The Colts Have Reconnected With Baltimore

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It’s interesting how the Baltimore Ravens and the team formerly known as the Baltimore Colts have developed this symbiotic relationship over the past couple of years.

It began with a rather surprising move when the Colts, this season listed at +250 to win the AFC South according to NFL Betting at TopBet Sportsbook, hired former Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano to skipper their sideline. Not that Pagano was a bad choice by team owner Jim Irsay – clearly he has not let his owner down. But until the hire the 52-year-old Pagano had never been a head coach on any level.

When Pagano arrived in Indianapolis familiar names began to follow.

The Ravens third round pick from 2008, Tom Zbikowski, now a member of the Chicago Bears, left as a free agent to join Pagano. Others from the Ravens 2011 roster who followed suit included Cory Redding and Brandon McKinney.

Offensive lineman Joe Reitz, a former Ravens practice squad player, once thought to be a poor man’s Joe Staley, also migrated to the land formerly known as The Kingdom of Peyton Manning.

The Ravens have also lured their fair share of former Indianapolis Colts starting with offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell. Interestingly enough, Caldwell was in the mix to be the Ravens head coach after team owner Steve Bisciotti fired former head coach Brian Billick, now with Fox Sports and NFL Network.

Caldwell, obviously familiar with Indianapolis personnel has probably played a role in the recruiting of newcomers Dallas Clark and Brandon Stokley, both of whom wore the horseshoe for the former Colts skipper.

Center AQ Shipley traveled the beaten path from Indy to Charm City and while he never played for Caldwell it’s hard to imagine that Joe Flacco’s newest mentor didn’t do his own intelligence gathering from his former employer.

And now running back Delone Carter will use the same Mapquest directions and shortly arrive in Baltimore to watch his new teammates host the Carolina Panthers tonight at M&T Bank Stadium.

Carter is a player the Ravens liked coming out of Syracuse in the 2011 NFL Draft when he was selected by the Caldwell-led Colts in the fourth round with the 119th overall pick. He’s a north-south runner with limited special teams experience but the overall opinion of the Ravens staff was that David Reed, the player Ozzie Newsome gave up to land Carter, was not in the hunt at wide receiver and apparently his special teams skills weren’t going to be enough to save him.

Now if Ozzie could somehow get the Colts to part with Reggie Wayne…

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8 Raves on “The Colts Have Reconnected With Baltimore

  1. Rxdoxx on said:

    They will get them to part with Wayne in 3-4 years ;)

    There seems to be an ebb and flow…. Cleveland was grabbing our players for a while, we seemed to be getting Houston’s … something to do with people knowing people?

  2. Raveon on said:

    Is someone going to actually explain why we traded for a RB? I understand why we got rid of Reed, but I don’t understand picking up a RB? Is there a way to cut him and save a lot cap space? So Rainey is out? I actually like Rainey. He reminds me of Joe Washington. I thought there was no cap implication in the trade. This makes no sense. Please provide some sort of insight.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Raveon, as I posted in the article, the Ravens liked Carter coming out of Syracuse and they are going to give him a shot to make the team. Reed was going to get cut anyway and it’s possible that Carter will too.

      • Rumor Ray on said:

        Raveon, I was thinking the same thing when the trade happened but then I reminded myself the Reed was going to be cut and Caldwell drafted Carter.

  3. gymmybob on said:

    Reed will soon be exiting the arena. He doesn’t possess the fortitude necessary to hold down an NFL job, ala Mark Clayton. At least we got something for him before he imploded!

  4. Phil on said:

    Reggie Wayne and Steve Smith both said they wanted to play for the Ravens at one point. Maybe Ozzie can you his connection with Pagano to snag Wayne for a third or fourth round pick.

    • Kris JonesKris Jones on said:

      With Andrew Luck developing into a very good quarterback, there is no way the Colts would part with Wayne for a third or fourth-round pick. I don’t know if they’d even put him on the market given the impact he can have on Luck.

      Steve Smith sounds like a better option. Carolina isn’t going anywhere fast.

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