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Arizona State Sun Devils vs Missouri Tigers
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So Michael Sam is gay.

Big deal!

His sexual orientation should be no more relevant to his success as a football player than if he preferred Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey over Cherry Garcia.

Unfortunately the media will see to it that it does make a difference.

I had to chuckle at 105.7 The Fan yesterday as I listened while meandering around town. A few of the hosts agreed that the media makes a far bigger deal about Sam’s sexual orientation than need be, yet with each of their sports updates it was the lead story:

“The SEC’s Defensive Player of the Year admits that he’s gay!”

Does it really matter?

People make it seem like he’s going to be some sexual piranha in the locker room. How ridiculous is that?

Perhaps some in the media are gay as well. Has that been a problem for the players? Has it been a problem when female reporters enter NFL locker rooms? Based on the overdramatic media you’d think that these players parade around all day long through team headquarters with their junk on parade.

Look there’s a chance that a co-worker of yours right now is gay and you don’t know it. Why? Because they probably do their jobs well, keep their private lives their own and everything moves right along without a hitch. It doesn’t affect your job and it doesn’t affect you.

The only difference between Michael Sam and that co-worker is that Sam is a candidate for the 2014 NFL Draft. He’ll go to the NFL Combines and be poked and prodded and interrogated as if he was a criminal. That’s just the nature of the NFL beast. League scouts don’t take an investment of a draft pick lightly.

Sam, understanding this, fired a pre-emptive strike before NFL teams labeled him disingenuous, untrustworthy and a liar in addition to being gay.

Good for Sam!

And good for Sam’s teammates at the University of Missouri who respected his privacy and for the most part kept his little secret under wraps, understanding that it didn’t matter one damn bit!

This certainly says something about that Missouri Tiger locker room and it also says a lot about Sam. If players in their late teens and early 20’s thought enough of Sam to keep his lifestyle in confidence – in this world of social media that is a death wish to privacy, that has to say something about Sam’s character. He is a good player and a good teammate that does nothing to undermine the integrity of “team”.

At the end of the day do you care if Michael Sam dates Jack instead of Jill? Should his co-workers or his employer?

Of course not, assuming your maturity level is something north of eighth grade!

You only hope that if your team drafts Sam that he’s productive on the field, a man who puts his team first and is an upstanding man in the community. And if he fails, let it be because he couldn’t read his keys, hold down the edge in run support or drop into coverage when called upon.

Not because he isn’t inspired by a supermodel.

Maybe the media could learn a thing or two from Sam’s Mizzou teammates.

But they won’t.

Instead they’ll make it difficult for a young man to make a living in the NFL.

And THAT’S a big deal!

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18 Raves on “Sam I Am

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Sure it will be a big media circus at first but then it will die (similar to the Te’o saga) b/c Sam will be just a normal player struggling to make his living in the NFL. The thing I fear is that the militant gay agenda groups will pressure Sam to be outspoken for gay activism b/c he is so high profile now. I hope that Sam will not be labeled a sellout by some of the gay community if he decides to be taciturn while he is in the NFL.

  2. Timpo on said:

    I honestly hope that he can come to the Ravens at the right price (looking to be early 4th or 5th) if only not to have him swallowed up by the stupid PR machines that a lot of other teams have.

  3. Ronald on said:

    I don’t care if he’s gay or not. I really do not want to know. I do not believe in the lifestyle, but I don’t judge anyone that gay. With that said, if the Ravens draft him, I’m good with it, as long as he does his job, is a good teammate, and doesn’t hit on the other guys in the locker room.

  4. The Truth on said:

    Tony, you’re from my generation, so I know you are selling snake oil on this one….I’m sure you’ll argue that you are different for the sake of your job, but it’s a crock…..
    The only people from our generation that accept that crap are gay themselves….
    I don’t care what he chooses to be, but hailing this garbage as a hero or patriarch is nothing short of bazaar and totally disingenuous…..It is abnormal, no matter how much you paint over it…..
    Man + woman = baby…….Man + Man = Aids……Woman + woman = a toy……..nuff said !!!!

    • Cheri on said:

      WOW ok… Next
      Even if you don’t like the idea of this you have a deuce attitude about it.Even though myself don’t agree with his lifestyle the man has a right to earn a living. I pray that you do not have a child or would have a child that it ever grows up to be gay I guess it would be safe to say.”Abandon by it’s father”.

