Rolando McClain’s future still in question after guilty plea

McClain Arrested 600

It has been an offseason to forget for linebacker Rolando McClain – an offseason that could resonate for the rest of his life, as he’s on thin ice with the Ravens and the rest of the NFL.

Shortly after his season ended with the Oakland Raiders, McClain was pulled over by police for illegal window tint. McClain was upset and signed his citation, “(Expletive) Y’all,” and said that was his real name. For McClain’s smart aleck actions, he was arrested for providing false information to police.

Our friend Jeff Zrebiec at the Baltimore Sun reported that McClain plead guilty to his illegal window tint violation. For McClain admitting his guilt, the police so nicely dropped the false information charge that was also pending against him.

After pleading guilty, McClain has paid the reported $186 to cover the costs of the arrest but he’ll remain a popular face in the Decatur, Al. courthouse. He’ll be appearing for his latest arrest stemming from a disturbance in a park, where he was booked for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The Ravens were able to tolerate McClain’s immature actions surrounding the window tint incident – the straw that broke the camel’s back in Oakland – but his latest arrest may cost McClain far more than $186, as the Ravens won’t even have to pay him that if they decide to release him. Another release would likely end his career in the NFL.

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19 Raves on “Rolando McClain’s future still in question after guilty plea

  1. Scott on said:

    The Ravens’ initial comment on Rolando’s arrest for disturbing the peace noted that people are entitled to due process. The police were very proactive with their side of the story after this arrest — going on 105.7′s Norris and Davis show to give their side of the story. It seemed the media ran with the police side of the story as the gospel truth. McClain has since offered his side of the story. I realize folks may not want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the fact is, the police make mistakes sometimes. And given that Rolando previously offended the Decatur police, it would make some logical sense that they’d want a little payback by arresting him again. I think the Ravens are doing the right thing by letting things play out in the legal system. That’s how it’s supposed to work, and how we would want the team to handle things if we were in his situation. It is also how the team handled things with Ray and Jamal Lewis, too. Besides, the pending disturbing the peace charge is a minor misdemeanor, worst case — hardly the stuff you cut someone over.

    I’m betting that Rolando is playing for us this year. Eric Decosta told the Sun last night that Rolando “deserves a second chance.” If you look at who the Ravens signed as UDFAs, notice that they didn’t sign one single MLB. That’s despite the availability of excellent MLBs like Reddick of UNC, who was expected to go as early as the second round but went undrafted (the Saints signed him). Even when we had Ray, we pretty regularly signed UDFA MLBs like Jameel McLain, Ellerbe and Nigel Carr (and Bart Scott before that). Yet in a year when we lost two MLBs, and another one is recovering from a serious spinal bruise, we don’t sign one UDFA MLB? I think that’s because the word is out to agents to not waste time with the Ravens — they are keeping Rolando and won’t have any openings at MLB this year.

    • John on said:

      MCClain’s aide has been reporred as well. Given his credibility versus that of the police, how on earth are you obliged to believe him?

      I agree that we let our justice system handle this, but the outcome is not likely to roll his way (pun intended).

      Regardless, I have faith in Ozzie to do the right thing. #Repeat!

    • Boldin Raver on said:

      I like your analysis Scott. I think what gets forgotten is Josh Bynes. He always gets forgotten. He entered our memories direct from the practice squad to calling plays from #52′s position vs. no less than Peyton Manning. The game was a horror show, but Bynes and the D didn’t do too bad for being dealt a crappy deck – like all the injuries, backups as starters and offensive turnovers. Bynes had poise and intelligence and got his share of tackles. Also, according to RSR film analysis, the guy who dealt McLain the big dagger was Peyton, who exploited his lack of coverage skills. Even so, I am reserving judgement on McLain. I just don’t think Butkis awards go to talentless goobs, and The Raiders are a talent black hole. I hope he surprises folks.

    • Bruce Romo on said:

      Very well articulated — both points, only drafting Brown and the charade of the Decatur Police grandstanding on that charlatan’s radio program, what’s-his-name, the disgraced Baltimore City Police Chief and hack actor from New York, Norris.
      Rolando deserves some latitude here; and i am sure the Ravens have a plan in place with regards to counseling him ( structure that I doubt was in Oakland).
      Yes, the impetus is on Rolando to focus on football and steer clear of conflict and trouble; and if he does — Rolando makes the team.

