Ray Rice Shows Humility During Presser

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Like many of you I just watched the Ray Rice press conference broadcast live from the Under Armour Performance Center today.

Rice’s silence has been part of a carefully crafted defense that included a graceful adherence to the due process afforded him or any citizen.

The act that allegedly put Rice in his current position was anything but graceful. It’s understandable if you think that Rice should be dealt with in the most heavy-handed fashion allowable by law.

But really, what should that punishment be?

Jail time?



All of the above?

I’ve heard some Ravens fans say that the team should just cut ties with him forever.

Count me among those who feel he deserves none of the above.

At the end of the day, the alleged incident affects Ray and Janay (nee Palmer) Rice’s family. If the couple is working on their marriage and their family supports them why shouldn’t we?

Why shouldn’t we trust Ray Rice if Janay’s father does?

Aren’t they the ones most affected?

Sending Rice to jail damages a potentially loving relationship. It renders a little girl fatherless. It’s a loss for everyone.

Today was Ray Rice’s penance. He had to sit in front of the camera, in front of the media, in front of everyone who trusted him and humbled himself before us all. He did it with class, sincerity and selflessness.

You could feel his pain and embarrassment. It was real and if it wasn’t, Ray could make a lot more money in Hollywood.

Ray Rice has always been about setting an example for others, particularly children. His tireless efforts dedicated to anti-bullying are not undermined. Yes those efforts have been derailed and Rice has plenty of repair work ahead to get his campaign back on track.

Climbing his way back into your heart, assuming he’s left it, will be a slippery slope. But if he’s successful how much stronger is his story? A good man temporarily lost in a 30 second act of cowardliness, found again.

In the end success doesn’t define a man.

How he deals with adversity does.

For Ray Rice, today was a good first step.

After Friday's press conference what best describes your feeling towards Ray Rice at this time?
If his wife & father-in-law forgive him, I forgive him (45%)
I'll keep an open mind but he still has to earn my forgiveness (30%)
I'm done with him...the Ravens should cut ties with Rice immediately (25%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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67 Raves on “Ray Rice Shows Humility During Presser

  1. Joe Polek on said:

    Sorry Tony… I want to but I just cant agree with this article. I think today was another poor decision, in a string of them for Rice.

      • Justine bennett on said:

        I agree with you tony, good article. I feel everyone makes mistakes and you learn from them and move on. He has been a good role model in the community and a great football player for the ravens. I agree with your article complety. #teamrayrice Go Ravens !!!

        • me on said:

          So then you’d agee that Roethlisberger should not have been suspended a few years ago? They never proved Ben did anything yet he had to sit out. We know Ray KOd her.

      • Joe Polek on said:

        He came across as very sincere, I agree. But he never apologized to his wife. Never apologized for anything specific. And Ray and his wife seemed cold to each other, they never touched or even looked at each other, and sat at a distance.

        Chris Mortonson says video evidence shows Rice punching her twice, knocking her out. The Ravens needed to do something to say that is not acceptable in ths organization.

        I like Ray, but I am still extremely disappointed still. Its going to take time to earn my trust again.

        • dave on said:

          Glad to read your comments, Joe, because the presser got panned by neutral parties outside of Baltimore:

          Todd Fuhrman ‏
          The #Ravens must have hired the same PR firm for today’s Rice presser as Sterling did before his Anderson Cooper fiasco

          Pretty sure the #NFL would rather have legalized sports wagering “impacting the integrity of their game” than Ray Rice opening his mouth

      • lmottav on said:

        Are you serious. This is the worst blog I have ever, ever read. You are a joke. Imagine for a second your daughter getting knocked out and dragged across the floor on that video.

        • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

          If Janay Palmer’s Dad can forgive him, I can forgive him.

          It’s time to move on. The Rice family has.

