Beltways” every summer. Why shouldn’t the Ravens and Redskins do the same every autumn?

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18 Raves on “Ravens/Redskins an annual rivalry?

  1. Gary on said:

    While the “media” may have a little to do with a rivalry (mainly promoting) the media does not a rivalry make. Rivalries are made by two teams that cannot stand one another. Their fans make fun of each other and laugh at the stupid mistakes the rival team makes.
    To ask if the Raven and Deadskins should be rivals is just your wish list, not the team or the fans. Raven fans just don’t like the Deadskins just because they were thrown down our throats when the Dolts left on that snowy night.

  2. Middle River Terp on said:

    The Ravens only have 8 games that aren’t dictated by Divisional play, I would not want to lock in one of those games every year. The Nats/O’s comparison doesn’t hold water because they have a 162 game dance card to fill and the “rivalry” games are already set.

  3. edgar gore on said:

    Yes. This could be a great rivalry. It could be one of the biggest games in the area,and eventually could be connected to a baltimore/washington NFL combination fan fest. This NFL strategy would be profitable for both teams, and would be a great Thanksgiving homecoming “turkey bowl” type event. Imagine a weekend where there was the fan festival, and maybe a college or high school classic game, attached to the weekend event. It would become the BW Blue Crab classic.

  4. True on said:

    Do you think they’ll EVER change the divisions up a little? 32 teams is already a lot so I don’t think we’ll add any more teams any time soon, but I can definitely see the teams in the divisions changing in about four or five years.

    • Wola Odeniran on said:

      With L.A. possibly getting a team, it could get interesting. The league probably likes the round number of team so one team may be going to L.A.

  5. Hut Guy on said:

    When the Dallas Texans came to BMore to become our beloved Colts, one of the stipulations from George Preston Marshall, owner of the Skins as a concession for territorial rights was that the Colts and Redskins play each other every year. It was always great to anticipate that game and being a dye in the wool [ make my week Colts] fan I soon had the weekend circled for the yearly event. It was also great because in all the years of that rivalry the Colts dominated. It is ironic that one of the few times the Colts lost, which was in 1959 on a Skins filed goal by Sam Baker, the Colts went on to drub the the Giants in Memorial Stadium for the NFL title. Do you realize that each Super Bowl title for our beloved Purple occured in seasons when we lost to the Skins in he regular season. THAT being said , let’s make an annual event !!!

  6. chitownravenfan on said:

    I disagree. Why lend the “team that should be renamed” our formidable talent and possibly subject our Ravens to that horrible field/turf condition there. It’s bad enough we have to suffer thru the Steeler games in worstburgh. Let the “name to be determined” flounder in their mediocre rivalries (Cowboy/Giants/Eagles) and leave our Ravens out of lining the pockets of Dan “Jerry Jones got nothing on me” Snyder by the NFL serving up the Ravens for some pseudo rivalry. We have our AFC North division rivalries, with talent improvement on the Bengals and Browns plus NFC contenders on the schedule this year (Packers, Bears, Vikings) and still have the Texans, Broncos and Patriots to contend with. Who needs the DC team?????

  7. Mista T on said:

    Baltimore-Washington was a great rivalry when it ran annually in the 50s & 60s. Tickets were always cheap & easy to obtain in DC. Many took busses to Griffith or DC/RFK stadiums, where it was permissible to bring beer coolers inside. There were many fan fights. It was a great rivalry, albeit one-sided, which should be resumed.

    Here’s hoping that, if the NFL adopts the 17 game schedule, it adopts the Rooney suggestion of that game being an interconference local rivalry game: Ravens-Redskins, Steelers-Phillies, Giants-Jets, 49rs-Raiders, Cowboys-Texans, Chiefs-Rams. Every other year would be about right, coupled with the 4 year standard rotation.

  8. Fran the Fan on said:

    I work in DC and I can tell you that Redskins fans (and I wonder how much longer they will be using that term) could care less about a rivalry with the Ravens. They are all NFC East, with a huge focus on the Cowboys who, by the way, have a significant following in the District and suburbs.

    While it would make sense from a cost standpoint, right now all it would be is a manufactured rivlary.

  9. Chad on said:

    This will happen when they schedule goes to 17 or 18 games. If the NFL were smart they would “create” border rivals that play each other every year. Pittsburgh VS Philly, Ravens VS Skins, Houston VS Dallas and so on. It would be great for the league to expand this way.

  10. Voice of Reason on said:

    Newsflash: They don’t do this because they don’t want there to be rivalries between teams that are the close together. The league wants there to be as little animosity as possible between teams that share substantially the same region so that fans can potentially root for both teams. I know that doing so makes you an abomination of a fan, but it makes double the revenue for the NFL, so they’re happy. Why else do you think that Giants/Jets, 49ers/Raiders, Ravens/Redskins, Eagles/Steelers, Rams/Chiefs, are in different conferences, and the White Sox/Cubs, Orioles/Nationals, Yankees/Mets, A’s/Giants, Angels/Dogers, etc. are in different leagues?

    if they cared about firing up a rivalry between teams in the same market, wouldn’t it be a much easier solution to put them in the same division, rather than completely reworking the schedule to make sure that they have one annual rivalry game? Personally, my vote would for much more regionalized divisions. East Conference, West Conference, and our division would be something like the Ravens, Redskins, Eagles, and Panthers.

  11. Melvin on said:

    I can’t see any logical way to implement this other than nixing the conference, divisional set up, which wouldn’t be fair once playoff success and strength of schedule are factored into schedule makings and tie breaking.

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