    • The REAL truth... on said:

      what’s bazaar?? lol… Can we say, its ‘bazaar’ that you clump your entire generation under your own personal belief? Man + Man = Aids?? really?? you that ridiculous and ignorant? Woman + Woman = a Toy?? who’s toy? yours? What are you talking about? I’m sure glad your kind is slowly, but surely, becoming extinct. Evolution! gotta love it.

  5. JerryB on said:

    This should be a non-issue! In fact, what people do in the privacy of their lives is their business, but it does beg the question as to why some feel compelled to publically reveal their sexuality. Like you say, Tony, who cares?!

  6. Tina on said:

    You publicly proclaim your faith, everyone has a problem with it. You’re Also told to keep it to yourself. You come out the closet that you’re gay, you’re an inspiration. What a backwards world we live in!!!!

    • Cheri on said:

      I am a faith and I don’t agree with what you say . You have players like Kurt Warner, Ray Lewis and many others giving praise to God when they win and the only reason I squirm is not so much that they are giving praise to God because God is the one that gave them their atheletic abillity that very few have and should give thanks to him for that.I just think it can be a little over the top in the sense like, God choose him and his team over the team they played.Don’t think God cares who wins. As far as Sam coming out you will see as much uproar as you will praise. At most I think you will see most people will say they don’t care wither way as long as he can play if not he needs to go just like you would of any straight player.

  7. Hollywoidheiz on said:

    “In the wake of the announcement that his son is gay, Michael Sam’s father told The New York Times he is not comfortable with his son’s sexual orientation.”
    Interesting. Seems like someone has a problem with all of this.

  8. Cheri on said:

    I am sure it’s a kick in the gut especially if you want to have a son in law or daughter in law and be a grandparent someday and if he is the only child it’s not going to happen(A BIG BLOW).Hopefully, he will come to peace with it in time as it is his son and you should love your children no matter what.It’s not like he found out his son murder someone that would be much much more worst hearing your child murder someone for an example then finding out that your child is gay.

  9. Mike Z on said:

    I have been screaming the same thing at the radio or TV whenever I hear the story “I DON”T CARE”. Can he play football? That is all that matters because that is the job he is trying to get.

    I do not know what “generation “Truth” is from, but I know what generation I am from. I judge a person by thier character, not thier race, sexual preference, etc. Character is the real person.

    But what really does irk me is that this country has been taken to an almost reverse hatred state. Those that in the past that asked for acceptamce amd tolrance, now give none. Maybe Prez Bush started it when he said “Either you are with us or against us” after 9/11. But in this country, if you do not agree with something, suddenly you become a racist, or homophobic. If I didn’t vote for Obama, I am not a racist. I just did not think he had the qualifications to be the leader of the Executive Branch of the United States Government. If I met Michael Sam, I would shake his hand, get his autograph, talk to him and walk away saying wow, that guy is a good/bad guy (depending on how I perceived him to be). I do not care that he is gay, that is his business not mine. But today in this country if you say something negative on the subject you are labled as homophobic and basically a founding member of the KKK. A person CAN disagree with something or someone, but not be a bigot. It is just thier personal belief system. That is what makes each of us unique, not a bigot.

    I am not the most religious person, but I know that there are religions out there that are against homesexuality. They don’t preach hate, but it is not part of the religion. To say homosexuality is “unatural” is scientifically correct, isn’t it? In humans the male fertilizes the egg and the female has the baby. Is every scientist and science teacher in the world homophobic?

  10. Voice of Reason on said:

    I just wish everyone would stop writing and talking about it. Enough is enough. I want football news, about the game of football, and which players are going to play. I am not interested in anyone’s sex life regardless of who they are or what they do. If you really don’t care, why bother writing an article about it stating that you don’t care. Just ignore it.

  11. Sfe on said:

    To the truth… your laughably misunderstanding of the causes of Aids would be understandable i guess in 1983… now., it is sad. read a newspaper, read wikipedia, read anything. your ignorance, is shocking and just sad. as for all that think he should just play football, maybe he wants that, maybe it was an untold secret as tony explained, and he would have been called deceitful had he not come out in one of the most pervasive interview situations next to guantanmo. get a life ravens fans. we are better than this… i hope

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