They Said It ~ September 26, 2013

Daryl Smith Arrives

“We’ve had to block Jeromy Miles for the last few years. We’ve had him blocking us the last few years. We’re excited he’s on our team doing those things for us, because he’s been a force in our division, and we’re really happy he’s on our team.” ~ Jerry Rosburg on the acquisition of former Bengals safety Jeromy Miles.

“Dallas is getting a better feel for our offense. He’s doing a much better job of feeling the space that he’s given. The spatial awareness is good, but he’s also creating some opportunities for himself in one-on-one situations, just in terms of making himself available to Joe [Flacco]. Joe’s getting a better feel for him. That just takes time; that takes work. They work before practice a little bit, and he works some individual routes with him. I think you’ll really see those guys develop a rapport.” ~ Jim Caldwell on the developing chemistry between Dallas Clark and Joe Flacco

“There isn’t anybody on our team that can’t get better, myself included. There’s always a work in progress in that area, and I think he’s working at it, trying to get better at what he does. He’s a professional and he’s trying to improve every single day. [Run game coordinator] Juan [Castillo] does a great job with those guys. They work and they work extremely hard, and I think Juan is getting him to the point where he’s moving in the right direction.” ~ Jim Caldwell on the rough start to Bryant McKinnie’s 2013 season

“I’m not certain that I would consider it a learning curve. You have to get accustomed to anyone that’s new. I’m sure they’re still getting used to me. I haven’t been in my role a long time with this group, so I think there is a bit of that. That’s what the spring was for, that’s what training camp was for, preseason games. I think everyone has got a pretty good feel for one another, but it’s just kind of developing and improving on the little things. That’s where we are right now.” ~ Jim Caldwell on the Ravens adjustments to Juan Castillo’s blocking schemes

“We talked about him about a week ago or whenever somebody asked me a question. I thought he was playing well, and the thing he really had to keep working on was just being consistent. When you’re a big corner, that’s quite a tool you have when you can play physical and get your hands on guys. Every receiver, you go in each week, there are some receivers you can get your hands on. Some you don’t want to try to jam, because they’re going to slip you at the line and get on top of you and build speed. You’ve just got to know who you’re playing against. That’s one of his physical talents is being physical, because he is big, he’s got long arms, and you’ve just got to keep working on that.” ~ Dean Pees on the improved play of Jimmy Smith

“I told you way back when that we felt like when we got this guy and finally when we signed him – I think it was probably almost at the end of mini-camp – just going through training camp, this guy is just such a great pro and just studies and just really into it. Here’s a guy who didn’t know anything about our system, and for him to catch on so quick tells you a little bit about him. I think what he means to this defense is … Clarence Brooks said it the other day in the D-line meeting. He was talking to the D-linemen, and we were watching film. He says, ‘We’ve got a tackling machine playing right behind you. When that guy grabs you, you go down.’ He’s just a fun guy to be around, fun guy to coach, and I can’t say enough good things about the guy.” ~ Dean Pees expressing excitement over the play of Daryl Smith

“First of all, just watching film, the way we break down film here and the way they organize it for us to watch, I love it, and I know the players love it. I don’t think that it’s a big difference in how a coordinator goes about a game plan as far as knowing your strengths, knowing your weaknesses, coming up with a game plan to attack. But, just the way we learn it and go about it in practice, and then taking it to the game [is special].” ~ Daryl Smith on the game planning of Dean Pees

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2 Raves on “They Said It ~ September 26, 2013

  1. JPinFL on said:

    I understand the offense and the running game is struggling a bit having to learn the ZBS, but I can’t help but think that a major reason the running game is so unsuccessful so far is the predictable play calling. Run, run, pass is pretty easy to defend against. Last week I think I correctly called the play the Raven’s ran over 90% of the time, based exclusively on what down it was. It seemed to me that there just wasn’t much play action, and the Texan’s defense pretty much knew what to expect – it was just a matter of them executing correctly. I certainly hope that as the year goes on, we’ll see some major changes to the play calling. If not, it might be a long year where we rely on the defensive unit to keep the Ravens in games.
    On the bright side, it does look like Clark is improving a bit each week and the defense is looking real good.

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