Roger Greedell Caught in a Lie

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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock somewhere you know that the NFL moved its draft back to May 8-10. For years the draft was held in late April and for the past few it’s been scheduled for the last Thursday in April, concluding on the last Saturday.

In 2013 Roger Goodell, who is about as sincere as Lindsay Lohan is to her NA sponsor, said the change was needed in 2014 because the league’s draft venue of choice, Radio City Music Hall, was hosting an Easter show during the month of April, 2014.

And that prompted the Commish to then conclude, “At this late stage, for us to do it the right way, we don’t see having any choice but to move the date.”

Interestingly enough, the Easter Bunny won’t be at RCMH this month at all. In fact the venue’s schedule lists exactly ZERO performances in April.

Can we please stop with the BS Roger?

Goodell PinocchioWe’re all big boys and girls here. If you don’t think for a second that the larceny in your heart doesn’t shine brighter than Rhianna’s diamond, well then maybe I can interest you in some stock for this new payphone company.

Can we just call a spade a spade please?

The NFL pushed the draft back with the hope that they could extend the interest of the viewing public a couple of extra weeks. That means more dragged out content for their NFL Network and website, which as we know means more advertising dollars.


The truth be told, the league is blowing it.

Interest at this time of the year isn’t what it was a year ago.

By now we would know what the league’s schedule is for the entire season. Tickets would be sold. Trips would be planned. Corporate suite parties would be arranged and so on and so forth.

Next Thursday would be the draft and after the draft fans would be excited about their team’s new toys and hang on every word of every report of every organized team activity provided by every media outlet.

That buzz would continue right up to the annual break which starts in mid-June right into mid-July at which time the buzz would begin to swell about training camp, then preseason games and then right into the season.

Unless you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns, that buzz would resonate for most right up to Christmas and for many up to and beyond the start of 2015.

The only real hole in the NFL calendar was that June 15-July 15 window. And not many seemed to care much because millions of families vacationed within that window.

Now, thanks to Goodell’s greed and his imaginary hop down the Radio City bunny trail, the NFL has created a new hole. The buzz from the Scouting Combines through free agency and into the NFL Draft was one continuous offseason. Pushing the draft out without altering the other dates has created a gap.

The free agency buzz is gone.

The draft talk is already beginning to wear a bit thin and there are still 20 days to go.

Hey, maybe Roger plans to release the schedule one week at a time for the next 17 days beginning Monday on NFL Network.

Moral of the story Mr. Commissioner…

Gordon Gekko isn’t always right!

Greed isn’t always good.

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19 Raves on “Roger Greedell Caught in a Lie

  1. Dan on said:


    I usually enjoy reading your work, but I have to say I’m a little disappointed in reading this piece. It comes off as spiteful and honestly a little childish. “Greedell”?

    Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL. His job is to maximize the NFL’s potential for growth, exposure, and income. As such, it is incumbent upon him to make decisions which enhance interest in the NFL over as long a period as possible. Even if we take your assertion that there are no events planned at this venue in the time frame specified (which may or may not have been the case at the time he made the decision) why would we expect the commissioner to do anything other than maximize the NFL’s potential for growth, exposure, and income? Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do?

    I miss the days when people in America called good business decisions “industrious and smart” rather than “greedy liars”.

    If your point was to challenge the wisdom of Goodell’s decision, I’d have no objection to it. It may or may not result in the desired outcome. But you’re doing more than that. You are questioning his motivation. As if looking to enhance the NFL’s potential for growth, exposure, and income is the kind of thing only done by “greedy liars”. I find that a bit shameful.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Sorry you disagree and find it shameful.

      I find it shameful that he lies about an Easter show at RCMH.

      I find it shameful that he threw MLB under the bus because the Ravens didn’t host the 2013 opener

      I find it shameful that he promotes more playoff games and an 18 game schedule and then talks about player safety.

      I could go on.

      I’m not opposed to a good businessman. I aspire to be one. But I’d rather get there without lying.

      That said I do appreciate you sharing your opinion.

    • D-rock on said:


      Goodell is greedy and is ruining the game. You must be his cousin or maybe you just don’t follow the NFL. Goodell is messing with something that doesn’t need fixed. It is as simple as that. Seems like your beating around the bush, if you support him just say it, and when you do I am certain that 90% of football fans will immediately disagree with you.

  2. cheri on said:

    The ole saying when he isn’t lying he’s sleeping apply here.Roger just can’t leave well enough along.these kids could know where their going and be in their playbooks but because of the NFL greed oh well sorry they just have to wait.

          • dan on said:

            First -just noticed the other commenter above is also “Dan.” That’s not me; in case you thought we were the same person just going after you twice.

            Second – I am seriously curious. Why can’t you just acknowledge you made a mistake? You can still hold a lot of hatred for Goodell as many – including myself – do. But if you pride yourself on good info more than just glitter, you’d at least add a line to your post that says, “Note: after posting it was discovered that RCMH had in fact scheduled a show for an Easter run. That show was canceled in late March.”

            Is it that hard?

          • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

            It’s not but thanks for saving me the time.

            Why was the show cancelled? Hmmm, conspiracy theories abound.

            Ok I was wrong:

            The RCMH site didn’t say anything about it when I looked.

            Happy Easter!

  3. Rod on said:

    I don’t mind the wait, because it gives the Ravens more time to realize that picking another safety in the first round in the vain hope of finding the next Ed Reed would be a huge mistake that would set the organization back years.

  4. Stone on said:

    Good article, Tony.. It’s not denying good business. It’s about going about it in a douchey way and exploiting the draft at the fans expense. I could go on and on listing reasons why I believe Goodell’s a creep. Tony knows, as do many other people.

  5. Mista T on said:

    Much ado about nothing. No matter what dates are selcted for the start of free agency, the draft, the schedule announcement, etc: NFL offseason is boring. Great time to spin up the DVR to re-watch the recordings of past season highlights, the last 2:02 of the 2013 Vikings game, and Super Bowls 5, 35, and 47.

  6. JerryB on said:

    This is consistent with his refusal to re-schedule the then Super Bowl Champion Ravens’ home opener last year to Wednesday. The guy is all about money and his questionable veracity qualifies him to run for public office! LOL!

  7. Ravensgirl on said:

    We are all entitled to our opinions. And IF it’s true what has been reported about Goodell, just want to say”Karma IS a b***h”! This guy Tony is just stating what “he” knows,heard and believes,and that should be fine.

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