The Turk Visits WNST…Again

The Turk

WNST at one time really had it going on.

They were pioneers in the all-sports talk format in Baltimore. They were fans with access and they delivered fun and informative content tailored to the fans of Charm City.

They groomed talent like no other station on the dial.

  • Bob Haynie
  • Jeremy Conn
  • Rob Long
  • Terry Ford
  • Ken Weinman
  • Casey Willet

Other contributors included Bruce Cunningham, Aaron Wilson, Spiro Morekas, Allan McCallum, Mark Mussina, Mark Suchy, The Swami, Ray Bachman (who was fired shortly after being labeled the station’s MVP) – the list goes on.

Screenshot 2014-08-23 15.53.31At one point I was even on WNST with our GAMETIME crew. But we were unceremoniously dumped after just 13 weeks. I found out about it from Ravens Sr. Director of Public Relations Chad Steele.

During the middle of a training camp practice at McDaniel College Chad informed me that I needed to leave because the station head honcho Nestor Aparicio had requested that my credential be taken away. Chad ultimately allowed me to stay and issued a non-affiliated credential to allow me to do my job.

But this isn’t about my disdain for Aparicio.

It’s about the sports fans of Baltimore and how the narcissistic ways of a sports station’s owner, a station that once claimed to be the “Station With Balls” (and unfortunately one that now is in desperate need of Midol), has ripped away a once promising venue and in an egomaniacal way allowed the station to decay like a washed up fish on the shores of Lake Erie.

That’s unfortunate for area sports fans and the station’s long-time sponsors.

And of course it’s a disservice to Aparicio’s latest victims, Drew Forrester and Glenn Clark. I wish both of them well and hope that they discover what many others before them did, that talent can and will surface again in time. Funny, now that I think about it WNST is akin to a minor league baseball team, supplying talent that moves on to the bigs.

I do owe Aparicio a sincere thank you for a couple of things. He gave us a glimpse of what a radio station might be like if run by fans of the area teams who just so happened to have access to those teams. It wasn’t corporate – it was content for fans by fans. I loosely borrowed that approach for our websites.

I also need to thank him for showing me what NOT TO DO as a leader and how ugly it is to put yourself before the team; to be blinded by self-absorbed ways that ultimately usher in your demise.

It will be interesting to see what the sequel brings for WNST.

But I can’t help but think of Jaws 2.

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33 Raves on “The Turk Visits WNST…Again

  1. Rob on said:

    Mr. Teal Shirt, this sounds very interesting. Can you lay out the entire story for those of us that don’t know what went down?

  2. jws on said:


  3. Mike on said:

    Whether you have some allegiance to these individuals or not, taking a shot at a competitor that you feel is doing bad business is just tacky and unprofessional. If his business demeanor is that poor, he will lose fans and sponsors and eventually be a historical footnote in sports news in Baltimore. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying as this has nothing to do with whether you are right or wrong. It is about two kids who keep taking pot shots at each other and neither is acting like the adult. For all you say about WNST, you come out looking worse because you are not being the adult and continue this your wrong…no your wrong….no I’m right…no your wrong. WNST and. RSR need to be sent to separate corners of the internet for a time out or until one of you learns that not attacking e other is the only way to be viewed as a professional and not an infant throwing a temper fit.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      You’re entitled to your opinion. Thanks for sharing it.

      This is a fan site. I’m a fan. I think I speak for the vast majority of fans on this. We aren’t traditional media and don’t profess to be nor do we want to be. This isn’t a temper tantrum, just the truth as I see it and experienced it.

      And for those sponsors who have invested their money in long-term or seasonal contracts with WNST based upon a format and personalities that were once in place, well I’m sure that on some level they feel a bit betrayed.

      In a way, we’ve all been betrayed given what WNST used to be and what they are today.

