THE WATER COOLER: How About Mason for WR Coach?

Mason close up

The Ravens are in search of a new wide receivers coach after Jim Hostler stormed out of town in a huff when Gary Kubiak nailed down the job he wanted – the team’s offensive coordinator. To replace Hostler perhaps John Harbaugh should look no further than towards an old friend – the franchise’s all-time pass receiving leader, Derrick Mason.

Mason is a professional who has played the position at a high level and with that comes a level of respect that the Jim Hostlers of the world can only dream of. He was a craftsman with an outstanding work ethic who made the most of his relatively average physical tools.

What Mason didn’t have in size and speed he made up for with intelligence, toughness, preparedness, leadership and the heart of a lion. He was a trustworthy outlet for his quarterback, could read defenses and ran routes with razor precision. Plus he’s also familiar with Kubiak’s offense having played in Houston for half a season under the former Texans’ head coach.

Mason loves the game and has a very solid relationship with John Harbaugh. If both parties are willing, this seems like a natural fit.


There has been a ton of speculation about the way in which Gary Kubiak marched into town along with Rick Dennison to provide a major spark to the offensive coaching staff. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how Kubiak arrived. It only matters that he’s here.

According to Ozzie Newsome by way of Kevin Byrne, the head honcho of the Ravens PR machine, John Harbaugh planned to bring back Jim Caldwell as the offensive coordinator if Caldwell didn’t land a head coaching opportunity elsewhere.

“I get so angry when I hear or read that John was going to fire Jim if the Lions had not made him their head coach”, said Ozzie.

“That is so completely wrong, untrue and really unfair to Jim. Harbs told me he was bringing him back. That’s the truth. How does that other stuff get out there as real? Don’t you have to have some facts to report before you can say that?”

Now that would have been a breath of fresh air, right?


To put things in perspective, despite the superior talent, Caldwell’s offense scored just 3 more points in 2013 than the Kyle Boller led offense in 2004.

Special thanks to the Detroit Lions and the Ford Family.


Jacoby Jones is a fan favorite and with good reason. He makes big plays on the field and he plays off the field like a cartoon character from the Fat Albert series. It’s hard not to be entertained by Jacoby Jones.

That said if the Ravens draft a wide receiver and/or a pass catching tight end on Day 1 or 2 of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jones is as good as gone. His highlight reel will draw interest from teams with more cap space than the Ravens (currently at $11.4M).

And let’s not dismiss the value of Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg’s blocking schemes in the return game. While Jones clearly knows how to finish the guys up front deserve some credit.

Waiting in the wings is Asa Jackson who has shown explosiveness in the return game during preseason play. Jackson is also a great candidate to replace Corey Graham as the nickel corner.

There’s a reason the Ravens have remained patient with the Cal/Poly alum during his two Adderall shortened seasons.

14 Raves on “THE WATER COOLER: How About Mason for WR Coach?

  1. JerryB on said:

    Nice idea, but, again, willing or not, they need an established complement to their staff. In this era of assistants, he might cut his coaching teeth as an assistant to an established receivers’ coach. Agree as to Asa Jackson, who does, in fact, look like a…keeper!

  2. Sarcasticfury on said:

    I know people say Anquan is the best receiver ever to wear purple but I’m going to say Derrick was. 1. He’s the all-time leading receiver and 2. He managed to have 1,000 yard seasons despite having Kyle Boller at QB.

  3. ravensdfan on said:

    I have been campaigning for Mason as WR coach since he retired. No one runs routes like Mason. It is an area that our current crop of WRs definitely need to work on as well.

    I’ve already thanked the Detroit Lions a thousand times over! I knew Harbs would not send Caldwell packing if it came down to him not being offered a position elsewhere.

    I’m very excited to see what happens with the Ravens offensively with the coaching changes they’ve implemented.

  4. Tucker: M&T Sec 527 on said:

    Wasn’t Mason abruptly cut from Houston for criticizing the organization, and the ditto with the Jets? Not sure if he has the personality to succeed at coaching pros. Liked him as a WR, but he was pretty much a me-first diva by the end of his playing days.

    • Mike Z on said:

      I am kinda with Tucker here. I loved Mason as a player. He was a dependable go to guy. For a few years he WAS the offense.

      But I worry about him being able to tow the corporate line. He tends to go off into areas other than his main job. He is kind of like Ed Reed in this resepct. Great player, but every once in a while he says something that takes focus away from what is important: winning football games.

  5. Mike Z on said:


    One thing I always wondered about, and maybe you have more insight. Do you know if Jonathan Ogden ever been approached to coach? I thought he would come back. He has one of those football brains and the personality to do it.

    Just curious

    • James Edwards on said:

      Receivers are usually divas, it just comes with the job. You have to think no one can cover you, you are always open and you always want the ball to go your way. And I think that kind of drive is missing in the current roster. I am not saying I want Smith to become the next TO or Moss, but being a little bit of a diva won’t hurt.

      Yes, Mason did overstep some lines, but it was usually because he had the drive to be a productive receiver in the NFL. And these are grown men he will be teaching, I think they will understand the idea “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  6. Big Herb on said:

    Derrick Mason would would be an exceptional addition to the coaching ranks. He as a very good player and played like a like or maybe better a Raven. And Tony, if you don’t mind some pats on the back, you have become my most relied on source of intelligent reporting on the Ravens, Keep It Up.

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