          • Arun on said:

            Your not being honest with yourself, if it was your daughter youd be swinging

    • TRUTH on said:

      Humbling yourself for a mistake you’ve made is never a poor decision. It took courage for both Ray and his wife to sit up there in front of the media and publicly apologize. He was genuine and nervous and it showed. I believe he truly is remorseful of his actions. However, it wasn’t a good look during his apology when he repeatedly interrupted himself to scroll down and look at his notes because he forgot what to say. But to his credit it’s hard to sit in front a large crowd and publicly acknowledge your wrongdoings for all to scrutinize and judge, let alone the media, who’s broadcasting your every word to hundreds of thousands of people world wide.

      It was a very tough thing to do and he and his wife showed humility while doing it. Give the guy a break. If his wife can forgive him then surely we can. Who are you to judge the man as though you walk this earth flawless? Ray fucked up. Now all he can do is try to redeem himself and amend his mistake. If you can’t find it in your heart to forgive a man who seeks your forgiveness than heaven forbid you ever fuck up…

      He’s been humiliated, scorned, punished by law, had his reputation tarnished, has lost a great deal of respect and credibility among his friends and fans, his community…and if suspended will lose $250,000 per game. What more does one man have to give up and sacrifice before it’s finally good enough for the asshole who wants to sit on their high horse and judge him?

      Get over yourselves. The man f***ed up and is trying to make things right. Now move on.

  2. Rob from Ellicott City on said:

    Tony: Compassion is probably the correct approach because the assault, as far as we have been told, was Ray Rice’s first and he has an otherwise clean record. People make mistakes and need the hope of forgiveness.

    But society can be compassionate on these issues and still require consequences. Facing jail, loss of a job and public embarrassment and, almost, loss of his girl, are all consequences, to be sure, and it is to RR’s credit that he is embarrassed about his behavior. He also must face his teammates and coaches and suffer the pain of letting down the Ravens and the community. All bitter medicine IF a man cares about such things and RR does seem to care deeply about his reputation.

    Best for RR to stay away from alcohol because it better never happen again!

  3. JerryB on said:

    Let he among you who is free from sin, cast the first stone! This was ALWAYS about a domestic dispute fueled by alcohol that, deservedly, will never go to trial! In fact, were it not for his high profile, most likely, the charges would have been dropped as they were for her. He has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, however, but if his wife and her family forgives him, who are we to judge. Now, let’s see how the hypocritical commissioner treats him vis-à-vis Jimmy Irsay, who was caught driving under the influence with drugs and a huge amount of cash in his car! Just remember what George Orwell said in his novel, “Animal Farm”: “All animals are created equal; some animals are more equal than others”!

    • JerryB on said:

      You saw that on tape? Really? To my knowledge the public has not seen the tape. And, according to HER attorney, no crime was committed!

  4. Steel Spike on said:

    Hmm…I wonder how you reacted to the Roethlisberger situation…

    Arrests: Ben – 0. Ray – 1

    Charges filed: Ben – 0. Ray – 2 or 3.

    Would you have this same level of forgiveness if Ray was a Steeler?

        • Steel Spike on said:

          That’s it? Pathetic.

          Maybe, I don’t know, respond with some reasoning instead of posting a gif of one of the top 20 receivers of all time crying because they got cheated out of a super bowl.

          Let’s go, brainiac! Sound off like you got a pair!

          • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

            It’s been said often that one shouldn’t argue with idiots. They’ll only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

            Thanks for the visit Yinzer. Come back often. You might learn something.

    • TRUTH on said:

      Hitting a woman and raping a woman are 2 very different things. Both are cowardice, but only one deserves punishment and the other deserves death. You be the judge.

      Ray and his wife were drunk, got into an argument, and then BOTH wound up putting their hands on each other. Ray has since owned his mistake and has gone about facing the repercussions publicly.

      Ben Roethlisberger, was drunk and raped a girl against her will because he didn’t understand what the word no meant….then paid a lot of money privately, to have it covered up and go away.

      That’s the difference jerkoff.

