SiriusXM Analyst calls Ray Lewis a hypocrite


It’s sad on many levels that fans across the country don’t understand Ray Lewis the way we do here in Baltimore.

Those outside of The Land of Pleasant Living often claim that our opinions of Ray are tainted by devotion to the team and the purple tinted shades we allegedly sport.

They claim Ray is disingenuous and that his regular references to God and his faith are phony. That they are simply served up as distractions, red herrings of sorts to throw off the scent of foul play in Atlanta back in 2000 and recently with the deer antler spray controversy.

It’s ugly and it’s wrong.

What is really at play here is more of the opposite.

Fans outside of Baltimore have warped opinions of Lewis. To a certain extent it’s not their fault really. They can only draw conclusions on the things they’ve heard and read about Ray and then pretend to understand what motivates him.

And a lot of what is written is the creation of journalists and hacks who are too lazy to get the real story. They then draw conclusions contaminated by their own insecurities, ignorance, hatred, jealousy, opportunism or all of the above.

Even frustrated former players have to fuel the flames of misconceptions of Ray by grossly abusing their privileged role in the media for their own notoriety and hopeful advancement.

One such former player is Amani Toomer who recently had this to say about the sure-fire first ballot Hall-of-Famer.

“It’s definitely all about him,” Toomer said of Lewis.

“Once a guy goes to the center of the field, goes into the victory formation on the last play of his last home game . . . .  I just don’t think the Giants or any organization I’ve ever been a part of, even growing up, would allow somebody to single themselves out like that.

“If you single yourself out after you make a play, that’s one thing.  But to walk out on the field reminds me of the WWE, like The Rock coming out.  You’re becoming a caricature of yourself.  It’s exhausting.  I don’t know why somebody would want that.”

And now that a journalist wannabe like Toomer has used the many platforms available to him to weave such inaccurate tales, the fans outside of Baltimore take it as gospel and it deepens the inaccurate perceptions of Ray Lewis.

Toomer didn’t stop there.

He drudged up the double murder and rhetorically asked, “Ray, what happened that night?”

“If you want to say you’re Mr. Religious and all of that, have a clean record.  Don’t say all of that stuff if you know there’s stuff that might come back.

“Those are the things that, when I look at him, I just think hypocrisy.”

The court records will detail Ray’s account of what happened that night in Atlanta. Since pleading to obstruction of justice he has been a model citizen; active in the community with children and the underprivileged; leading and inspiring those who touch his life; and by example showing a community how hard work, dedication, focus and belief in one’s self can lead to achievement.

And then of course there’s Ray’s faith.

You can accept it or be moved by it.

Insecure people might be afraid of it.

Enter Amani Toomer.

Why should we be surprised by Toomer’s fear and insecurities?

After all this isn’t the first time Ray Lewis has scared Toomer. Perhaps you may remember how the Giants WR, concerned about crossing the middle with Ray Lewis lurking, rounded his route leading to a pick six by Duane Starks. (0:48 mark of video below)

Now if only Sirius/XM NFL Radio could 86 this analyst wannabe…

YouTube Preview Image
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16 Raves on “SiriusXM Analyst calls Ray Lewis a hypocrite

  1. Tyler A on said:

    NFL sound fx has a clip of Coach Harbaugh going over to Ray on the bench and telling him that they were gonna put him in the Victory formation. It wasn’t Ray Lewis who ran on the field because he is selfish. Amani Toomer proved his ignorance by these remarks. I’ve lost my respect for Toomer…

      • Raving Sports Fan on said:

        Great story, I was lucky enough to get tix to Ray’s last game vs the Irsays. Once the game was clearly in the Ravens hand. The chants of we love Ray, thank you Ray and we want Ray got louder & louder. On the Colts last possession with over 4 mins left I turned to my friends and said you know this could be Ray’s last time on the field at home I said you know they can’t delay the game with a Cal Ripken type victory lap but they have to some how bring him in at QB or RB. I hadn’t even thought about the victory formation. The point is the moment was about the fans and getting to say thank you for 17 great years. I’m so happy the coaches got that and love the clip of Harbs going to Ray and saying you’re going in the VF. It wasn’t about Ray being selfish or showing up the Irsays. It was about the fans. We love our Ravens and we wanted to say thank you to the last original Ravens who help make football meaningful on Sundays in Baltimore again.

