Rice Suspended For 2 Games

Ray Rice and Ashton 600
Ray Rice and Ashton Dean at a Ray Rice Foundation event in 2013

According to Adam Schefter the NFL has suspended Ray Rice for two games. He will miss the opener against the Bengals and the Thursday Night game, CBS’ first, on September 11 against the Steelers.

The suspension is less than most expected and probably comes as a relief to the Ravens organization. Baltimore will also get some salary cap relief per RSR’s capologist Brian McFarland.

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13 Raves on “Rice Suspended For 2 Games

  1. Cheri on said:

    All things considering I think Rice and the Ravens should be thankful. It could had been 4 and then reduced down to 3 after his appeal. At 2 games does any one think he will appeal????? Interested to know.

    • gregg on said:

      I agree-two games is very fair. I assume the reason for the long wait was in reference to the fines and suspensions for Gordon and Irsay.

  2. Cheri on said:

    PS By the way STILL WAITINNNGGGG Roger on Jimmy Irsay’s suspension. Take a page out of Adam Silver’s book if you have to but do what’s right and fair for the game.

  3. Vic on said:

    Well, it is a reprieve both for the Ravens and Rice. He should take this opportunity to reflect on what he did and how much it cost him financially but most importantly the hit his image took and how he can slowly work his way back to being the Ray Rice of old.

  4. Joshua on said:

    I think this is a complete slap on the wrist, considering the wretched nature of the offense. I suppose Rice’s suspension is small because he’s a first-time offender under the league’s personal conduct policy. Rice is very fortunate.

  5. Mark on said:

    Rice is lucky but the suspension may not affect the team at all. I personally feel Forsett may well be the best stretch zone runner on the roster and that both Pierce and Taliaferro no worse than Rice at doing what Kubiak needs his RBs to do.

  6. Brandon on said:

    I hope that the Ravens add 2 games to it themselves. He shamed the Ravens with his horrible actions that night. I don’t know if I will ever look at him the same after this. I should be glad that it is only 2 games, but I also can’t help but think he deserved more than that.

    • Thomas on said:

      Would you feel the same way about your employer suspending you without pay for something you did outside work?
      There’s a judicial system in the US for a reason. It has dealt with Rice as it has found appropriate by law. Should employers try and punish their employees as well in addition to this system?

  7. James on said:

    Everybody keeps saying how they are surprised that the suspension is this short, but weren’t most people saying he was probably going to get 2-4 games. And if he got 4 games he would appeal the decision and get it reduced to 2.

  8. JerryB on said:

    Obviously, the evidence, which NONE OF US HAS SEEN, is NOT as damning as many suspected. Unfortunately, the only place the man has been “tried and convicted” is in the ubiquitous “court of public opinion”, which often than not is totally & completely……..wrong!

  9. JerryB on said:

    JerryB, you are right on! None of us, with the exception of maybe the league office and the prosecutor, has seen the tape of Rice striking his now wife. Not one of us. So, none of us can be in a position to say whether the punishment fits the crime.

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