    • paulie on said:

      Make all the excuses for Rolando McClain you can Scott If the Ravens did not think they have a glaring hole inside I’m not sure they would be holding their noses and going ahead with this. I have some concerns about how well this may all work out myself.
      When all the dust finally settles what we know is that this is hardly Rolando’s first trip tio the rodeo. He seems locked in some irrational contest of wills with the local police that he has no chance of ever winning. Already on thin ice, he mouths off to management and coaches in Oakland. He follows that up, post season with the tinted glass fiasco and gets himself cut loose. Enter the Ravens with an offer of a second chance to restart a career on the rocks. Remember GM’s are not exactly in a holding pattern over Decatur to sign Rolando up.
      So what is his next move? When a fight breaks out at the park Rolando forgeting that his future is hanging in the balance, feels the need to tell the police repeatedly to “go f#@% themselves? Is that really the best course of action he could come up with for his set of circumstances? Is this guy really smart enough to be an ILB?

  2. Raven24-7 on said:

    Bottom line, McClain just cannot keep himself away from trouble. Historically this guy has had his share of run-in’s with the law, therefore given his track record, why should this instance be any different? My guess is McClain can’t keep straight and stay away from situations which could potentially get him into trouble. His past and his current altercation is enough to say this guy is nothing but trouble, and is too immature to make sound decisions off the field.

  3. Big C on said:

    Slow down on calling someone an idiot or a thug. Police often target guys like him because of the money they make and the way they roll. Most police are ex high school tough guys or squares who like the power that comes with the position. No one can see the cops are just messing with this guy?? Really? He gets pulled over for his window tint? Pulling people over for window tint violation = pulling over a black guy who you think has warrants. Most cops wouldn’t even want to be bothered, and usually you just get an order to take them off. Like Honestly, I just got one from an State Trooper in November. NO ONE GETS A TICKET, YOU GET A WORK ORDER, which is a hassle. He got a $186 dollar ticket FOR WINDOW TINT? That doesn’t seem weird. Then he gets arrested for “giving a false name” which is barely a charge. Even though the cop is looking at his license and registration after pulling him over. THAT’S CALLED COMPLETELY F&*KING WITH A GUY. The last charge. In a park with 300 people, you got 1 guy yelling f#$k the police and THAT’S WHO GETS ARRESTED?? You’re there to stop a fight, but you lock up the guy yelling? Then add resisting arrest because he turned away?? Seems beyond petty. I don’t know who in that department has it out for him, but this is obviously going to keep happening no matter what he does. It’s a real gross abuse of power as well…

  4. Mike on said:

    I agree about the Decauter police as well. Grandstanding all over the country getting his 15 minutes. He talked about a video. Where is this so-called video? It just so happens 700 people were at an event and only 1 gets arrested. Why didn’t the DA put him in jail because he was arrested while on probation? Why were the charges dropped in regard to signing an expletive on his ticket and giving false information? I could be wrong but I bet the charges are dropped in July. He has however opened himself up to harassment and arrest by returning to Decauter. For that I fault him.

  5. william on said:

    just don’t get it. told the ravens he needed to stay away and went right back. what’s up with that?

  6. Dan on said:

    All points bulletin. Crime spree in Decatur. Suspect was seen with menacingly tinted windows, and said bad words to police. He must be considered dangerous.


    Tinted windows…? Mouthing off..? These are his “crimes”?

    Sounds like a police problem more than a Rolando problem. That said, the Ravens’ worry with McClain is probably more to do with his attitude. If he shows up humble, contrite for the embarassment that’s he’s caused himself and the team, and ready to take coaching with a positive attitude.. he’ll stick and be a valuable contributor.

    The Ravens should strongly encourage him to get out of Decatur.

    • Melvin on said:

      Dan you hit it on the head. There seems to be a wave if belief that this guy is some sort of dangerous menace to society. Is he a bit immature? Absolutely! But if these misdemeanors and blatant harassment by small time cops warrants ending his career, he’s not the only one with issues.

  7. Kathy on said:

    I have said this repeatedly: “You can take the kid out of the ‘hood; but you can’t get the ‘hood out of the kid”.

  8. purple reign on said:

    You can say that repeatedly, Kathy, but it makes no sense. Rolando was raised in a small town in rural Alabama, not South Central LA. And he had no disciplinary issues under Saban.

    I’m not sure why Ravens fans are not more excited about Rolando. He was fantastic at Alabama. PFF said he was a top 10 linebacker against the run last year. We stunk against the run last year. Frank Gore cut through us in the second half of the Super Bowl like a knife through butter. He’s not trying to be the next pope, he’s trying to play ball. And he can play.

  9. jaybird7 on said:

    I say give him the chance to come in and be a raven for first time, he will gain a lot by being around a group of great players like, Ray Rice, t-sizzle, Cool Joe flacco, Webb, and in my opion a one of the best group of coaches in the nfl, the ravens coaches, a class group. and most of all Ozzie newsome. Let give the kid a chance, and if he doesn;t prove himself, then cut him. besides whats the hurry?

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