The Baltimore Ravens Mount Rushmore

Ravens Mount Rushmore

One of the favorite debates amongst Baltimore area sports fans is metaphorical in nature and it involves the crowning jewel of Black Hills, South Dakota – Mount Rushmore.

What if you could replace the faces of the majestic sculpture and give it a Baltimore sports theme. Whose likenesses would then adorn the hand carved cliff?

Of course ground rules are often set (in stone). Some will welcome the addition of all types of sports figures. If you are an announcer, a coach, a manager or player, c’mon down and toss your legendary hat upon the hammer and chisel.

For me the face-lifted mountainside should only have players.

My original rendition of the Baltimore Ravens Mount Rushmore consisted of the players shown in the featured image above. Given the relative youthfulness of the Ravens’ franchise, the selection process isn’t as painstaking as a franchise with a deeper tradition and history, like the Green Bay Packers.

But as time goes by and younger players develop and begin to build their resumes, the debate grows more heated over who deserves to be among those four prestigious positions upon the Mount.

Of the four shown above the most debatable position is held by Matt Stover. Opponents of Stover on the Mount will deadpan, “He’s just a kicker. Kickers aren’t football players.”

Yet it’s difficult to deny Stover’s value in the team’s history.

Others names most often bantered about during pub debates for the position now occupied by Stover include: Jamal Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice, Peter Boulware and of course Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco.

Which four players in your opinion should comprise the Ravens Mount Rushmore?

(Please select four)

Which likenesses belong atop the Ravens Mount Rushmore?
Total voters: 5191
R. Lewis (25%)
Ogden (17%)
Reed (19%)
Stover (8%)
Suggs (6%)
Boulware (1%)
J. Lewis (2%)
Rice (10%)
Flacco (12%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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79 Raves on “The Baltimore Ravens Mount Rushmore

  1. Thomas Kolb on said:

    Ogden & Lewis b/c they were the Ravens 1st 2 picks ever! Flacco b/c he is our best QB & J.Lewis b/c he was a Raven and rushed for over 2,000 yrds I’m one season! NEVER on Reed!!! He left us for the money!!!!

        • g money on said:

          we didnt come anywhere near the money that he was offered by houston. the rumor was that we didnt even offer him a contract. he did what was right by him, we cannot blame him for that. Ed Reed is one of the greatest ravens of all time, there can be no question that he is on the ravens mount rushmore. to say otherwise is foolish.

        • Kathy on said:

          I agree that Reed wasn’t wanted by the Ravens as they wanted to get younger. Houston offered tons of money that we couldn’t/wouldn’t match. Having said that, Reed has def earned his spot on Mt Rushmore!!!!!

    • Lucas on said:

      The Ravens are such a young team that it’s easy for their fans to forget that it’s pretty rare for a legend to finish his career with the same team. Deion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, LaDainian Tomlinson, and dozens upon dozens of others all finished their careers with different teams than they started with. Even Rod Woodson, who was a Steeler, won his only SB with us. But when you look back, you don’t remember Tomlinson as a Jet or Montana as a Chief. Similarly, when people look back, they’ll remember Reed as a Raven. We just spoiled because Lewis and Ogden, the unquestioned greatest Ravens of all time, only ever suited up for us. Cut Reed some slack.

      • george on said:

        The Ravens are young, but a lot of Raven fans are life long followers of Baltimore football ,following such teams as the BALTIMORE Colts(NFL Champs ’58,59,
        ’68,70,SB Champions ’70),Baltimore Stars(USFL Champions’85)),Baltimore CFL’ers(only non-Canadian Grey Cup Champs’96).In the ten years before the Irsay ownweship the Baltimore Colts were one of the winningst teams in the NFL before Carol Rosenbloom traded into mediocracy to what is well known as the Irsay joke.

    • Brandy Lorea Maloney on said:

      You know as fans we tend forget that the NFL is a business. Reed gave us heart and soul while he played in Baltimore. To feel betrayed by him over going to another team when he likely was not going to be picked back up is just senseless.

