Romo signs extension; gets more guaranteed money than Flacco

Flacco Romo

The Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo agreed to a six-year contract extension according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The deal is reportedly worth $108 million.

Are you ready for this?

According to Schefter, Romo will actually receive more guaranteed money than Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who signed a six-year, $120 million deal last month – $55 million in guaranteed money compared to $52 million for Flacco.

Romo’s extension reinforces three facts.

1.) Quarterbacks are really overpaid

2.) NFL owners should be drug tested because clearly Jerry Jones is whacked out of his mind.

3.) The Cowboys won’t win another Super Bowl until at least 2018.

According to, Romo’s current deal contains $13.5 million in dead money from previous restructures and bonuses that will now carry over into the new deal.


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25 Raves on “Romo signs extension; gets more guaranteed money than Flacco

  1. bogeyroy on said:

    How smart is Ozzie, Steve and Dick Cass now ??? Romo hasn’t done anything close to what Flacco has done here. Jerry Jones just reinforced to me that he is a total idiot when it comes to football !!!

    • ravens lover on said:

      Very true bogeyroy love how JJ is runing america’s team,LOL! now to see what “Skip Balass heas to say anout his team,lol!!!

  2. Bonzi on said:

    I’m a big Flacco supporter and I enjoy scoffing at Romo, but in fairness to Jerry Jones. this is what it costs. He didn’t arbitrarily get to pick a number he thought Romo was worth. He had to offer a contract Romo would sign, or cut him loose and start the process over of finding a new QB. That might take years before they found one even as good as Romo.

    • Theresa Hall on said:

      Or you mean like the Ravens just did
      with Flacco? When QB’s Bankrupt Organizations, maybe Mr Goodell & owners (Jerry Jones) will wake up!

    • Theresa Hall on said:

      As a lifelong COWBOY’S fan! This contract disgusts me. I think Flacco
      is just average Joe, Romo is a likeable
      young man & 2nd string QB @ best!
      The problem is the eccentric owners &
      their money!!!

  3. melvin on said:

    this is harsh. Romo it’s a hell of an athlete. and minus a few mental errors a year, would be a pro bowler yearly. would it rather have him than Flacco? no, but he’s consistent in his ability to move the ball. the move to a passing league demands consistency at qb, the market demands paying them handedly, or getting lucky in the draft. with no good prospects this year, qbs will be getting paid.

    • melvin on said:

      not to mention the guy threw for almost 5000 yards, with 28 TDs. perhaps if Dallas had a back field, he wouldn’t have made so many mental errors. qbs get too much credit, and too much blame, especially Romo

  4. The Scarlet Raven on said:

    Joe don’t get upset! Please you will be going back to the dance again. Your endorsements will carry you over. Be patient.

  5. The Scarlet Raven on said:

    Joe don’t get upset! Please you will be going back to the dance again. Your endorsements will carry you over.

    • Michael T. on said:

      Sorry Scarlet Raven, If Flacco needs endorsments to be able to survive financially after getting the money he got, then he ( and the rest of the millionaires who end up broke after football ) need a checkup from the neck up.

  6. Sam on said:

    I understand that there are no good QBs in this years free agent pool and the QBs in the draft are suspect. Though Romo has had flashes of brilliance he has only made it to the playoffs once and his regular season record has been average at best. Romo’s contract just further proves to me that the Cowboys are moving further and further away from the glory days of old.

    • Melvin on said:

      Flacco is not criticized nearly as much as Romo. And rightfully so. But out of the big $ deal QB’s, Flacco’s offensive output is the lowest. He makes up for it by having more W’s

  7. Ravcolt on said:

    Welcome to the business model of the NFL. In return for paying mediocre players exhorbitant sums the fans must endure: paying full-price for (not one but) two exhibition games, Thursday Night Football, a league outlawing hard-hitting, rules that officials can’t even explain much less enforce or understand, Thursday Night Football (doubleheader), endless commercials (as Joe Walsh sings in his latest LP), red-flagged requests, drive- killing game stoppages, replay after replay after replay, home games in Europe, and an annual draft that was once great viewing with parties galore but made into a pseudo Academy Awards event. What’s next?

  8. bogeyroy on said:

    I believe Romo is an average QB…a lot of his passing yards last year came because they were behind and had to throw against “prevent” defenses, which, of course, gives up a lot of yards and gimmee TD’s. Romo’s stats are padded by playing from behind.

    Yes, his stats do put him in the top 10-12 QB’s year in, year out, but that is because he has no choice but to pass when behind on the scoreboard.

  9. Ravenwoman on said:

    I would not have Tony Romo on my team, much less pay him this insanely amount of money. He is no more than a backup QB, in my opinion. His past production, along with his mental makeup, is not the makings of a Super Bowl winning QB. If I were Dallas, I would have let him play out his contract, and let him hit the free market. Sometimes a franchise has to start over until you find that winning QB. There are only about 7 QBs in this league that I would call winners. Everyone else is mediocre or below average. Joe Flacco earned top dollar in my book because his body of work in the post season spells winner. He proved that he can carry a team on his back. Stats mean nothing to me, it is what happens after January 1 that matters and for the most part, the Dallas Cowboys are sitting home after January 1. I am just glad we have the front office that we have that knows how to evaluate talent objectively and not an owner who has an ego as big as Texas Stadium.

  10. JerryB on said:

    Just more evidence of why the Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”! They’re Jerry Jones’ team! Enough said………..

  11. leon martinez on said:

    lets just pick up james harrison and bart scott and maybe brian urlacher experience is what that spells and repeat.

  12. Fran the Fan on said:

    If you read some of the web blogs, Romo really had the Cowboys over a barrel. If they didn’t extend him he had it in his contract that he could walk after next year. Jerrah had no choice but to extend his contract AND at a salary that Romo could live with. The idea of going into 2014 without a quarterback terrifies Valley Ranch.

    As others have already said, this is life in Jerry’s World. We should all be glad we don’t live it in.

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