REPORT CARD: Ravens, Storms Drown Bucs 44-16

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Quarterbacks: B

The interception by Flacco was meaningless in the grand scheme of things as he has nothing to prove in the preseason. But other than that he did complete 7-of-9 passes in his brief appearance. Tyrod Taylor doesn’t always look extremely comfortable in the pocket, but is an asset when things break down in front of him and is good at extending plays. He showed this on a nice scramble and completion to Visanthe Shiancoe in the red zone.

Running Backs: C+

Bernard Pierce got the Ravens first offensive touchdown of the game with a 20-yard touchdown run, showing good burst down the sideline. Damien Berry made the most of a huge hole that opened up for him in the second quarter for 14 of his 24 first half yards. As expected, Ray Rice didn’t see much action, receiving just three carries.

Receivers & Tight Ends: C-

Not the most encouraging outing for a unit who is seen by many as a possible weak spot for the Ravens. Visanthe Shiancoe led the team with three catches in the first half, not necessarily surprising from the veteran who is a more than adequate pass catcher. Torrey Smith hauled in two passes before exiting. Those who had questions about Jacoby Jones having an increased role in the offense probably wanted to see a bit more than they did, but it’s still very early.

Offensive Line: B

As expected Gino Gradkowski got the start at center and put in a solid shift. A.Q. Shipley didn’t do anything to hurt his chances when in the game either. A good position battle to watch. After not opening many holes early, the unit started to as the first half wore on, springing Berry and Pierce for long runs. Pass protection was decent, allowing just one sack.

Defensive Line: B

Chris Canty made a nice impression in his first action in a Ravens uniform with a sack early. Arthur Jones did a nice job blowing up a play in the backfield. Brandon Williams clogged the middle well, occupying offensive linemen so guys behind him could make plays.

Linebackers: B+

Daryl Smith stood out among this group, flying all over the field. Elvin Dumervil and Courtney Upshaw rotated on running & passing plays, looking like they’ll form solid combo opposite Terrell Suggs. Josh Bynes sniffed out a screen pass well and made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage for a 6-yard loss.

Secondary: C

Not a great night for Chykie Brown, who was flagged for two pass interference penalties and got beat for a big gain. Asa Jackson made a good play to break up a pass and intercepted one shortly after. Looks like Jimmy Smith still has trouble locating the ball at times, something that has plagued him in the past. The word on Matt Elam coming out of Florida was that he was a physical safety and he showed it with a near perfect form tackle on Peyton Hillis. The more action he sees in the preseason, the better.

Special Teams: A

Great day for the special teams guys. LaQuan Williams recovered a muffed punt and a blocked punt in the end zone for a touchdown. Bobby Rainey reeled off a 58-yard kick return, before being taken down by the kicker, but nonetheless did a good job of finding the seam opened by the guys in front of him and exploding through it. Justin Tucker converted on all of his extra point and field goal attempts, no shocker there.

Coaching: A

John Harbaugh resisted the temptation to stay with Joe Flacco in order to allow the first team offense to find its rhythm. On a sloppy night, particularly early as the Tampa skies opened, the quick hook was appropriate. Harbaugh and his staff were on point with clock management late in the second half to help pave the way for 14 points during the final minute of play. The Ravens head coach successfully challenged a questionable catch by Vincent Jackson turning a probable 7 points into 3 for the Bucs.

Officiating: B

On a sloppy night, sloppy play happens and with it there are usually extra curriculars that follow. Scott Green’s crew did a nice job of policing such activity without altering the flow of the game. A barometer of officiating can often be found in the body language of the head coaches and on Thursday night both Harbaugh and Tampa head coach Greg Schiano were choir boys.

Broadcast: C-

Gerry Sandusky navigated the many technical difficulties and Stan White was on point with his analysis. Qadry Ismail is an unnecessary court jester. The timing of replays and the keys to the game were poorly timed and the scoreboard header didn’t even include a play clock or timeouts remaining indicator. The technical difficulties were somewhat understandable given the weather but even giving consideration to that the overall feel was very minor league and not that of a champion.