    • momofone on said:

      Coach Harbaugh said the wanted Reed to return like he wanted a root canal. That doesnt sound like they wanted Reed to return.

      • Mike on said:

        I wish people would stop stating that like it’s a fact. Mike Preston said that as an opinion, Harbaugh never said anything remotely close to that. When in the 5+ years he has been here has Harbaugh ever publicly said anything like that?

        As for the topic I went with Lewis, Ogden, Reed, and Flacco

        • Anonymous on said:

          I must say to all my Ravens fans that remember what Flacco did he totally destroyed our organization bc he wanted a big payday. Look at what Rodgers, Brady, and Eli did. They all took pay cut deals to keep certain players to win championships or have an opportunity every year. I love my Ravens but letting Ed Reed walk away and let your entire defense walk away is very chancy. So you all know if we don’t make the playoffs this year. The media and the world will blame Flacco and he will be considered a burst kinda like what happen to Matt Cassell backing up Brady. Sometimes money it’s everything at least not 23 million yr.

          • Anonymous on said:

            Okay, first of all… we completely revamped our defense, getting younger cheaper replacements for our aging leaders who were basically falling apart with every tackle. Ed Reed is a first ballot Hall of Famer, but anyone who watches him knows he is not playing at that level anymore. We let him get overpayed by Houston, just like we did with Kruger and Ellerbe. People seem to not realize that Ravens players are only good with the Ravens….(Dawan Landry, Tom Zbikowski, Haruki Nakamura, Todd Heap….I could go on) My point is the Ravens are smart for not overpaying these players. Sure, we lost one of our greatest defensive leader in an aging free safety, we lost a great pass rusher, and an inconsistent inside linebacker. But, in Ozzie we trust, now we have Huff, Dumervil, not to mention the great rookie talent we have in Elam and Brown. We’re not destroyed. We’re reloaded.

          • Anonymous on said:

            The Ravens will make the playoffs this year. Joe deserved the money. Check his track record.

    • Melvin on said:

      There’s no valid argument for not having Stover. With any less of a kicker we don’t get our first ring… We don’t even make the playoffs that year.

      • Spence Bleeds Purple on said:

        He’s a kicker. Granted, he was one hell of a kicker, but he’s a kicker. It’s hard to argue against him, but it’s hard to argue for him too. Without the stops the D gave us that year, we give up too many points for a kicker to matter. Without Jamal, we never get those crucial first downs that got us into his range. This is a tough one for me, no doubt the dude was the embodiment of the word “clutch” but Mt. Rushmore is quite the high standard…

      • Anonymous on said:

        Stover definitely needs to be on there. I agree, he was a huge contributor to obtaining the first ring. He also put points on the board through seasons of lackluster offenses. How soon people prefer to vote for the here and now and forget how we got to where we are.

        • Michele in Arbutus on said:

          Without Stover we never make the playoffs, never make the first run for the ring and we certainly dont win the ring. How soon we forget that but for a screwed up “give me” kick we would have had back to back showings in the Superbowl. Stover was there from day one, even before all the rest because he came with the team when we poached them from Cleveland….. Stover Is the Original Raven….. I honor both old school and new Ray Lewis, Matt Stover, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco … they represent our two SuperBowl Wins the best way possible.

    • Spence Bleeds Purple on said:

      Did Reed left for the money? Would the Ravens have resigned him? Have you ever left a job because you were offered more to do the same thing somewhere else? And I’m sorry, did Reed have a contract with the Ravens when he left? (The answer to that is NO!) Was he a free agent? (YES!) He left to play for a team that offered him the most money to play, fool. He took care of himself and his family. Don’t hate because someone else gave him the chance to continue his career at a better dollar value. The man laid it all on the line and played at a Hall of Fame level for the Ravens for over a decade. Even Johnny U played for the Chargers after the Colts decided to move on from him. And there’s a lot of question as to whether the Ravens really wanted him back… In other words, do your homework before you shoot off your mouth, and consider that there are more things involved in the BUSINESS of football than the average bleeding heart fan, dumb as dirt, fan like you thinks about…

    • Eric on said:

      Matt Stover is the all time leading scorer in ravens history jamal lewis was good for a very short span and flacco hasnt even been with us for that long yet

    • HotInHere on said:

      Jamal went to Cleveland under the exact same circumstances as Reed. What do you see as the difference between the two, that you can forgive Jamal but not Ed?