      • Tim on said:

        Right. So you were there? You heard the woman say no? There were no charges against Roethlisberger. None. Feel free however, to make up any part of the story to complete your own narrative.

  5. Mark K on said:

    So pretty much you are condoning domestic violence. As long as the woman forgives the guy, it is ok if he put his hands on her and knocks her out. What a joke you are…

  6. Rob c on said:

    If any of you have a daughter, think of this as your daughter getting beat down by this vile creature. Does that change things?? He married her and did counseling because he knew he screwed up bad. They will be divorced in a few years when his career is done and we’ll find out he paid her to deal with him for a few years. Worthless human being, terrible article with homer written all over it.

  7. Bob on said:

    You’re kidding, right?
    Ben Roethlisberger gets six games (reduced to four for good behavior) for an event with no evidence other than the testimony of a girl so drunk she didn’t even know where she was. There is video evidence of what Ray did, and you want him let off scott-free? This is not just about his family – not any more than any domestic violence is. It is a crime against society and should be dealt with as such. It is a stain on the shield of the NFL, and should be dealt with as such.

    Roethlisberger’s suspension was basically for embarrassing the league. This is just as big of an embarrassment.

    This press conference is sad on multiple fronts. One: – and this is a part you seemed to ignore – in a press-conference to try to cool off a violent incident – Ray more than once used violence imagery. Just seems sort of thoughtless to me. Two: He actually brought his wife on to try to take away some of the heat from him. Three: His little “knocked down” statement smacks of him trying to claim he is a victim in this.

    • TRUTH on said:

      Roethlisberger wound up paying millions of dollars to have that rape case go away. HE RAPED A WOMAN.

      Ray Rice hit his girlfriend too hard after she hit him first…was it f***ed up and wrong to do? Absolutely. Is it the same as RAPING A WOMAN? F*** no.

      Don’t be an a**hole.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:


      How many times do you plan to post as anonymous or someone else? Must be true. Pittsburgh is boring!

  8. Mark on said:

    Today’s pre-3 day weekend dog and pony show was no surprise. I think this incident will cause him to make some changes and that is a good thing for all. Hopefully he ditches his on field attitude jawing with opponents also. Anybody really think he didnt’t spit at Phil Taylor now? He is an angry guy who punched his female companion with enough force to knock her unconscious. The fact that his wife married him and forgave him is their business as it is with many in this type of relationship but Ray Rice is a thug for punching a woman.
    I would like to know the real reaction of Bisciotti, Cass, Ozzie, Byrne or Harbs if this happened to their daughter. No respect for Rice’s father in law but I’m sure he will be well taken care of. I wonder if he would have been so forgiving if his daughter was knocked out by a “good guy” who was an unemployed laborer named Joe Rice. Ray is a very lucky guy and he knows it.

  9. BJL on said:

    The guy beat up his wife. It was caught on tape. Yet because he plays football and makes tons of money, everyone around him wants to forgive him so that the gravy train keeps rolling.

    Kind of sickening, isn’t it?

  10. Shar on said:

    As a woman, I support ray and janay. They did what they had to do. The video in the elevator show janay attacking him, he struck her twice and shd fell, hitting her head. He did not knock her out as originally reported. It’s easy to criticize him when your not in his shoes. They were both wrong for putting their hands on one another. Janay admired she had a role in this matter. The ravens were not blaming the victim. In the pressed today. They simply quoted he words.

  11. Fernando on said:

    I honestly don’t think getting angry, asking for punishment and hating someone else is the best way to react to all this.
    Tony, I agree with most what you wrote. I think if they really care for each other, they could have showed a little more. But then people would say it was fake and forced…
    I think that everybody makes mistakes. And unless you’re living alone in an island, your mistakes affect other people. Maybe it’s easier for him because he’s rich and famous. But if he was that bad and guilty alone, she would’ve kept the charges, stripped him of as much money as possible and go on with her life.
    I wonder what most people criticizing him think of Ray Lewis case. People make mistakes all the time and I think we should learn from it and try to be the best we can and avoid making those same mistakes, not judge or hate and ask for this or that punishment…

  12. Thomas on said:

    Time to move on. Everyone involved and the US judicial system obviously is. So if some people not even remotely close to the incident can’t, then that says more about how pathetic their lives are than anything else.

