THE GRAPEVINE: Random Thoughts As Training Camp Approaches


Jonathan Ogden will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 3, 2013. Ogden as you know is the original Raven and we should all be proud that he will be the first inductee from our championship franchise.

Perhaps like many of you, I was on the fence about the Ravens’ choice of Ogden prior to the 1996 NFL Draft hoping instead Ozzie Newsome would select RB Lawrence Phillips from Nebraska. But then as the draft approached the thought of having a premier bookend at left tackle for a decade seemed like a solid choice over a diva running back with issues, seemed like the wise choice.

Yet it’s interesting that with only 11 days standing between now and the induction, little has been said or written about JO. Not much fanfare either or banter about roadies to Canton, OH.

Is it because he played a position that only receives attention when a mistake is made?

Was JO so good we took him for granted?

Was it because he played on a poor offense for nearly his entire career?

All of the above?

Whatever the reason I hope the attention directed towards JO climbs considerably and soon!

Haloti Ngata has regularly created quite a stir on The Vinny & Rob Show on 105.7 The Fan – but for all the wrong reasons. Vinny Cerrato incessantly paints a picture of Haloti Ngata as an overweight, lazy player who isn’t playing to the level of his contract.

Yet Cerrato doesn’t give Ngata any credit for fighting through a series of injuries while playing alongside a player who arguably shouldn’t have been anything more than a far-end-of-the-bench reserve (Ma’ake Kemoeatu).

Maybe Cerrato would like it better if the Ravens paid an extremely overweight defensive tackle with serious maturity issues a staggering 7 year, $100M deal with $41M in guaranteed money. You know, like that Haynesworth guy he signed while a GM in DC. You know, the team (Washington Redskins) that was penalized for salary cap violations when one Mr. Cerrato was supposed to keep guard over those things…

For the record here’s a recent picture of Haloti taken at a Thompson Creek Window Company photo shoot last week. You be the judge if he’s out of shape.

QUICK HITS: Speaking of Haloti Ngata, The Sun reports that the Ravens tackle crushed his conditioning test (which probably left Cerrato crushed). Unfortunately Jacoby Jones did not and as a result his status has been parked on the “Non-football injury list.” Look for Jacoby to come off that list as early as today when he passes the test as effortlessly as he performed the Cha-Cha…Matt Elam is an interesting guy to follow on Twitter (@ElamVsElo) although admittedly I sometimes feel the need for an interpreter…

Fans and the media sometimes get a bit too excited about the PUP list. Most players are assigned to the “active” PUP list. The “active” PUP is for players who may, or will, be activated during Training Camp. A player on “active” PUP does count toward the applicable preseason roster limit (90 or below, depending on the limit at that time).

Last season Haloti Ngata, then rookie offensive guard-tackle Kelechi Osemele (back spasms), defensive end Pernell McPhee (minor knee surgery), wide receiver David Reed (anterior cruciate ligament surgery) and offensive guard-tackle Jah Reid (strained right calf) all spent time on “active” PUP.

19 Raves on “THE GRAPEVINE: Random Thoughts As Training Camp Approaches

  1. Such on said:

    Tony, I know you have to acknowledge it because it’s Baltimore media, but who cares what Vinny Cerrato thinks about anything? That show is dreadful. Just unlistenable, as is practically every Baltimore-centric sports-talk show. It just shows how corporate media could care less by trying to shove a failed Redskins GM down Baltimore fans’ ears and call it entertaining. And that laugh…the first time I heard it was the last time I heard it. Just horrible.

    Good one on the Haynesworth contract! Zing!

  2. Rich on said:

    We have had rooms booked for the induction since before the announcement,we just knew he was going in.Got the tickets for the ceremony after the announcement.Looking forward to the ceremony and seeing a sea of purple in Canton.

  3. Tgun#42 on said:

    I think Ngata’s injuries have more to do with his not playing to his abilities. Even hurt he is a top 5 interior lineman.

    Can’t wait to hear JO’s canton speech. I hope Raven Nation represents him well in Canton.

  4. JerryB on said:

    My sons and I will be in Canton next week to cheer for JO. Hope to see other Ravens’ fans there as well. Incidentally, this will be our second trip to Canton as I took the boys there when they were 5 and 8 years old and they enjoyed it so much, that we went back the next day! So, any parents concerned that their kids might be too young for the experience, I can assure you that they’re…NOT!

