Today Should Be “New Offensive Coordinator Day” in Baltimore


Today should be the day – the day that the Baltimore Ravens announce their new Offensive Coordinator.  Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted at 9 AM ET that former Houston Texas head coach Gary Kubiak and former Texans OC Rick Dennison met with the Ravens over the weekend.  He also said that Kubiak is now the favorite to be the Ravens OC.

A few minutes later, Schefter tweeted his thought that the Ravens are looking at a star-studded coaching staff that would include former Redskins OC Kyle Shanahan.


Could we see Kubiak as OC, and Dennison as RB coach and Shanahan as QB Coach?

That would be an excellent ending to a OC search that has – so far – left a lot of Ravens fans frustrated.  Not only do you get proven and successful offensive minds, but you also get a quality staff that has great potential for the future. If Kubiak gets a Head Coaching position next off-season, then you have Dennison and Shanahan on staff to be the “Next Man Up”.

Let’s hope Schefter is right. If so, I am feeling great about the Ravens offense next season.

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11 Raves on “Today Should Be “New Offensive Coordinator Day” in Baltimore

  1. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Very interesting collection of offensive minds; just wondering where Juan Castillo fits since he’s already been designated o-line coach.

  2. TRUTH on said:

    Man talk about the best case scenario! How awesome would that be? After all the speculation and negative criticism, we might actually see something extraordinary happen this year on the offensive side of the ball. All 3 men have worked together in the past which makes it that more likely this is true. If Harbaugh assembles this cast of Offensive Gurus I feel Tony Lombardi needs to put on his Purple Shades and go to town on the best rah-rah Pro Harbaugh Column he’s ever written. Man this report has got me pumped.

    Now, If Hostler winds up getting the job and this whole thing winds up being a façade – wow, what a let down that would be. Talk about ya bubble getting popped…

    You have 3 offensive coordinators that have all individually put together a top 10 offense. Nice.

    • Ahsan on said:

      I’m just as excited as you are about this potential hire but the silver lining here is that, reportedly, it was ownership who elected to bring Kubiak into the discussion for potential OC, not Harbaugh. Take that for what it’s worth

      • TRUTH on said:

        This organization isn’t run by one person. Everything they do is discussed and methodically thoughtthrough. Everyone is involved in some way or fashion. You know even if Kubiak wasn’t Harbaughs main choice, I think Harbaugh is smart enough to put his ego aside and realize decisions are made as a unit, as a team, as an organization and that the guys running the front office aren’t some nobody wet behind the ears greenhorns that don’t know what theyre doing. He and Ozzie have an amazing one on one relationship, why would they do anything to undermine each other? Why cross that boundary? I don’t think its like that at all in that building. Everything is done together. Maybe it takes some heated coercing to reach a final agreement but that would only prove that everyone wants the best decision to be made, regardless of where it comes from. I don’t think Harbaughs voice carries any less weight than Ozzie’s does. You think Ozzie wanted to let go some of the players he did last year? But he made accommodations because that’s what it takes to have a successful franchise. Same with Harbs.

        Whatever the case, at the end of the day im sure Harbaugh is willing to put aside his ego for the betterment of the team if the reports are true. I don’t think he’s adverse to taking good advice or suggestions from anyone in that building ozzie, Bisciioti, pat, Decosta…

        But lets be totally honest here…Harbaugh didnt sign a new contract without a clause in it that allows him to decide who his coordinators are. So if we’re going to play speculation lets get real. Mike Preston isn’t a reporter so take what he says with a grain of salt and then find a paper bag so you can shovel his BS into it.

  3. dave on said:

    Kubiak and former Texans OC Rick Dennison ? Isn’t anyone being held responsible for the mess that Houston was this past season? Did it just occur in a vacuum?

  4. dave on said:

    “The Ravens are attempting to assemble their offensive coaching “dream team” with the recruitment of Kubiak, Dennison and Shanahan, according to sources.”

    “dream team” was used to describe Andy Reid’s Eagles when they acquired Nnamdi Asomugha ? And also when the Lakers got Dwight Howard? How did they work out?

    Anytime the phrase “dream team” is thrown around put on your contrary thinking cap.

  5. Kevin on said:

    Highly doubt this scenario plays out. More likely is that Kubiak gets the OC job and brings in Dennison as his heir in waiting, thus possibly pushing Hostler out the door.
    I somehow wonder if Shanahan would even consider taking a QB coach position, unless he would be given all the leeway to grab an OC or head coach job at any point while here.
    Granted the point of the post would be a dream scenario in my mind but somehow unlikely?

  6. PG County Ravens on said:

    Coaching and playing is quite different. Bring them in but we still need quality players to block, run, and catch the ball. If we keep the same players and it works then it was coaching. If it doesn’t improve the offense then possibly it’s the players. Be interesting to see how this plays out and impact on Castillo. Would think Kubiak would want bring in his own staff. 1 year removed from Super Bowl Championship is perfect timing for an offensive overhaul. You stay the same, you get left behind!

  7. Corakes on said:

    Juan Castillo I think will fit very naturally into this coaching team; the Texans are known for their athletic zone blocking scheme that has catapulted two previously no-name running backs into fantasy heroes. I think that we are moving inexorably towards a zone-blocking system; get athletic or get out.

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