  13. Anonymous on said:

    You can beat your wife and drag her out of an elevator but as long as you are sincere in your apology all should be forgiven with no consequences from your team or the NFL.

    You really need to check yourself.

    Shame on you. This article is despicable.

  14. Nancy on said:

    Tony, you have written quite eloquently and your responses have been incredibly controlled. Well played sir, well played! Oh by the way, I concur.

  15. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Most folks have set their opinion on Ray Rice and this situation way before this press conference. However ALL the folks will be cheering his name the first time he busts a 73 yard run for a touchdown. It’s a ” what have you done for ME lately” world. And unfortunately for Ray, the fans have been asking that question since week one of last season. He’ll bounce back.

  16. JWS on said:

    TL, this is the most reponses I have ever seen you get on any subject. First Steeler fans should keep their mouths SHUT. Their reponses are on a football level against a player and a team they hate which is one of the big problems with today’s average sports fans in every city.
    Unless you have walked in another’s persons shoes, been involved in this type of situtaion yourself or had experence in the counciling field a person’s opinions on this subject has little merit. Since I have, the bottom line isthe future not the past. since his wife and HER FAIMLY HAVE FORGIVING HIM AND THE COURTS SAW FIT TO GIVE HIM A SECOND CHANCE WHY CAN’T PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT INVOLVE, no nothing about the law JUST WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. But TL he will be suspended for 2-4 games by the league. You did a good job trying to give fans a good overall picture of the situation. Buit sometimes leaving a subject left to beat writers just reporting what happens in theses areas may be the wiserway to go.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      JWS I opine on situations. Whether folks agree or not is up to them.

      In time I’m confident that my position will play out. The pending suspension won’t change that for Ray Rice but it may make other players think twice about avoiding situations that could leave them exposed.

      Brandon Marshall was involved in several domestic disputes that were reported, probably others that were not. He didn’t have a video camera recording the error of his ways. Yet today, Marshall is now viewed favorably. He made mistakes and it’s taken time for him to be seen in a different light. Same for Ben Roethlisberger.

      I’m confident that Rice will one day shine again!

  17. JerryB on said:

    These comments remind me of an old adage: “when you wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty and the pigs…..love it!”

  18. Lisa Wolf on said:

    Then there should not have been a “press conference” at all. If we agree that this is a “family” matter, then why publicly make a statement?

  19. KC on said:

    There was one bad choice and one giant mistake with this event.
    The bad choice was for Ray to go into this without a prepared statement. This was a no-win situation from the start. The trial of public opinion is long over in this case. You knew whatever came out of this was going to be picked over endlessly and retold in sentence fragments. The sentences should have been carefully crafted. I realize that Ray probably felt like he wanted to just go out and speak from his heart. That speaks to his character. The problem is that in the public eye he is a villain. No reasonable explanation or even actual facts are going to change that at this point. Having written something down and gone over it a few times, they might have avoided using the “When Life Knocks You Down” analogy and remembered for Ray to actually apologize to Janay and her family.
    The giant mistake was using Twitter to comment on anything related to this situation.
    We have to be one of the worst teams in the league with social media. How many times have we looked like assholes on Facebook? Calling out the Orioles, Calling out Miami’s fans. Now we decide that it is a good idea to run a play by play of this press conference via Twitter. How mature and forgiving does the Twitter world tend to be? How often do people say “I’m really glad I spoke my mind on Twitter?” This is on the Ravens and they need to fire somebody and get this fixed. Ridiculous…..

