Should Ravens Pursue Martin or Incognito?


Should the Ravens pursue Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito in the offseason?

Is either lineman worth the risk given that the Ravens organization, after considerable change and turmoil since winning the Super Bowl, may not possess the strong leadership necessary to absorb either of these controversial players?

Certainly, Baltimore must wait for the official NFL report on the Miami affair, there may be more dirty laundry aired as soon as Attorney Ted Wells releases his findings. But absent any major revelations or a league suspension, it appears that Incognito will be available to the highest bidder and Martin may be had for a draft pick.

For sure the Ravens could use all the help they can get on the offensive line, particularly if they fail to sign Eugene Monroe and let Michael Oher leave via free agency. It may be that the Ravens can steal a quality O-lineman by signing either of these guys but the acquisition would come with considerable risk.



Jonathan Martin has much to offer as lineman. He can play either tackle position well and he is young and still on his rookie contract entering his third year in the league. He appears to be physically healthy but his mental health is very much in question. Depression can be tough, perhaps worse than broken bones or torn ligaments, depending on its severity. Martin may have a high mountain to climb. Others have made it, though, Terry Bradshaw for example, and society is generally more understanding about mental illness so he has a good chance of recovery with the right organization.

Martin will need to be mentally tough when he returns to the NFL for he is likely to be branded a traitor by many fans for going public with his claims against his Miami teammates. Others will see him as a player who quit on his team and may have cost them a shot at the playoffs. Many players will not want Martin as a teammate solely because he betrayed the sanctity of the locker room. Many players will be supportive of Martin, though, because they know him to be a class guy with no history of trouble. Some players will welcome Martin simply because they loathe Incognito and know all about his past transgressions on and off the field.



Richie Incognito has been an enigma his entire career, his body is tough as nails but his brain may be soft as jelly. Incognito has played with considerable skill, earning a Pro Bowl berth in 2012, but trouble has followed him throughout his football career, both at the collegiate and pro levels. It may be that Incognito has learned from the searing publicity of the Miami bullying scandal. He would bring a tough, intimidating attitude to the offensive line, as well as much needed experience lost with the retirement of Matt Birk.

The Ravens seem set at guard but they could use the depth, particularly if Kelechi Osemele is slow to return from back surgery. Still, when he returns, Incognito will be forced to perform, both on and off the field, in the glare of a blinding spotlight, at least during his first year back. It will be a considerable challenge for a man with a history of dirty play on the field and knucklehead behavior off it.


Right Player, Right Price

Ozzie Newsome’s mantra of right player, right price will surely be an important consideration in any decision involving Martin or Incognito. Both may be considered damaged goods and could be available at a bargain, but Incognito is a Pro Bowler and a free agent so he may be more expensive. Martin is still on his rookie contract but likely will cost a draft pick and the Ravens have already traded three of their 2014 picks. Also, do the Ravens have a greater need for a tackle or a guard?

Ultimately, Ozzie may decide to pass on both players but the chance to steal a talented offensive lineman may be a temptation the Ravens can’t resist!


Submitted by Rob Ward

16 Raves on “Should Ravens Pursue Martin or Incognito?

  1. Sarcasticfury on said:

    No to both of them. Martin wasn’t a very good lineman at Miami and he’s a distraction and Incognito’s a dirty player (and the offense needs to cut down on penalties) and both of them are distractions.

  2. Stone on said:

    Hell no, to both!
    Why get a player who could destroy this team? Even if they were that great (and indeed Martin is not) it wouldn’t be worth the big picture. Resign Monroe, and use Wagner or another veteran. Should be a right price RT out there with much less baggage.

  3. The Truth on said:

    I would consider Richie if affordable and not under suspension….His mad dog attitude may just put the fire back in this oline, but I wouldn’t sign Martin for a Coke and bag of chips….We don’t need an emotional Shirley whining and crying all the time on this team….Send him to the 40whiners, he’ll fit right in…

  4. Boldin Raver on said:

    I don’t think either of them “love ball,” qualities both Harbs an Oz seem to prize highly, but I’m very impressed that some asked the question. Thought with all the talk about needing Oline talent they would get the elephant in the room treatment, pun not intentional.

  5. Bruce Romo on said:

    I think there is a good chance that the Ravens acquire Martin and he plays Right Tackle next year. He’ll be fine in the locker room.

    • Dan on said:

      If that is the case then how did the Eagles do with Riley Cooper who made racist remarks. They made it to the playoffs, and not sure but the team played well together.Did anyone see the Martin interview I wasn’t convince that this type of behavior wasn’t just lockeroom behavior. I do think some of the statements he made was stepping over the line, especially talking about family members. As for the N word in some of the context I find it hard not to believe that it was used as lockeroom conversing. I might be wrong but other players around the league have stated that it sometimes is used in conversations in the lockerooms. It may be wrong but if it is acceptable among other players who feel like family and accept it then is it wrong? If todays society doesn’t accept this then everyone should not use the word even though its acceptable among others.

    • The Truth on said:

      Awe, here we go, the all favorite AA bandaid that heals all, the old racist card….
      Child Please !!!!…..get a new crutch, will ya ? That one is old and tired….
      There are racists in all businesses ,white and black, red and yellow…But most of it is simple preference, relabled for the desperate’s sake to racism whenever convenient …..
      Either they can do the job or not is all we should be interested in…..Grow up !!

      • Dan on said:

        You said it all Truth. I agree. If they can do the job and not be a distraction to the rest of the team why not go for the player.

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