SUPER FILMSTUDY: Jekyll and Hyde Defense Delivers in the Clutch

Upshaw forced fumble
Super Bowl XLVII Defensive Notes vs. 49ers 2/3/13—Jekyll and Hyde Defense Delivers in the Clutch For a change, the Ravens played just 60 snaps defensively, but nonetheless allowed a SB-record 468 yards for a winning team.  The Ravens failed to contain the run effectively, allowing 6.3 yards per carry and were burned for 9.2 yards per pass play. So how did the Ravens come out on top with such a poor defensive effort?  The simple answer is that the Ravens won a majority of the game’s most important plays.  As...

Time for less Suggs, more Upshaw and Kruger?

Given that he’s the reigning Defensive Player of the Year – at least until Von Miller, J.J. Watt or Geno Atkins is crowned this postseason – I’m sure what I’m about to say won’t be well received by everyone. However as we head towards the postseason and the Ravens try to position themselves for a run at the Lombardi Trophy, one thing is becoming glaringly obvious with each passing week: Terrell Suggs isn’t effective in his current role. Now, let’s put that into context. This is a guy who has...
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