  20. Ricky on said:

    I respect your right to share your opinion, but couldn’t disagree more strongly with it. I’m appalled by it quite frankly. This is a man who not only hit his fiancee, but hit her twice so hard, that he knocked her unconscious. On video no less, leaving no doubt that it occurred. I understand about second chances in life, but being given a second chance doesn’t mean you hop in a time machine and undo what you did. He committed this horrible act, not merely a 30 second act of indiscretion. Maybe he has been a tireless advocate for anti-bullying. After leaving his fiancee on the ground by his own hand, I think the credibility he brings and has brought to that message pretty much shot. The reality is, this is not overblown. In fact this needs to be a bigger deal. He can have a second chance. But like the rest of us in life, there needs to be a consequence for his horrific actions. As a benchmark, Robert Mathis will likely be suspended for four games in 2014 for taking what he thought was fertility drug. Can you honestly say that what Mathis did was worse?

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I’m not condoning the physical abuse of women. It is an extremely cowardly act. But you don’t know the full details nor do I. If the State of New Jersey thought it was as heinous of an act as you describe, would they agree to forego the trial? Would Rice’s father-in-law be so quick to show support?

      If the courts are satisfied and the family is satisfied isn’t it time to move on and try and glean something good from this mess in the form of lessons to be learned and taught?

      Rice will get a suspension. The league has no choice, but that suspension won’t impact the case or alter the future marital behavior of the Rices. What the couple does together from this point forward and how they grow, will.

      The Mathis case is completely different. He violated the rules as did Asa Jackson last year.

      I hear you, domestic violence should come with more severe penalties than ingesting banned substances, intentionally or otherwise.

      But that’s a different debate for another day IMO.

  21. TRUTH on said:

    I’m not making up anything. Feel free to investigate what I’ve said and you’ll find that it’s true.

    On a side note – it’s an admittance of guilt when you have to pay someone off to clear your name. It’s a moral loophole our justice system allows for the rich. By the way, that girl wasn’t the first girl Ben had an “encounter” with…

  22. chris on said:

    Bro wtf? I grew up with a step dad who beat my mom, anyone whoever hits a female is a coward and NEVER deserves a second chance. You can tell you dont have anypne in your life that has ever been beat. Bro grow a set im a ravens fan to but defending rice is pretty low. You could tell he didnt give two shi…. about her in the presser he didint even appologize to her directly. I have absolutely no respect for ray and little for u at this point

  23. JerryB on said:

    Despite the conventional wisdom that, “You don’t hit women. Ever. Period. No caveats”, there are exceptions, self defense being one of them. Two weeks ago, a woman was convicted of murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him repeatedly with her stiletto heels! So much for conventional wisdom. In fact, it is against the law to hit anyone regardless of gender, except in self defense! Period! And, according to reports, not facts, they struck each other, with her striking him first!

  24. Phil P. on said:

    Cells are full of guys that wish they could sit in front of a camera and read a hand written script saying I am sorry like him and then get up and walk away knowing he is still in the money. His wife still knows it too and daddy. It is ok to forgive but he should still pay the price. Look at the price the owner of the Clippers is paying for a private conversation. Oh that right he is white. Thats different isn’t it. They all jumped on the bandwagon to butcher him and he didn’t hit anyone. I don’t agree with what he said, but where is fairness and equality? As for the team, well money talks and they don’t want to loose him or the money they have into him.

  25. JR on said:

    I am a huge Ravens fan but am disgusted by Ray Rice. He is an embarrassment to the team. Not only did he hit his fiancée – he knocked her unconscious! His weak press conference was held on a holiday weekend. Another cowardly move. The Ravens should consider donating money to organizations helping abused women as their reputation has been tarnished because of Rice. On the field, he is a liability dating back to his fumbles in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. He should thank Joe for bailing him out with his poor performance, and led the Ravens to a championship despite the running game. He was completely dismal during 2013 season when he barely reached the line of scrimmage. He has nothing left and I look forward to the day when he is no longer a Raven. Hopefully that day will come soon.

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