Rolando McClain Retires…AGAIN!

Rolando McClain Lakeside

Three days after the Baltimore Ravens activated him from the reserve-retired list, inside linebacker Rolando McClain has decided to once again retire from the NFL — this time for good.

McClain was expected to report to Ravens team headquarters for the beginning of voluntary workouts Monday. Instead, the 24-year old has decided to walk away from football for good just four years after the Oakland Raiders selected him with the No. 8 overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

McClain told in a text, “I gotta follow my heart. It ain’t football. If football made me complete I would play. But whenever I think of it my heart pulls me away from whatever reason. … This means I’m done.”

McClain would not have been guaranteed a roster spot even had he reported to the Ravens. He has not played in an NFL game since November of 2012, and he struggled during a workout with Baltimore last week.

However, team officials were still intrigued by McClain, who was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year at Alabama in 2009.

But now, McClain will move on from football, and the Ravens will move on and try instead to add to their inside linebacker position through the draft, which they may have done even if McClain had reported.


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11 Raves on “Rolando McClain Retires…AGAIN!

    • TRUTH on said:

      Here’s an idea before you call someone a loser: go sit on your living room lawn chair, reflect on your life and then realize Rolando McClain is a 24 year old mutli-millionaire who’s retired and not giving a f–k about you.

  1. jws on said:

    ALLL those that approved of Tony Lombardi’s article the other day have learned a valuable lesson that failures at so many times in their football and private life do not deserve a 2nd,3rd and 4th chance to earn millions of dollars in the N. Yes, Ravens had nothing to lose in money by giving him this shot but sometimes you as a GM and for the team must take the first step and the right one and get rid of players that have no value in any way to your football team in the future!

  2. Big C the Guru on said:

    What a bum… First of all he never should have been picked 8th overall. I mean he’s a “bad-body” linebacker. His neck is scrawny, he has no shoulders or traps and he’s not deep in the chest. He looks like he never lifts weights. You can just tell this cat has issues, and part of it is the fact he’s extremely coddled. From a small town in Alabama, this guy lets a gun off next to someone’s head, busts out his eardrum and doesn’t even get an illegal discharge charge? And even when he played he’s trash. I’ve never seen him hit anyone except Jamal Charles, someone he outweighs by 50+ lbs. He gets reached like all the time… doesn’t fill running lanes and since his arms are the same size as my moms, his weak ass arm tackles stay getting broken. In fact I remember him getting a few mean ass stiff-arms. He probably saw the real dogs in Baltimore and knew he wasn’t about that life… Best to just go finish school and take those millions the Raiders paid him as a blessing…. You could call him a waste of talent, but he really doesn’t have much of that. He was good in college… THE THING IS EVERYONE IS GOOD IN COLLEGE. Doesn’t mean you’ll be much of a pro…

  3. Biggus Dickus on said:

    according to forbes

    Rolando McClain

    Net Worth
    $16.7 Million
    As of June 2012

    so much for being poor, but a quitter is still a quitter and you can have money and still have poor morals

  4. Your English Teacher on said:

    I am not surprised that so many people are angry and looking to blame either Rolando McClain or Ozzie for this. Get real, folks. Sometimes good people with good intentions make good moves, and it just doesn’t work out.

    Rolando McClain is a young man who has made what appears to be a mature decision, not once but twice, that he doesn’t want to play football. How many people have you known who have an innate talent – artistic, intellectual or athletic – and have chosen not to devote their life to that talent. By all accounts, he has still has most of his NFL money, and will never have to work at a job he hates in order to pay his bills. He can choose what he wants to do with his life. That’s a luxury that not many of us have, and he’s taking advantage of it. Good for him.

    Neither were the Ravens deficient in taking a shot at signing McClain. He wasn’t a low-risk signing. He was a no-risk, high potential upside signing. What did the Ravens lose here? An hour or two of administrative time? If McClain had decided to re-dedicate to football, his signing could have been a huge coup. I say that Ozzie did a great job here. In the end he lost the gamble, but he didn’t really lose a thing.

  5. John on said:

    Is it just me or have the Ravens neither gained or lost anything here. He wants to quit football, so be it, better now then if he made the decision later. He did the Ravens a huge favor in retiring last time because we ended up with Daryl Smith!

    I’ll admit I was intregued about bringing him to camp but again the Ravens have lost nothing at all.

  6. Cheri on said:

    I said this before Rolando was not doing this for money.For all his misgivings the guy was pretty wise with his money so you did not have the money motivation like some of his peers have after they blow through millions.His draft class 2010 was the last as I like to put it was the last POWER BALL draft where the drafted players got those HUGH contracts.
    I will say this to though I was truly pulling for the guy and hoping this would had led him to be a success story on the field as well as off.At this point even if he wanted to make another attempt there is no one I would think would touch the guy so from that standpoint he’s truly retire anyway.

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