The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox: Ravens 9, Chiefs 6

Ray Rice v Chiefs 2

There wasn’t much to like about the Ravens’ performance in Kansas City yesterday. If not for the Kyle Boller-like performance of Matt Cassel, we could add the ugliness that unfolded at Arrowhead Stadium on a picturesque Sunday to John Harbaugh’s list of road losses against vastly inferior opponents.

Fortunately, Cassel showed up much to the dismay of the 65,000 or so dressed in fire engine red.

Speaking of the Chiefs fans, Baltimore can take some twisted solace knowing that ours isn’t the only town that is home to sick “fans” who cheer a quarterback’s injury. I get the frustration and it’s actually tempting to give this week’s “Megan Fox Award” to Cassel. But just like it was inhumane for Baltimore to cheer Boller’s injury back in 2005, Chiefs’ fans, claimed by many to be the Nation’s best, put their inner-Philadelphia on full display yesterday.

And Eric Winston clearly noticed…

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THE GOOD: Paul Kruger turned in his best overall performance of the season with 5 tackles, 3 of which were for a loss. He also added a QB Hurry…Haloti Ngata had 4 tackles, one for a loss, completely blowing up a run by Jamaal Charles for a minus 5 on scorecard…Justin Tucker connected on all 3 FGAs.

THE BAD: Joe Flacco wasn’t helped by a couple of Anquan Boldin drops and 2 others (Ray Rice, Vonta Leach) but as he often does when facing double man press coverage, he predetermines where he’s going with the football and then force feeds it. Yesterday it resulted in a Brandon Flowers INT… Kelechi Osemele was schooled by Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Let’s hope he learned something.

Terrence Cody is beginning to look like a bust. He has done very little as a Raven. Sidekick Maake Kemoeatu seemed to spend more time on his back than on his feet…Ray Lewis and Jameel McClain were driven by Chiefs guards, particularly in the first half…Cary Williams is a marked man and his effort against Dwayne Bowe that resulted in a P.I. in the end zone will invite more of the same during the weeks ahead.

THE UGLY: Cam Cameron still has no answer for press coverage and continues to ignore the real estate inside the numbers despite having receivers who navigate that territory effectively. The Chiefs couldn’t stay with Ray Rice and why he wasn’t a bigger part of the passing game, particularly with screens to quiet the Chiefs’ pass rush, is a mystery. The same can be said for bubble screens to the wideouts, or the lack thereof.  The Chiefs’ coverage invited it and the Ravens tried it once for sizeable gain to Torrey Smith. But that was called back after a Boldin block in the back.

At one point prior to the Ravens final possession they were 1 of 9 on third down conversions…Deonte Thompson’s decision-making and execution of late makes him a very questionable “up” on the 46-man active game day roster. Will Sergio Kindle ever see the field?…Knowing that the only person on the Chiefs’ offense who could really beat the Ravens yesterday was Jamaal Charles and then nearly allowing him to do exactly that is inexcusable. The Chiefs ran it 34 times for 179 yards IN THE FIRST HALF and controlled the clocked for 19:19 during the game’s opening 30 minutes.

THE MEGAN FOX: The Ravens had 17 fewer meaningful plays than the Chiefs and the blame for that can be found in the team’s struggles on third down which can be attributed to Cameron’s inability to get the ball in Ray Rice’s hands more. Rice had 17 runs for 102 yards (6.0 per attempt) and one reception for 16 yards. It was really hard to find a “Megan” in this game but of the 46 who were up, the nod goes to No. 27

6 Raves on “The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox: Ravens 9, Chiefs 6

  1. beavery on said:

    The Ravens leave points on the field due to their inabilityto use the middle of the field. Run a freaking slant in this offense and it goes for 15 yards and we don’t see it again. There is no rhyme or reason to his play calling and as a result we see the inconsisteny that plauges his offesnse.

  2. charlie on said:

    this was a tough one to watch!!!!!!!!!!! as a colt/raven fan from the late 1960′s i think the product the nfl has put on the field, through out the league, this year has been pretty friggin poor. yea, it’s about winning but i pay for 6 season tkts every year to be entertained and what i’m seeing just ain’t entertaining. i have an idea, let’s over extend the season and start playing regular season games in europe. that should fix it.

  3. Quaz on said:


    You are on point once again! Why Camron is still here is a mystery. The Ravens need to use 27 more and keep our D off the field. The sledding only gets tougher from here on out.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Fatts, I think it read, “Terrence Cody is beginning to look like a bust. He has done very little as a Raven.” He’s moving in that direction in my opinion. More than happy to hear why you think I’m wrong.

  4. Dot on said:

    THANK YOU!!! Tony thank you for saying what CAMERON needs to hear. Why does it seem we are one of the only teams that NEVER utilizes the slant?? We do more trick plays than we do basic slants. These offensive calls are designed to get our WRs to the sidelines. No matter how well our offense does this year Cameron needs to GO!

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