  2. Rob B. on said:

    Couldn’t argue with your picks, I would place Stover above Reed’s if we were placing in an order. Stover’s clutch kicks won us alot of games, most specifically our first SB run when no offense for how many games?

  3. John on said:

    Flacco has to be there as well. Put simple: without Flacco, we don’t get anywhere near NOLA. He carried the team. Yes, Boldin stepped up. Yes, Jacoby made plays. But Flacco made all the right decisions and none of the wrong ones.

    A single interception in any of those playoff games could have sealed our fate. So until we get a few more SB wins (which may actually cement his legacy actually), Flacco needs to be the fourth.

  4. Scott on said:

    Ray, Ed, J.O., Heap. Why is Heap not on there? He was the only reason to watch the offense during the Boller years. That deserves at least some kind of medal.

    • Michele in Arbutus on said:

      totally agree with you Scott….. Heap was freakin amazing and doesn’t even get a mention? How many years of excellence did he give us? Then the dude comes back to Bmore to retire so he could retire a raven and continue to support and love our community, and doesn’t get a shot? Ogden was great but nursed that damn toe for the last two seasons he played or should I say sat on the bench. As far as the Boller years…… I believe I drank those memories away at the time.

  5. Corey Ivy on said:

    Chris McAlister deserves to be able to be voted on. 10 years playing at a high level each year, some on this list havent done that.

  6. Derek Adolfo on said:

    Ray and JO are no brainers. Boulware started and finished his career a raven and Joe is our “other” Super Bowl MVP.

  7. nick on said:

    Obviously ray and Ogden. Reed has to be on there b/c he is top 3 in his position all time like the other 2 and wanted to come back but ravens didn’t sign him. Lastly I got suggs barely over Joe b/c 20 yrs from now when u look back we had the BEST defense over a 10 yr span, ever, and suggs for yrs was the best player on those teams and will be in the HOF…

  8. TheChuck on said:

    Who is the three percent that did not vote for Ray? Who are the eighteen percent who did not vote for Ogden?

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      When you vote you are given 4 choices. Therefore each vote really counts as 1/4 of a vote. Consequently the highest percentage of votes a player can have is 25%.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Then how do you explain everyone having more then 25%? It was possible for up to 4 people to receive 100% when it started.

  9. karen hogan on said:

    how can you not vote Stover?! We had, arguably, one of the best defenses of all time. Without his offense we would never have had our first SB!!!

  10. Tom N on said:

    Ray. JO. Reed. The only debate is who is #4. I would put Art there – barely over Ozzie. Art hsd the gumption to bring football back despite the NFL’s refusal. Really… think about it… Art is the original Raven.

  11. Jason B on said:

    Ray, Ogden, Stover, and Reed. No question lewis, Ogden, Reed but without Stover in 2001 where we couldn’t score touchdowns for a stretch and was kicking field goals. We have never made the superbowl let alone the playoffs

  12. Chris on said:

    You have our 1st SB MVP in there w the hands down, no question about it pick in #52. So if they were to reface the mountain TODAY, wh wouldn’t our 2nd SB MVP be on there!?!?

  13. Cathy on said:

    R. Lewis. J. Ogden. M. Stover J. Flacco. The two super bowl MVP. The very first draft pick. And the winner of so many games during the Boller years. Love Heeeaaaappp and Reed, but when it comes down to it Stover was the man in the game. How many games have Todd and Ed missed due to injury?

