Respect is earned, never given…especially to the Ravens


“Respect is earned, respect is never given…”

The Baltimore Ravens came out of Denver victorious despite being nine point underdogs. After the miraculous performance they put on, you would think that the Ravens had earned a little respect. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It didn’t matter where you looked Monday morning as you were sure to see the Ravens discredited in some way, shape, or form. An ESPN article by Jeffri Chadiha titled “Broncos choke in historic fashion” gave little credit to Baltimore’s resiliency, saying that “…nobody outside of their fan base should buy into such bluster,” and that “the Ravens won because they hung around long enough to take advantage of the Broncos’ critical errors.” Chadiha, along with many other critics, preferred saying that the Broncos lost the game rather than the Ravens winning it.

This wasn’t the first ESPN article that shut down the Ravens in Denver. ESPN writer Ashley Fox trashed the Ravens earlier in the week, stating that fans should enjoy the win over Indianapolis as it would be Ray Lewis’s last and his career would come to an end in Denver.

Video: Ray Rice dedicates the win in Denver to the people of Baltimore

The degradation didn’t stop there as previews and predictions for the AFC Championship have already hit the press. The New England Patriots have been already given the win by many analysts. Former NFL coach Tony Dungy called into The Dan Patrick Show to give his picks for the Super Bowl, and didn’t bother to even comment on the AFC Championship game, going on to explain why the Falcons will beat the 49ers and then face the Patriots in the Super Bowl like it was already a given.

Dan Patrick’s poll question of the day was “which QB would you want for one playoff game,” with the possible responses being Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick, and Joe Flacco. The results? Colin Kaepernick, a second year quarterback who has played in only one playoff game, in a runaway with 53% of the votes to Joe Flacco’s 23.5%, despite his 7-4 playoff record. Even Matt Ryan, who won his first playoff game this weekend, was ahead of the Ravens’ quarterback.

Another ESPN headline called the Patriots “clear favorites” because of Tom Brady, neglecting to bring up the fact that Joe Flacco outplayed Brady in last year’s AFC Championship game and just did the same to Peyton Manning.

So why all of the Ravens hate? What have the Ravens done to be so disliked? While I can’t tell you the answer, I can tell you that the answer doesn’t matter. The Ravens went against all odds this week and shocked the world. I’m willing to believe that they’ll do it again this Sunday.

“…It’s better to be respected than liked. To hell with being liked!” – Ray Lewis

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8 Raves on “Respect is earned, never given…especially to the Ravens

  1. Mike Lurz on said:

    Never underestimate the sports media’s ability to cover their own asses, and shield their own egos from the stupid bold predictions made…I look forward to seeing more “crow” be eaten this week. Surprisingly Bill Cowher actually said some nice things on the post game show…must have lost a bet with Shannon Sharpe

  2. Joy on said:

    Being a Ravens fan I know so well how the sports media, referees, other team coach personal and other team fans do nothing but trash the Ravens and show no respect. They treat us like we are a second rate team and we don’t matter. We are just a joke. Doesn’t matter if we do win they still treat us the same. I’ve come to accept it but one thing is for sure. When we do win it makes it all the sweeter to see the haters eat CROW!!

  3. Wanda on said:

    Thumbs up to Ray Lewis and the Raven’s staff for telling the players not to listen to any other media comments outside of Baltimore. They were all so negative. I always watch the games with the sound either turned down or muted because of the awfully-biased commentating. Actually, the Raven’s seem to play much better with a chip on their shoulders. So, I hope they continue to listen to what us “Ravens-lovers-til-we-die” fans keep telling them! We’ll see them at the SUPERBOWL!!!!!

  4. Theresa on said:

    I am beyond wondering why . I love this team and I think we are going all the way . Sports pundits are like weathermen they predict game winners never have to be right retain there jobs and have no accountability for being wrong. Tony Dungy runs his mouth too much and then flip flops when he gets it wrong he has zero credibility to me.

  5. Rumor Ray on said:

    I will never care what the National Media says as long as we have OUR Ravens! I would rather be the Under Dogs EVERYGAME! My real issue is with our so called fans who trash Joe and the boys. He is OUR QB and if we cant respect and believe in him who will???? In the last weeks I have watched fans on here trash Flacco and was even more shocked when I watched people talk about Haloti Ngata like his time was done in Baltimore. Wake Up Baltimore!! We have been to the Playoffs 5 years in a row! FIVE YEARS !!! 3 AFC Championship Games!!! Really we should REBUILD RIGHT??? We must SUCK

  6. RayG on said:

    RAVEN NATION – We have them right where we want them, believing we have no chance to win! There were only three things in our way, Colts, Manning & Brady. Focus on whats left to do. We have beaten two of them one at a time and now it’s time to remove the last obstacle. Let’s banish fear & worry, when you dwell in fear and you worry it generates negative energy that must be overcome because bad things are drawn to negative energy, carry no unnecessary baggage from the past for it will distract you, play like a RAVEN for 60 minutes, believe in the PURPLE concentrating on a positive outcome will create positive energy which strengthens us and attracts good things. It is time for our fans everywhere to trust in what got us here, OUR TEAM. Love them unconditionally and feel the pride we surely must have for them as they strive to achieve greatness again. WIN BABY!

  7. Greg on said:

    it has to do with Ray Lewis plain and simple. People dont like our aggressive, intense mentality. They dont like ray lewis. When they run out of excuses, they bring up his trial. People are jealous of what the Ravens have. They dont like our intimidating style. I used to wonder the same why we dont get respect. Then I realized everyone supports bad teams usually, and if they dont, they fear the Ravens style. Its easy to hate them and it reflects badly on them. There’s nothing shiny about Baltimore and the analysts fear that.

  8. SJ Bobkins on said:

    As a Raven fan in Phoenix, I don’t see the disrespect. The team was a hair from beating New England in the playoffs last year and would have but for a missed field goal and prior to that a pass that was dropped in the end zone. To best honest most people are tired of the Patriots, America likes underdogs and while I wouldn’t put the Ravens as dogs, habit and that streak where things did not click esp with Houston, hurt the image. That’s all over now with the Denver win. A wins a win but the 2 yards on first, 2 yards on second, Rice running the ball was NOT effective. Had the great pass to Pitts not worked out from the 3, there would have been a loss. I don’t recall so many 3rd and long situations, this time luck was on our side and important conversions were made. I see it 31-27 for the Ravens, but Caldwell makes me nervous if he calls runs on 1st and 2nd, to then be forced into passing on 3rd.

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