Ray Rice It’s Your Move!

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Many have criticized the Ravens handling of Ray Rice’s domestic incident involving Janay Palmer – particularly the press conference that they hosted enabling Rice to make a public statement on the matter.

Rice was understandably uncomfortable.

“Uncomfortable” would actually be an understatement.

From a media perspective the press conference was a debacle. Rice’s behavior was interpreted by many to be insincere and poorly thought out.

Instead of a prepared statement he read notes from his cell phone.

Despite the charges and the infamous video of Rice attempting to drag his knocked down, knocked out fiancée out of an elevator he reasoned to the world that he wasn’t a failure.

“Failure is not getting knocked down, it’s not getting up.”

Poorly chosen words of wisdom to say the least.

There was no affection shared with his wife, nor a public apology to her.

And perhaps worst of all, this really wasn’t a press conference. It was intended to be an event, part of a carefully crafted legal strategy to help clear Rice’s name and rebuild his public image.

It failed because Rice would not address questions and failing to do so raises suspicions, it reeks of insincerity and comes off as a poorly veiled cover up.

The presser/public statement missed the targeted mark yet it wasn’t as bad as many others have described it. Rice isn’t a public speaker and his is obviously a very embarrassing situation. But I do believe he was and is sincere because I’ve seen first-hand how he cares for children and his community; gives of his time and his resources.

That speaks to me more than a botched presser.

Still, the questions that the media wanted to ask but couldn’t, will not go away. If anything they may become more intense, more pointed, more personal.

And for the team, the answers will now come closer to the season or in-season and that could prove to be an unwelcomed distraction for the entire organization on and off the field.

Answer the questions and get it over with Ray!

Should Ray Rice face the music and answer questions from the media?
Yes it's time to address the unavoidable! (40%)
No, nothing can be gained and things could get worse. (60%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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15 Raves on “Ray Rice It’s Your Move!

  1. Mill on said:

    He wants to move on, so he should move on. He doesnt owe any one outside the castle and his own home an explanation. The questions will go away, eventually. Once the season starts there will be real football related stuff and Ray will be pushed to the backburner.

  2. John P on said:

    Removing the distraction is the best thing for the team and the team comes first. It’s just a shame he didn’t think of the team (and Janay of course) back in February or this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    This is a sad and terrible situation, and Ray needs to face the music.

  3. Alec on said:

    Agree with Mill. Ray does not owe the public a detailed explanation. He already apologized to Janay- who obviously accepted Ray’s apology before getting married. Ray has already apologized to the Ravens organization. If it weren’t for the salacious TMZ video there wouldn’t be all this prurient interest from the general public. Our sense of privacy is vanishing, stoked by the media. We should all be thankful that we don’t have the likes of TMZ following us around 24 hrs a day looking to sensationalize our missteps.

  4. Tim on said:

    A few thoughts:

    First, it was an inexcusable action. There is no excuse for what he has done, even if he was struck first.

    He’s going to be suspended for multiple games because (a) Roger is getting more pressure lately about the league’s position on violence against women (b) there was unpleasant video made very public and (c) Ray is still an occasional running punchline so it hasn’t faded from the public conciousness.

    Note that I did not say that he will be suspended because the crime deserved it. It does deserve it, but if we’ve learned anything about Roger it’s that he doesn’t care about what’s right or wrong; just the league’s reputation and how it affects the bottom line. If this had gone down quietly I am convinced Roger would have fined him heavily and maybe suspended him one game but otherwise done his best not to draw any further attention to it. Since it’s already got the attention, he will have to act strongly.

    It was also a horrible presser. Either his Agent, his Lawyers or the Ravens should have provided much better guidance on how to stage it. They should have rehearsed. Probably the only thing they did right was having it the Friday before a holiday so it got buried pretty quickly, but the rush to hit that timing was probably part of why it went so poorly. The Ravens also managed the event poorly. The setup where Ray and Janay were far apart at the table was just careless. It should have been more intimate. The decision to live tweet was stupid. The decision to KEEP live tweeting when he started using poorly worded responses was even worse. It made it look like the team endorsed the message that his poor choice of words implied.

    But with all that said, what more do you feel we in the public need to know?

    What are these all-important questions that you feel were not answered? Other than digging for more salacious details about what happened in the “video we didn’t see” what do you expect to find out?

    If I recall correctly, He and Janay are going through counseling. He’s taken steps to address anger management. He’s gotten in to a diversionary program legally. What else do we in the public need to know? Do you want access to live blog from his counseling sessions? A “blow-by-blow” account from the elevator? With the diversionary program, if he were to have some unrelated brush with the law during his probationary period, I’m guessing he might still be at some risk from a legal perspective, so he probably is under counsel from his lawyers to not discuss any details until his probationary period ends because if something were to happen his words could still be used against him. Are you going to ask if this somehow affects his playing football? That’s about as shallow as it gets.

    The whole “he didn’t apologize to Janay” thing seems completely overblown too. It was stupid not to do it from a PR perspective, but I don’t think it’s any huge indictment that he didn’t do it, either. If that hasn’t happened in private before now, I don’t see how a public statement is anything but a callous ploy. The purpose of the presser was to address the fans and public. I don’t need to see him apologize to her in public. I assume that if she is there with him he has already addressed things with her in their own way, or if not, she’s comfortable with whatever decisions led her to that point.

