Steelers Fans Sad to See Oher Leave Baltimore

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Mention the name Michael Oher and Ravens fans might respond as if the uttered syllables were the equivalent to nails on a chalkboard.

And while Oher’s play as a member of the Baltimore Ravens fell far short of his first round draft status you have to give him credit for being a solid teammate, good locker room guy and a man who showed up for work every day.

Now he’s a member of the Tennessee Titans, a lost free agent that brought a smile to many faces in Charm City.

But not in Pittsburgh!

Steelers fans hate to see Oher leave the Ravens. Here’s a humorous excerpt from a blog titled, Departure of Michael Oher From Ravens Will Hurt Steelers Pass Rush, which chronicles a few Oher encounters with the Steelers.

There are too many to list, but perhaps his finest season came in 2010, a year in which Oher did as much as any Steeler to will them toward the Super Bowl.

Down by 4 with precious few minutes remaining, Oher pretended he couldn’t see Polamalu line up just off his shoulder, and the subsequent play resulted in a strip sack , and ultimately the Steelers earning a bye in the first round of the play-offs.

Later in the season, before the Steelers and Ravens squared off in the play-offs, Oher and Harrison agreed that Harrison should completely and utterly dominate Oher all game long. It was this kind of selfless sacrificing that will make Oher go down as one of the most humble greats to play the game.

It would not be too bold to say that, on that day, an everlasting bond was formed between Harrison and Oher. This was evident during the Steelers and Ravens 2012 matchup in Baltimore. Just when the Steelers needed it most Oher allowed his old friend through for the strip sack, a game changing play that allowed Charlie Batch to be the hero we all knew he could be. In a stroke of poetic justice, this just happened to be Harrison’s last ever strip sack in the black and gold, and in the company of friends he has said there was no other left tackle he would rather have shared it with.

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9 Raves on “Steelers Fans Sad to See Oher Leave Baltimore

  1. KC on said:

    Oher is polishing his ring while Harrison is unemployed. James’ last two playoffs were one and done. Tebowed in his final Pitt game…… Stay classy, Pittsburgh…..

  2. Rich on said:

    You are really taking up for Oher…Harrison is shining 2 rings right now and had the length of career players dream about when entering the nfl. Oher was lucky to get the ring he got bcus he is so average its not funny. Im a Ravens fan but dont b an idiot. Oher sucked, gonna suck. Ravens got better by subtraction…w

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I’m a fan too and I saw how hard Oher worked. He’s been a disappointment on the field but I respect the man. But that said, I did think the Steelers fan blog was funny.

      • Cal on said:

        His (Oher) was a great College story but like so many, never truly panned out in the NFL. He’s had a serviceable career and will continue elsewhere doing what he loves to do. Additionally, he was fortunate enough to be on a Super Bowl winning team. Ravens fans may “poo-poo” him but he has a ring. That’s more than can be said for Marino, Kelly, Tarkenton etc…

      • TRUTH on said:

        Great editorial comment revision ^_<

        Now, go write a new column and take a few shots at some old decrepit-s'burgh steeler players and show 'em Baltimore columnist don't take trash talking from NO-BODY! Feel free to remind them about Tim Tebow, Coach Crybaby's desperation cheap shot and their horrible salary cap management. Maybe a few blows about having to release their best pass rusher and if you want to play dirty throw some salt in their wounds and remind them of how they were only one FG penalty away from relevancy again…

        But lets be honest – are you really gonna post that Steeler noise on here and let them off the hook?

  3. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    Not cool. Although Oher never met expectations, by all accounts he was a good man and a good Raven. He doesn’t deserve Steeler scumbag cheap shots highlighted in his city. To paraphrase Sam Wyche, “This ain’t Cleveland!”

  4. Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

    I won’t miss Oher. His best season was in Hollywood. He was a stand up guy who kept his nose clean while a Raven.But his hard work wasn’t enough to overcome bad habits like the false starts. I wish him luck, but fear my enduring memory while be seeing his backside and his hands on his hips as the whistle blew on another anemic 2013 rushing play.

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