      • NST fan on said:

        Tony, you are right on point. This really hurts. Nestor’s lengthy explanation of what’s going on is self serving and isn’t an explanation at all. As an NST fan of many years, I was pained when Nestor displaced Glenn in the afternoon drive time. Drew gets a lot of hate (or disdain, or whatever), but I really liked him and thought his opinions were interesting and thought provoking even when I didn’t agree. This @#$%ing sucks, and I can’t think of why I’d listen to that radio station any more. Which is too bad, because even now, after all those other guys had left, I thought it was far superior to the competition.

        Sad day.

      • Ryanfallingleaf on said:

        Nestor is the most unprofessional guy I have heard on the radio. He makes it all about him, each and every time. He brings the whole station down, because he simply does not have enough class, skill or professionalism to lead. He is often downright embarrassing to listen to. It is not surprising that anyone with talent and at least a modicum of knowledge does not last there very long. Any fans of Nestor should take a look in the mirror….

  4. RustonRifle on said:

    I have a hard time understanding how anyone can listen (or read) what Aparicio says for more than a minute. He makes everything about him. I enjoyed Drew”s morning show and Glenn Clarks Ravens updates but would tune out the second Aparacio would turn up. It was bad enough hearing his voice on commercials. I enjoy humility in people which seems to be a foreign concept to that guy. I hope Forrester and Clark land on their feet, they have talent and deserve as much.

  5. JerryB on said:

    Forrester & Clark are class acts who will no doubt move on to bigger & better things, if they so choose. Aparicio is somewhat enigmatic, who appears manic at times. But, it’s his station and he’s free to do with it as he pleases. One can’t help but think that WNST is on “life support”! As you point out, he’s helped groom a lot of local talent.

  6. RobFuse on said:

    Nestor wrote the longest, most egotistical article I have ever seen in my entire life yesterday. How can anyone enjoy his garbage?

  7. JoshuaH on said:

    I wish those guys nothing but the best. Given their contributions to media and their appeal, they will land on a much more promising format soon.

  8. rocky mattioli on said:

    I don`t know how anyone with working neurons can listen to sportstalk radio…every host sounds simultaneously self absorbed and has next to no self awareness….I turned on the radio as I was was drying off from a shower this morning,flipped around and some Italian guy was on the air(I figured ir couldn`t be worse than infomercials)…..sadly,it was….cbs radio,maybe?….he was so worked up I could almost see the veins standing out in his neck….you could tell it was faux outrage…

    they went from the steelers` rb`s hooch arrests to ray rice and then to the old nba owner who uttered racial comments…..nothing about actual sports…nobody breaking down a pregame show…no analysis…all social commentary…..if I wanted b.s. social commentary I`ll put on npr or some other useless operation that is laughing their way to the bank with my (taxpayer) money….

    if I hear bob costas mouthing off about the redskins or gun control again this year,i might fly out to wherever he is and hang the little beggar by his underwear from the bottom drawer of his bedroom armoire(yeah,god made him exactly the right size)….

    I love tony`s site because it`s mostly sports/ravens related and you can pick and choose what you want to read…and it`s usually done very well(agree or disagree with what`s being written)….

    keep up the good work…

  9. GAP on said:

    Ron Burgandy a contributor? ILMAO. He threatened people on the air.

    You also had the highest Sunday ratings in the station’s history but now we
    know who your second source was that changed your mind on the Harbaugh
    Kubiak story and how we got him. :)

  10. eric on said:

    It will be amazing if anybody agrees to work for him again. I don’t feel sorry for Drew or Glenn, they saw how other hosts were treated and were dumb enough to not only be loyal to Nestor but to openly trash other radio stations and broadcasters knowing one day they’d be looking for a job. Utter stupidity.

  11. ravenmaniac on said:

    This reeks of sour grapes. “But this isn’t about my disdain for Aparicio.” Sure it isn’t. I certainly hope you didn’t mean to celebrate someone else’s misfortune. God forbid anything like what happened to his wife happens to someone you care about. I know what happens when you have to drop everything to work on a personal family crisis. If this is what led to the layoffs and what one can only assume is a lack of revenue being generated over there then that makes your celebratory rant all the worse. Maybe you should work on moving on from what happened when you worked there. Clearly you haven’t and the bigger man is always the one who is able to move past an injustice.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      That happened a long time ago, as you’ve indicated.