17 Raves on “REPORT CARD: Ravens, Storms Drown Bucs 44-16

  1. Josh on said:

    Adrian Hamilton looked great; he shows a ton of promise as a pass rusher. LaQuan looked good — I predict he gets even more playing time next week. I never put too much stock into the preseason games, but if last night was any indication, we have what is called “deep depth” at a lot of positions. The backups looked really good.

    • spy on said:

      What positions looked like ‘deep depth’ ? Wide outs ; tight ends ; safeties ; corners ; offensive tackle ; offensive guard ; ,,,,,you must have been watching the Redskin game……..we lack depth at many positions , a few injuries can really hurt a team like ours , it has already happened,,,,,,,,,

  2. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Ricky Wagner looked good at LT the time or 3 I saw him. Good foot & hand movement, no penetrations. The 2nd/3rd team o-line is huge.

  3. Rumor Ray on said:

    Broadcast should have been a D-. Sure the weather may have caused some issues however how do you not notice the sound is not in sync with the video most of the night. The video crew could not keep up with the ball and did a very poor job with replay. I would hope that Smyth really did not attend to run their famous Mr Boh and Utz Girl commercial back to back that many times. I would assume that was a mistake with break layouts by the broadcast booth. I know it is preseason for the Broadcast team as well however I honestly felt that a group of middle school kids using a couple HD smartphones and youtube could have put on a cleaner production.

  4. spy on said:

    Mostly OK , but a little generous on your grades for the Secondary and the Receivers and tight ends,,,,,,,,,,,,the Secondary was a solid ‘D’ , at best,,,,,,,,,as for the receivers , a solid ‘D’ also,,,,,,,,,Flacco really misses the reliable hands of Boldin and Pitta , the present cast (other then Smith) should be on the practice team , I guess you have to keep Jones there because of his special team value but his hands , like the others mentioned are not reliable,,,,,,,,,,,actually the only other receivers that showed potential in the hands department were Furstenburg and Mettle something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzie did a very poor job for Joe this year , he must be second guessing letting Boldin go……….

  5. Russ on said:

    Man, I love Q as a commentator. Also, the coaches get a B. No need to keep Pierce in the game when it’s pouring down rain in the second quarter. Yeah it was a nice touchdown run, but no need to be out there when it’s a slip and slide.

  6. Tommy.O on said:

    @Gordon Dixon, Damien Berry didnt make that return it was Bobby Rainey. And Mr. Rainey looked very good on returns. LaQuan should get a chance to win the reciever spot with Thompson. Doss is soft and has to go.

    anyone else notice when Cody was in the game he was pushed three yards off the ball. He got pushed back soo much he was pushed into linebackers on the run plays. He has to go.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Tommy nice catch and thank you. Don’t blame Gordon. Blame the editor who’s been up since 4AM and missed it. Oh, that editor would be me since our “real” editor took off to cover the O’s @ Giants for

  7. Tommy.O on said:

    Not blaming anyone. A lot of fans take opinions of the media and run with it. I was just making sure the Ravens fan push to see rainey make the team, as well as LaQuan and Mellete.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      The coaches and front office aren’t going to be influenced by the fans to keep certain players. Otherwise, Anquan Boldin wouldn’t be in San Francisco right now.

      • Rumor Ray on said:

        TL ,

        You are correct and I thank the Football Gods everyday that the staff does not allow us to influence them! I love the game and understand the game, however they are the Paid Professionals and we are lucky that here in Baltimore or staff is smart.

  8. Anonymous on said:

    It was just the first pre-season game, but the Ravens first team looked bad – sucked I would say- ring rust ??? The receiving core except for Torrey and Ray Rice looked very very bad. So, these are the guys we have to play huh??? It’s going to be a long season. Pros: The defense looked fast and hard hitting

  9. Buck Roberts on said:

    It was a major accomplishment and display of technological development to be able to project lines that aren’t on the field but are on your TV screen to show us fans the ever important first down objective lines. Last night was the premier of an ADVERTISEMENT projected (like the lines) onto the playing field. It was such a great addition to the broadcast aesthetics. I can’t wait until the whole field looks like the skin of a NASCAR.

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