  14. Adam on said:

    I agree with those wondering why Todd Heap isn’t on this list. He would be my number 4. Flacco, Rice, and Suggs have a chance to take that spot away, but at this point I their careers, they have more work to do. If Rice breaks his leg tomorrow and can’t run again or Flacco loses his throwing arm in some kind of crab feast accident, they haven’t played long enough to earn it. Suggs has to bounce back from that injury. If he comes in to next year, back to his old tactics then he has a chance but he’ll always be in the shadow of Ray which is why he’ll probably never be on Rushmore. It’d be rare for teams to have multiple players from the same position (LB in this case) on their Mt Rushmore.

  15. Schill617 on said:

    What about Ozzie Newsome? I know he wasnt an official Ravens player (even though he techanically could be called one from the Browns and the Ravens are the old Browns so to speak) but he has definitely solidified a spot in the Ravens History books.

  16. TJ on said:

    Lewis is #1 but Ogden is 1A. Both should be pushing 100%. We’ve seen the left tackle position since he left and it hasn’t been pretty. McCrary should be an option over Boulware…he was a beast only brought down by injury. Flacco will be on the wall if they have this vote 5 years from now. Ozzie would be on the all-time GM wall.

  17. Anonymous on said:

    I think you got it about right. Ogden is our only HOF player…as of now…so he definitely belongs up there. Lewis and Reed will be there soon as well. When Flacco retires he’ll probably replace Ogden.

  18. Russ on said:

    You don’t throw 11 touchdown passes/ no interceptions in the postseason and not deserve to be on the Ravens Mt. Rushmore wall.

  19. Win! on said:

    Lewis for obvious reasons.
    Ogden for obvious reasons.
    Reed will always be known as a Raven. No question about it.

    But Stover…… do not underestimate him.

    - In 2000, the Ravens failed to score an offensive touchdown in five straight games, in which Stover, who was selected as a Pro Bowler, scored all the team’s points.

    -For years Stover WAS THE LEADING SCORER FOR THE RAVENS, EVEN THE QB. I think he still might even be that.

    -He scored over 1500 points for the ravens.

    -HE is STILL the 5th time highest leading scorer IN NFL HISTORY

    -Most consecutive PATs: 422

    -Most consecutive games with a field goal: 38

    -18 game-winning field goals

    THE MAN DID AMAZING FOR THE RAVENS, YOU CAN NOT TAKE HIM OUT OF THE TOP 3…. sorry, it’s fact, those are correct.

    • Win! on said:

      This also shows how many people haven’t watched the team for many years. Rice is still relatively new. Give it 5 years and maybe take Reed, and another 5 years take Ogden down but you can’t take down
      Lewis and Stover.
      If Lewis was the heart,
      Stover was the point giver.
      Ozzie could easily be in but there are no others that match those 3 in “producing perfection”.

    • Jerry on said:

      Great kicker (at least on FGs) but everything you listed is largely a result of longevity and playing on a team with a great D and crappy RZ offense. Sure, Stover is one of the best FG kickers of all time (and I emphasize FG, because he stunk on kickoffs, eventually needing to be replaced with a specialist), but 10 years of his kicking probably provides about the same value as 1 year of excellent play from a Suggs, Ogden, Boulware, etc.

  20. Jerry on said:

    This basically just ends up in an argument over what factors should be considered in constructing a hypothetical Ravens Mt. Rushmore — rather than an argument about the players themselves.

    Most memorable/revered by fans/popular (notice the preference for 2 retired guys after the obvious Lewis/Reed. Stover and Goose would likely be removed from the mountain in a few years by 10,000 Ravens fans with pickaxes):


    Best players (not accounting for differences in positional value):


    Most impactful players (players who have meant the most to what the team has accomplished):

    Ogden (this was tough, our offense always stunk even with JO + Suggs/J. Lewis/R. Rice all good picks here)

    Players who most embody the “Ravens Way” (I think this means playing hard and not caring if you suffer multiple concussions, but not exactly sure…)

    Lewis, who so embodies the “Ravens Way” that some day he will sprout large black wings and crap on Hines Ward from an altitude of 5,000 feet.