      I’ve prayed for Nestor’s wife. I’ve emailed him saying as much and if you want to PM me at I’ll gladly forward that email to you.

      No doubt that the illness of a loved one can influence poor decisions. And that might explain away bad behavior in an isolated situation. Prior behaviors and his 4 page explanation on this topic explain away nothing IMO.

      I will continue to pray for Jenn and wish the best to those who fell victim to his conscienceless ways.

      If that’s sour grapes, I’m ok with it.

  12. Voice of Reason on said:

    I see no sour grapes in Tony’s article. He was expressing an opinion and giving the history of how WNST went from a prominent sports talk station, to one that is now just a shell of itself. Tony was telling a “back in the day” story, which included himself. He did this to convey his first hand knowledge of Nestor’s management style, right or wrong. I see nothing wrong with the blog.

    I too, do not care to listen to Nestor and I really stopped listening years ago when Bob Haynie was let go. I liked Bob, Rob Long and Terry Ford, all who are now with 105.7 the Fan. I also listened to Drew on occasion and respected his insight into the Orioles and Ravens. I think after these first tier hosts were fired, the station proceeded to go into a slow but steady descent as far as ratings are concerned. Their website is nothing special, unless you go to the audio vault to hear daily interviews. I personally think (a guess and nothing more) that Nestor is setting up to sell his interest and possibly remain as an on air host. Anytime a business trims expenses by vastly eliminating payroll, then it is ripe for a takeover. When the General Manager (who runs everything behind the scenes) is fired, that should tell you this is more than a programming change.

  13. Scott on said:

    My guess is after returning to the radio Nestor quickly found out he wasn’t the #1 at his own station and he couldn’t handle it.

  14. georgeintowson on said:

    For all of his antipathy for Peter Angelos, Aparicio is a lot like the Orioles owner — ruthless, opinionated to a fault and utterly obnoxious. His “Night of the Long Knives” approach to handling personnel/business matters mirror Angelos’ ham-handedness with our beloved Birds.
    Even with his wife’s illness, Aparicio manages to make it more about him than her suffering.
    His suck-up archived interviews with Modell are godawful, so I guess that’s what we’re stuck with until 9/2.
    Heaven knows what the next incarnation of NST will bring, but one thing is for sure — this listener will NEVER trust Aparacio again.

  15. Steviecuse on said:

    Can someone refresh my memory? Wasn’t there an incident between Aaron Wilson and Nestor in an airport? Nestor owed Aaron money for appearing on his station; Nestor did not pay him and Aaron confronted him. Nestor then publicly put Aaron on his sh$$ list.

  16. Dan on said:

    It always ends bad with Nestor doesn’t it? Funny how that works. I just hope Drew can separate himself from the guy he carried the water for for so long. I NEVER thought Drew would go, he has basically been there from the beginning. Nestor is a piece of trash, who is now profiteering off his wife’s illness and using that as a “cover” for why he is slowly losing his life and radio station. You can almost hear it in his voice, the opportunity that was presented to him when “Mr Charity” had a real life situation hit home. I used to be one if his biggest supporters, but over the past few years the truth about what he really is came out. A no good huckster who would sell his soul to try to hang on to what is left of his crumbling “radio empire”., even if it involved trying to capitalize on another person’s health problems. In this case his wife’s.

    Karma will get ya every time. You go through life f%^&*ng people over left and right, and eventually you are the one who is gonna get screwed one day. That day is here.

  17. CR on said:

    Gonna miss Drew and Glenn. I loved it when they were together on the morning show. Miss Haynie too. I used to listen to NST a lot. Hopefully, the station will endure. #JennStrong

  18. Matt K on said:

    WNST has become more of an exercise in the waxing of Nestor’s ego instead of providing quality sports talk… Which local sports fans want. A true shame what happened to WNST.

  19. BZimmy on said:

    His relentless bashing of the Orioles was it for me. Although the intentions may have been well intended , he was self-serving in his approach. His bashing of Anita Marx was embarrassingly unprofessional.
    You reap what you sow.

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