OVERVIEW The Ravens got the best of Cleveland on Sunday, and were largely effective in limiting Brandon Weeden’s big plays. Below is a quick revisit to last week’s strategy opinion piece I wrote, in comparison to what the Ravens did on Sunday. C.J.’s Recommendations Prior to Week 9 1. CB Alignment 
C.J. Wrote: That the Ravens should press #1 receivers at the LOS to prevent clean releases and limit Weeden’s “comfort” throws. 
The Ravens Did: Baltimore played mostly loose coverages with their CBs, especially to twin (two WRs to the...

Pees: Defensive play “makes me sick”

Dean Pees
On Wednesday, Ravens safety Bernard Pollard tried to deflect criticism for the Ravens’ subpar defensive play away from defensive coordinator Dean Pees, saying, in part,  “Don’t blame the coach. Don’t blame the coach, because the coach doesn’t play.” The next day, Pees pointed a finger squarely at himself, saying the coaches bear responsibility for lapses in fundamentals and overall defensive play recently that “makes me sick.” The Ravens have surrendered more than 200 rushing yards in back-to-back games for the first time in franchise history and rank 26th in the...

KIDZ KORNER: As Defensive Coordinator Pees doesn’t please

Dean Pees
5-1 is a record that may stand out on the stat sheet, but it’s the numbers behind that number that really stand out. Dean Pees’ defense has proven to be absolutely miserable in these first 6 games and glancing at the following numbers, it doesn’t look like they will improve: * 396 yards per game (26th in the NFL) * 136 rushing yards per game (26th in the NFL) * 10 Sacks (24th in the NFL) (Fewest in AFC North) It’s really sad to look at those numbers after watching...