  2. Ravcolt on said:

    I believe Toomer is accurate with his assessment that “It’s definitely all about him” (Ray) on the football field. This is indisputable. The last play at M&T stadium is proof. The Ravens organization has done nothing to dissuade the team being focused around Ray.

    However, I don’t believe Toomer is accurate when he says that Ray needs to have a ‘clean record’ to be “Mr. Religious and all that.” Who are the world’s leader of tomorrow? Children, youth, young adults. What if God has the opportunity to work His will and plan in their lives? Who is supposed to tell them about Jesus Christ? Can God find a better vehicle to pass along His word than Ray? Remember, none of us have a ‘clean record’ in the eyes of God. And God has more people ready to be witnessed to than He has people ready to witness.

    Toomer should be happy that Ray has taken up the challenge to be Mr. Religious and witness to those who will listen. Maybe Toomer will be the next to hear?

  3. Ravens 63 on said:

    How about a fan prospective? As a Ravens fan, I believe all of the talking heads have a right to what they think sells advertisment. I also believe as a Ravens fan, and a football fan in general your hype of story lines and finding ex-players to give opinion on Ray Lewis and the Ravens is misguided. Being all ate up with envy or being jealous is fine, but keep it to yourselves. Baltimore appreciates and encourages it’s Legends to take full advantage of center stage because we will miss them. If you don’t like Ray talking about GOD, then you better look at your own side of the street. His right as a disciple is to witness the power and grace GOD has shown. Get over yourselves, This is Ray’s moment!

  4. Skip on said:

    I have been a die-hard Ravens fan since the team’s inception. I celebrate the team and its accomplishments. The players come and go. Ray Lewis is one of the NFL’s greatest defensive leaders ever. Nevertheless, I solely confine my concerns to the grid iron. I could careless as to what the players do off the field. I pass no judgements regarding a players character and/or private behavior. Fans casting negative dispersions toward any particular player base on innuendo, and speculative conjecture from bias media outlets are wasting their collective energies. We, as fans, will never actually no what any of these professional athletes are all about. So, why worry!

  5. Michael on said:

    They are all just jealous that 52 isn’t on their team. Ray is and has been the Ravens general. He is at the top of the greatest players to play his position. Bring up Atlanta, that’s ok but read the facts before being ignorant to the complete story. Bring us home another ring Ray as well as the rest of the team.

  6. Gail Kiser on said:

    Like Toomer never made a mistake in life. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. Ray Lewis is loved and respected by Baltimore Raven fans. He has been a Raven as long as Baltimore has had the Ravens. What he does and how he lives on and off the field is nobody’s business.

  7. Crystal on said:

    Can we talk about what really matters here…. FOOTBALL… who gives about someone’s character. I am a die heart fan and I love Ray because his ability certainly not his personality… Stats talking only please!

  8. Your English Teacher on said:

    I think that it is very telling about Ray Lewis that the people closest to him, Ravens fans and most other NFL players, regard the man very highly. Ray’s critics are primarily people who have had little access to him over the years. They heard of Ray being charged with murder 13 years ago, but never bothered to read anything about it. They see Ray doing his dance before a game, or even on his home play after a seventeen year career, and assume that he’s a selfish player. They see his dogged recovery from what should have been a season-ending injury, and just assume that he must have cheated.

    Ray-hatred is fueled largely by jealousy. Ray grew up poor, black, with no father and in the hood. He had nothing. But through unyielding will and determination, he made himself more talented, more driven, and more of a leader than his critics will ever be. He foolishly allowed himself to be implicated in the Atlanta murders, and was young and dumb enough to try to protect people who were not his friends, yet he’s now rich and famous. He’s going to the Hall of Fame.

    Despite the many advantages most of those critics had in life over a young Ray Lewis, he is the one who has attained goals that they can’t dream of ever reaching, and they hate him for that.

  9. Rick S on said:

    Jealousy can be very ugly! Toomer should shut his mouth before he embarrasses himself even more.
    The fans in Baltimore love Ray Lewis.

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