Time To Cut Bait

McClain at practice 600

I’ll admit I was all for the Ravens signing Rolando McClain. Yes he had a troubled past, but I’m all about second chances.

McClain is only 23 so you could chalk some of it up to immaturity. The thuggish behavior is concerning, but I’m not looking for someone to go to the movies with, I am looking for a football player.

I naively thought if you get him to a well run organization he could turn over a new leaf. It’s possible he won’t even get the chance, and frankly, I don’t think he deserves it. McClain was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest Sunday night in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama.

McClain had said recently that he knows he gets into trouble when he goes home. He was aware he needs to stay away. Well that lasted what, a week? While this is only potentially a misdemeanor, McClain shows a lack of common sense and self control that has to worry those at The Castle.  At best this is a bad sign of things to come.

The Ravens gave him a second chance and he wasn’t smart enough to take advantage.  I would have already said goodbye and I expect Ozzie Newsome to show him the door shortly.

The juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

19 Raves on “Time To Cut Bait

  1. Kevin in Warrenton VA on said:

    I don’t have much faith in this knucklehead.
    that said this is not something to cut him over. Really it won’t even register on the “Goodell report”. I seriously doubt the Ravens cut him over this but I wouldn’t be unhappy if they did.
    bottom line I fully expect rolando to fail here. the Ravens locker room no longer has a Reed to show people how to be a professional. This l;ocker room isn’t as stong as we all would like it to be or even think it is.

    • Patty on said:

      I do think the locker room will still be strong in character and judgement. We have some well respected guys still here to keep the guys on track mentally, emotionally and hopefully behavior as well, and few new ones too that will be good role models as well. It may take a year or two to get a new “General” established, but between a few of our veteran players, I think we will be fine in the locker room overall.

  2. Tuck55 on said:

    Judging are we? Do you have the full story? I guess you never had an experience with the police where they use their badge because they can? They can be a-holes with power and all you have to do is question them and they can charge you with anything they want and make it look like you acted a damn fool with them!

    • EB21012 on said:

      They had the Decauter police on the Norris and Davis show yesterday and if you heard this interview you could not defend McClain in any way. The story went that the police were called for a disturbance at a park. They arrived and asked everyone to disperse and leave at which point McClain shouted on numerous occasions “F*ck the Police” He wasn’t even arrested after the first time, but when he continued to do it and refused to leave unlike everyone else, the police informed him he was under arrest for disorderly conduct at which point he physically resisted arrest. If this was his first, or second or maybe even just his third incident maybe we could blame someone else. But out of a crowd of approximately 700 people, one person managed to repeatedly yell “F*ck the Police” and got themselves arrested. It was the one person with the most to lose, the one person who had promised to stay clean and not get in trouble. The other 700 people who respected the authority in this situation moved along, but not McClain, he had to be heard. I think he should be heard loud and clear, he doesn’t have the common sense to keep quiet and move along when he had his entire career riding on it. Why should we believe he ever should?

      • Kaotik on said:

        I think the fact that out of the 700 people him being the only one “publicly” charged is a little disconcerting. I sincerely doubt he was the only one spouting profanity and being a nuisance but he does have a history with that police department…

        Now I agree that he shouldn’t have been in the situation.

        I’m not advocating him getting a chance with us as well, but truth be told he hasn’t been in the organization yet for the chance for him to get nurtured in a positive way.

        I don’t think they cut him till the season (if at all) because there is no need to.

      • Matthew on said:

        Have any of the 700 others verified this version of the events? Believe it or not, cops can and do lie when it benefits them. I’m not saying we give the benefit of the doubt to Rolando, but I wouldn’t instantly give it to the police, either.

    • bogeyroy on said:

      Judging…not at all….McClain has been arrested 4-5 times now…3 times in the past 16 months….he held a gun to someone’s head…he told the Ravens he would not go back to Decatur, GA….he signed a ticket “F**k Ya all cops” !!! No need to judge him, as he tells the story with his actions !!! Can cops be A-holes…absofreakinglutely….but if I am McClain, i would stay as far away from Decatur as possible and find some new friends.

      Hard to defend this knucklehead.