    Maybe the whole thing is that I don’t see how much of it is any of our business. It was awful. He deserves to be punished severely. It was handled poorly. It has gotten a little more exposure (but probably not enough) for a problem that deserves more. But unless you really want to draw him out to make an even more public case about violence against women, there is not much else that we need to know without venturing into voyeurism and sensationalizing an act of violence by one person against another.

    And yes, i’d say the same thing if he were on another team.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:


      Hard to find fault with your logic. I don’t have the questions. I’ve opined before that this should be done and over with particularly if Janay and her family are over it. But that’s me…not mainstream media. They WILL ask the questions.

      What happened?

      Where you drunk?

      Who started it?

      And so on and so forth.

      The questions will come. When he travels he’ll face hell from opposing fans, perhaps even women’s rights groups. They’ll want answers. It comes with the territory of celebrity. So my opinion is to confront it…deal with it in a heartfelt way. Eventually he’ll have to. Sooner the better IMO.

  5. Alec on said:

    Ray is an employee of a private organization. Ray is not running for public office and the taxpayers do not pay his salary. He is the subject of an ongoing legal proceeding for which records are publically available. The information available in those public documents is all that the public is “entitled” to know. Any additional information related to Ray’s life and actions as a private citizen are at his discretion to divulge. To be sure, his actions or nonactions related to the incident in Atlantic City will have financial implications for him, but that is a private matter for him, and to some extent his employer, to decide. He owes nothing more on this to the media or public.

      • Alec on said:

        Tony- the situation is complex but the solution rather simple. I believe the discussion regards the extent to which Ray should provide more detailed information to the public regarding his arrest in AC. IMO he should limit details to the the minimum. You are quite correct that difficult questions will likely come from some in the media. However, full closure will only provide more fodder for those who want to discredit Ray or make an example of him to further their causes. His best response is to remain humble, admit that he made mistakes, maintain that he does not condone aggressive action (physical or verbal) against another person (male or female)- consistent with his antibullying work, and emphasize that he is working hard to make himself a better person, father, and husband. If he allows himself to get into a trial in the court of public opinion with the media as prosecutors and only himself as defense lawyer, it will not end well for him…

  6. Mark on said:

    Tony, In my opinion, Bisciotti, Newsome and Harbaugh wrongly went out on a limb to express unconditional support for Rice throughout this mess causing an additional PR hit for the organization. To prove that no good deed goes unpunished, ingrate Rice insists on going through with the debacle press conference after being asked (told?) not to do it by the Castle. Rice spit into the eye of his supportive employer and deserves no more public support from the team. Will he continue to get it? Probably
    Rice also can’t “apologize” without including words which implicate his wife: “Janay and I would like to take back that 30 seconds” We get it, Ray, she hit you first, then you knockied her out. Somebody tell him that doesn’t play well, here or in Roger Gooodell’s office.
    Rice’s suspension will allow Forsett and Pierce to establish themselves as our RB’s. If that happens, he will be the third back. After 2014, he either takes a huge pay cut from his bloated contract or is released.

  7. Ravcolt on said:

    Hopefully Rice’s contract will not endear him to the front office regardless of quality output, similar to their seeming love affair with Ngata and Suggs.

  8. Donna on said:

    I’d like it all to be over with, but it’s not that easy. You can’t publicly preach non-violence and anti-bullying to your fans and then not explain your actions after the video surfaces. When it was first aired, I was sure that there was more to it and that he would explain himself. Months later, we are still left with the same bad images in our head and nothing more. I’ve been a huge Rice fan, but now find myself very disappointed. I also wish the NFL would just go ahead and decide on his punishment. How many weeks will he be suspended? It would be nice for the team to know and plan. I personally think it’ll be substantial. Now, it looks as if I’ll be needing to buy a new Ravens jersey for this year.

  9. JWS on said:

    TL, It is so good to read your articles again even in some of these tough issues but you like me write the facts and truth with inside inside information while fans with little knowledge of course have opions as all americans do. there are few keys to these isues, howRice plays this year and dealsin the future with his personal life and how he handles the media and fans in different cities and their abuse. Keep up your great insight even when we do not agree,you do agreat job and it is fun having you here for all of us!!

  10. JerryB on said:

    He’s done his mea culpa and the most important people in his life have accepted his apologies & forgiven him. He’s involved in court administered legal remedies that will result in the dismissal of charges when completed. It would be foolish & counter-productive for him to make any more statements until the league announces it’s sanctions. As for the media, they’re not likely to let it go because they prefer to make the news than report it! Ray Rice is a football player, not an orator. Until this unfortunate incident, he was a model citizen who contributed to the community. The guy made a mistake and is continuing to pay a price, but at some point, it will be time to move on.

  11. Chris on said:

    Are we actually still talking about this? I wish that the public and members if the media worse deeds were recorded & put on public display for the world to observe and judge. That wouldn’t end well. Also, many on the public don’t know they janay was kicking his a** starting from the time they were on the beach, yobrhe elevator which ended in her hock spitting in his face. He reacted & the rest is history. They’ve both learned their lesson.

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