Say Hello to the NFL’s Richest Man!

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So the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco have finally come to terms. The news is good albeit expensive.

According to Jay Glazer from the deal is for six years and $120.6 million and will be signed on Monday. If signed the deal will eclipse the 5-year, $100 million deal that Drew Brees agreed to in 2012 and make Flacco the highest paid player in the NFL.

Let’s allow that to marinate…

Joe Flacco, the highest paid player in the NFL.

Wow, the same guy whom if it were up to some fans would be on the bench behind Tyrod Taylor. What a difference a 5 game stretch can make.

What have you done for me lately…

However, the key for the Ravens lies in the structure of the new deal.

Rumors have surfaced that when the ink dries on March 4 Joe’s new contract will include $60M in guarantees. While that seems a bit steep if true, how the guaranteed money is distributed over the life of the contract is key to understanding the flexibility (or lack thereof) that the Ravens have to sign other key free agents of their own.

All that said the timing of this deal is outstanding!

The Ravens now have nearly 11 days to work potential new deals before the new NFL year and free agency kick off. They will turn their collective attention towards Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Ed Reed and Bryant McKinnie as well as possible extensions for Anquan Boldin and Jacoby Jones.

The deal also circumvents any potential bad blood between the two sides that could have created an uncomfortable undercurrent going forward. If tagged Flacco may have chosen to not attend mini-camps and that would impede the progression of his relationship with offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell who more than likely will give the team’s offensive playbook a fresh look.

With such concerns removed from the equation, the Flacco signing will set the Ravens offseason in motion. Fans can now sit back, relax and watch Ozzie & Company do their thing as the pieces for the 2013 season – the one during which the Ravens will be referred to as “the defending Super Bowl Champions”, fall into place.

Congrats Joe and congrats Ravens!

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21 Raves on “Say Hello to the NFL’s Richest Man!

  1. Josh on said:

    At the season-ending presser, Bisciotti said that any big deal with Flacco will not compromise or inhibit any future cap situations. Even though this is a huge contract (we all knew it would be), I am confident the front office worked the deal so that we will remain competitive as a team moving forward. They have learned from their mistakes in the past, and have garnered a reputation as being one of the best front offices in the NFL. I echo that the timing of this deal is flawless. Well-deserved, Joe!! Now go re-sign Ellerbe and Reeeeeeeeeed.

  2. Jt on said:

    To the victor go the spoils! Congrats to Joe & the Ravens. Now, lets resign Ellerbe, Mckennie (1 yr),extend Boldin. I believe Kruger, Williams, and Leach will be with other teams.

    • Mohawk21 on said:

      Ed has three options that he can choose:
      #1 He can go for another “Ride” as a RAVEN and help the team by investing in the team by taking a pay cut
      #2 He can Retire as a RAVEN and go into show bis while working in the office
      #3 He can leave for another team and “tarnish” his career
      I dont think that he wants option #2 or #3 to be his first choice. It would be wise for him to choose the best one for him and his CITY OF CHOICE!

  3. Jerry M on said:

    I say Congrats to Joe I am a believer and I have been for 5yrs unlike some other ravens fans who don’t know football and how it works. Anyway lets let Reed retire on top and as a Raven keep Ellerbe, Mckennie, try to keep Krueger some how and last but not least Sign Boldin another 1 to 2yrs but if we cant keep him we will still have an outstanding offense. Hell yeah baby time to handle business Joe Joe cant wait till football season

    • ScottishRaven on said:

      With you Jerry ! Been with Joe all the way ,while most fans wanted him benched ! I always said Joe will one day become the QB to fear he will become legend !
      Start of the season I said this will be Joe’s year ! The haters laughed !!! So I am delighted for Joe finally getting the respect he so well deserves !

  4. Fran the Fan on said:

    Joe is not the richest man in the NFL but he will have the richest player contract – for only about 12 months. Agents for Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are already eyeballing this deal and are more than ready to compare Flacco’s stats to their guys. All this deal does (and it’s well deserved) is raise the bar for the next guy.

  5. Victor D on said:

    They’re going to want to work with Pitta and Art Jones too, since those guys are RFAs, and I’m sure they don’t want either of them hitting the market.

  6. RAVEheart on said:

    team-crippling contract for a QB that needs too much support. However, the chips fell between a rock and a hard place, and wildly mixing metaphors doesn’t make the necessary move any more potable.

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      His Cap Number for 2013 is around 7 Million. How exactly is that “team-crippling?” His number will be low for ’13 and ’14. The cap is expected to jump up in 2015, so his cap number will go up, but only proportional to the cap increase. Pat Moriarty and Ozzie Newsome know what they’re doing.

  7. Jerry B on said:

    Joe got his money the old fashioned way….he earned it! Jay Glazer is reporting that Flacco was adament about his deal NOT costing any of his teammates their jobs, which speaks volumes about his character. I expect to see him restructure in a few years just as the other highly paid players have done for the good of their teams.

  8. Bob D on said:

    We need to sign Boldin. Flacco should have made that part of his deal since Boldin has made Flacco what he is today

      • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

        Boldin didn’t “make Flacco what he is today.” That part is silly. But so is the part about needing to sign Boldin.

        Boldin is already signed. However, if Joe had played under the franchise tag, Boldin probably would have been a cap casualty. They’ll still probably try to extend him to lower his cap number, but even if they can’t, he will likely stay around thanks to Joe’s cap-friendly deal.

    • Jerry B on said:

      Interesting opinion, considering the FACT that Flacco’s receiving corps is not nearly as “elite” as his contemporaries. Not that Boldin isn’t good because he is; just that he’s not in the same class as the other QB’s receivers. In fact, he dropped three passes in the Super Bowl and several years ago, he dropped a game winning TD pass in Pittsburgh during the playoffs. But, then Flacco probably has more dropped passes than any of his contemporaries also……

  9. Mohawk21 on said:

    Joe definitely “STOLE THE BUS” ON THIS ONE! I dont know that he said anything about any of the other players that helped to make him look worth all that $$$. If he did, Then he got more bang for his buck! SIGN THE CREW UP, OZZIE! JOE doesnt make up the whole team. He needs his Crew to get this chopped up the rightway!

  10. ravcolt on said:

    Joe “five-game stretch” Flacco. I like the new nickname. “Stretch or “Five-game” will work (he is No. 5). Let’s hope the return on the owner’s generous investment is profitable for fans.

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