    • KBN on said:

      Tuck55, the media is always judging before the entire story is heard. They always get it wrong, most cases, and make fools of themselves! In the end, they are the ones looking like idiots and revamping their stories. How many more stories do we have to read about before some of us get Ravens headlines somewhere else? I think there are other better stories that the media of this page can focus on. Give it a break already! This guy is getting the bad rap in his own town. Three times he has been messed with from those cops and a smart person would stay away, even if it was my hometown. Illegal tint? (That’s a weak charge that most cops are just looking for a way to mess with you) COME on, this dude is getting a bad rap and “The Oz” sees something in him.

  3. Patty on said:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in his turning around.. he knew he had another chance.. you’d think he would done everything possible to keep that chance. Guess he still hasn’t learned self control and that might just be an issue on the field too with penalties etc.. :-( Sad to see that talent being wasted due to the lack of controlling himself.

  4. Ronnie on said:

    This is definitely disheartening, but not something to cut him over. We still have a need at LB and he fills that need. Ravens would be pretty stupid to cut him right now. Maybe if we fill that void in the draft you could revisit that possibility, but until then you have to wait til all the details come out and see if you still can’t find a way to make this work.

  5. Kaotik on said:

    My thoughts on McClain….I’m not advocating him getting a chance with us, but truth be told he hasn’t been in the organization yet for the chance for him to get nurtured in a positive way.

    Two tough thoughts the Ravens Front Office will have to consider in to their decision.

    1 – Public Image – Do you want the Ravens to shed the “thuggish” mentality which was hard fought to shed?
    2 – On the Field Play – Do you want to have a player with potential to help bridge the gap in the LB corp which was severely lacking?

  6. RAVENSGATORMAN on said:

    given a 2nd chance with an elite team,knowingly that going home could be trouble,due to past arrests,he still heads home walking like the big man,a thug who made it out of the hood,flashing his spoiled attitude and disrespected the authority,he gets arrested again—-this clearly is a sign of immaturity,one who can not accept nor respect the authority has no business in this game, yet,the ravens will want to see if he still has it on the field,at least only in pre-season workouts———–im looking for them really going out to replace him on this draft,he had his 3 strikes,time to cut him,nothing but bad luggage and a boy that cant live without being in the hood

  7. Wisconsin#1Ravenfan on said:

    Although he has been given a contractual 2nd chance by Ravens, he has yet to be introduced with those who will be more influential in his behavior….this would be his fellow teammates, coaching staff, as well as the front office, all men of professionalism and character. For now he is left on his own, a spoiled immature millionaire to float around on his own as he continues on the road with bad friends and bad choices. If I am not mistaken, a certain Ray Lewis also was heading down the road to the same disaster until he was mentored by the very same people I have mentioned above. Again I say.. double secret probation..*although not such a secret.. Let him meet and have investment of his new Ravens brothers.. Go Ravens!~

  8. Roderick on said:

    While I cannot advocate for anyone to keep getting chance after chance, only to see that person continue to flush those chances down a toilet, I’m always amused by these idiotic labels such as ‘thuggish’ that ignorant people use to make their empty points. I know it’s hard to for some of you to believe folks, but not every large, black man who happens to be an athlete is not from the ‘hood.’ Honestly, could some of you make a concerted effort to hide your inane, racist attitudes? I realize that it’s asking a lot from you, but at least give it a whirl. Really? It only took me some 20 years to realize that not all white people do was drink beer and live in trail parks and drove their homes to the store because they had it like that. Damn it! If I could change, so could some of you. There, see how simple that was?

  9. Bruce Romo on said:

    … I wouldn’t cut bait … He has something to prove (now more than ever) … An alumni lecture from Ray, not residing in Decatur, a solid training camp — this scenario can change. I hope so, I projected Rolando to the Ravens a while ago… Besides, he’s got a cool name — Rolando.

  10. TheChuck on said:

    From the way people are reacting, he would have been held higher esteem by all were he to have either A) been accused of double murder in Atlanta or b) helped broker a crack deal.

  11. Tommy.O on said:

    I think we allow him to atleast be camp fodder. If he screws up 1 more time cut him. If not allow him to come into camp, beat the hell out of him, run him, dog him, make him wanna quit. We should test his heart in camp and if he passes the test then allow him to play special teams only this yr. Then if he toes the line and shows character after a yr of being in our organization then we re-sign him if not then bye bye. But i dont think we should draft a ILB 1st unless its Brown, the others arent worth low 1 early 2.

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