    Anquan “just screw my face back together so I can play next week, Doc” Boldin

    Lardarius Webb, because this is entirely arbitrary anyway and he’s my favorite player

    Frank Walker, so that the other 3 guys look even better

  21. Purplesnow on said:

    In order Lewis, Reed, Ogden and Stover for now. If Flacco does what we think and hope going forward he should replace Stover. I cannot believe anyone would say anything negative about Ed Reed. If he retired today, he would go down as one of the greatest safeties to ever play the game. Ed Reed wanted more money at the end of his career and I get that. He is about to spend the rest of his life without really earning too much going forward. Who knows what he has done with his money up to this point. He could have made poor investments. He has possibly 2 years left and that’s about it so he should earn as much as he can. I love Ed Reed but I actually wanted to see him go. I don’t think his worth the investment at this point and better to let someone else give him the $$$. I fear he is going to get hurt and be done, but I love the guy. Yes he complained, but so what. They guys is and was an absolute star for the Ravens and is recognized by the NFL as being one of the greatest ever. Please don’t trash the guy–he deserves better.

  22. Jag on said:

    I know the rules insisted that it should be players only; however, there is no doubt in my mind that there wouldn’t even be a Ravens organization without Art Modell and Ozzie Newsome. Therefore, my Mount would be Modell, Newsome, Ogden, and Ray Lewis!

    Honorable mention goes out to Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, T-Sizzle (could definitely take one of these spots in the future), Todd Heap, Ed Reed, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, and Matt Stover (who was good for a long time for us).

    If I had to do players only, 1. Ray Lewis, 2. Jonathan Ogden, 3. Joe Flacco, and 4. Ed Reed!

  23. Avon Barksdale on said:

    If this was a real thing and I was in charge, I’d put Ray, Ed, JO, and then use my fourth spot for Johnny U and tell the NFL to F off if they didn’t like it. Baltimore football is Baltimore football.

  24. Chris G on said:

    Lewis , Reed, Odgen…arguably the best at their respective positions.

    4th spot is Stover’s for now, but he is keeping it warm for Flacco in my opinion. And that’s only if this is “Ravens” only. If it weren’t Johnny U would be it.

    J. Lewis won’t be the best Raven RB, but had a great statistical season. Rice can end up better.

    Heap as much of a warrior he was didn’t help us win. This monument isn’t a “Thanks for giving it your all during tough times” award. Pitta can end up being a better Ravens TE

    Rice is a great back, but just as young as joe. If joe needs to do more so does Ray.

    Suggs only had one real dominate year. In my opinion he would have to go down as the most dominate at his position to be considered.

    That’s why it goes back to Flacco for me. Once the chains were off (read: Cam) he had a historic post season. Gave us a SB and won MVP. While he won’t be the best at his position all time. He clearly ranks the best in Ravens history. That gives him an edge over the others…in my opinion of course.

  25. Dave on said:

    Lewis, Reed,and Ogden are obvious choices. Each of the three is arguably one of the greatest to ever play at their respective positions. Incredible that we’ve gotten to see three special players like them considering how young our franchise is.

    If we’re strictly going for players, fourth spot for now goes to Stover. Yes, he’s just a kicker, but he exemplifies what it means to be a Raven. His head needs to be facing upward with fingers pointing to the sky though. Also, Ray Lewis’s head should either be screaming or have his tongue sticking out!

  26. Dave on said:

    I feel that an extra 5th spot should be added for OJ Brigance though. Part of both Super Bowl teams, and I think he more than any other player other than Lewis, Reed, and Ogden exemplifies what it means to be a Raven. Would be one heck of a way to remember him too.

  27. Tony on said:

    Joe is our first ever “franchise” QB and we would not have won that SB without him. Nothing against Rice but we could have possibly won without him in the playoff run. Ogden is our first hall of famer so he is a shoe in. Obviously ray Lew and reed since they will more than likely be our 2nd and 3rd hall of famers.

  28. Tony on said:

    Definitely Ogden (our first ever hall of famer) Lewis and reed will probably be our second and third inductees so those are also obvious choices. As for the fourth I think it should be Joe, our first ever “franchise” QB and someone we would not have went on that playoff run and won the SB without. As much as I love him, I can’t say the same for Rice.

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