  5. Ron on said:

    Ngata need s to getback to form proir to the big contract, Yes he played injured, Yes if he has a bust year…he will be a bust. Same issue for Suggs. I love both these guys. Rotting for their best football again this year.

  6. Josh on said:

    Vinny is awful. No one ever accused him of being an astute talent evaluator when he worked in the NFL. His obscene laugh makes listening to that crappy show an impossibility.

  7. BoldinRaver on said:

    Messing with Haloti!!? My goodness that is wrong. Who would any team rather have as the cornerstone of their D. Who’s better?

  8. Big C on said:

    I wish I could make it out to Canton, but I’ll be there in spirit. I remember that draft, I remember being SO PISSED we didn’t take Lo Phillips. All we saw were the highlights, we didn’t know he just finished dragging his GF down 2 flights of steps with his severe emotional issues w women. I remember my father saying, you can never go wrong with an all-american tackle from the west coast. Turns out we got the two best players in that entire draft. In Ozzie we trust…

  9. purpleneons on said:

    Hah….Ceratto is whining like a little girl about Tony’s post…..not only is he an idiot, but as we can hear, thin skinned. Cerratto is under the illusion that he is doing a good job, when in fact, he is being carried the whole time by Rob Long on that show.

    Hilarious listening to him pretend like he know something about baseball. Here’s a typical comment from the idiot on the show. “Rob, I was watching the Orioles game and I got bored so I turned it off……

    lol, thanks for calling out the tool who goes by the name Ceratto.

      • Damon on said:

        Cut the tough talk. Vinny’s a professional and you’re one too, I guess, so there won’t be a fight. I know you’ll be there. But are you man enough to tell him what you think to his face, or will you have a 9th grade writer do it for you?

  10. purpleneons on said:

    Hey Damon,

    I’ll tell Cerrato to his face that he’s a tool….no big deal, what’s he going to do, go on his radio show and whine like a little girl again. And the words professional and Cerrato should never be used in the same sentence.

    Cerrato’s idea of inside information is telling you what time the team gets on the bus to go to the airport for an away game. He’s a joke.

    And hey, how bout Cerrato telling Ngata TO HIS FACE that he’s a fat, lazy slob?

    Cerrato ain’t got the guts…he’s not man enough. Please video Cerrato walking up to Ngata and calling him a fat lazy slob. Won’t happen in a million years, Cerrato hides behind Rob Long and cowers like a little girl with his box of wine.

  11. Damon on said:

    When has he ever used the word’s “fat lazy slob?” I’ll answer that for you, never. To say otherwise is a lie. And I’ll take my chances calling a former NFL GM professional versus a “man” running a mom & pop pizza ravens fansite that uses high school students for writers.

    Just sayin… :)

  12. purpleneons on said:

    so maybe he did or did not use the word slob, but he definitely and consistently, every chance he got, called Ngata fat and lazy. Pure and simple cheap shots from the disgraced ex GM who doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    Shall we go to the tape?

    And you failed to respond to my question. When will Cerrato tell Ngata to his face what he’s said many many times in the studio while on the radio? Will Cerrato be a man or a wine cooler drinking sissy?

    Answer: Wine cooler drinking sissy, not man enough to stand in front of Ngata and call him fat and lazy. I guarantee it.

  13. Damon on said:

    Go to the tape. He never said fat or lazy. He did say out of shape, so once again you’re clearly lying. The truth is that Ngata was heavier than his usual playing weight and Vinny said Ngata needed to be in better shape to play up to his potential. Hell, I would tell Ngata that to his face.

    Unfortunately I can’t answer a question if your claiming facts that never existed. Have fun on this mom & pop site junior. ;)

  14. purpleneons on said:

    Sorry dude, your the one lying now, which is expected since your a lackey attempting to defend the clown…..Cerrato used the words fat, lazy, overweight, not in shape, over and over and over again. In addition his voice was dripping with displeasure and sarcasm, as if Cerrato KNEW for a fact that Ngata was dogging it.

    So run ahead lil lackey and get Vinnie his box of wine, genuflect in his presence and tell him you did the best you could to defend him, cause we all know your here at his request given the amount of crying he did on the show this morning. How dare someone say anything negative about the disgraced former GM, bitch was whining like a little girl, Rob Long had to shut him up, soothe the bitch and tell him everything will be alright.

    and we will be waiting (forever) for Cerrato to get in Ngata’s face, you know, telling it like it is.

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