Trade of McClain Not Such a Steal After All

Rolando McClain Cowboys
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When the Ravens traded retired linebacker Rolando McClain to Dallas earlier this week, it seemed Ozzie Newsome had pulled off a heist, gaining a sixth-round draft pick for a player who has retired twice in the past year, never played a down for the Ravens and has said he was “done” with football.

But the trade is not as one-sided as originally thought.

In fact, it’s clear that the Cowboys were aware of McClain’s history, and put plenty of conditions on the deal that turns it into a no-risk proposition for each side.

According to the terms of the deal per the Cowboys official site, the Ravens will receive a sixth-round pick in exchange for a seventh-round pick only if McClain plays 50 percent of the Cowboys defensive snaps this coming season. If he plays less, but if McClain is on the 53-man roster for five games or on the 46-man roster for at least three games, Dallas and the Ravens will swap seventh-round picks — but only if the Cowboys have the better pick.

And if McClain fails to make the team, the Ravens get nothing in the deal.

More on the trade here…

8 Raves on “Trade of McClain Not Such a Steal After All

  1. raven on said:

    Pretty dumb move for the raves. If he can play over 50 percent for the cowgirls, he can play more than 50 percent for us. If he plays more than 50 percent of the games for us, he’s worth more than a 6th round pick

    • CrabbyPatty on said:

      Not really though, he obviously didn’t want to play for Baltimore, or he would have kept trying to make the team. Second of all, Dallas is a much better landing spot for McClain anyway. In Baltimore, he’d have been lucky to make the 53 man roster, let alone see any playing time at all, with the way our LB corps is looking. If he can play for more than 50% for us? He’d be LUCKY to see the bench in Baltimore! Dallas needs depth at LB. After they lost Sean Lee it seems pretty much any LB that can play out there could get a spot on the team. So either he would have retired and we would have gotten nothing, or in this case likely he won’t make the team in Dallas and we will get nothing. Either way we will be getting nothing out of this situation.

  2. catgirl54 on said:

    Too many “if’s” for me. I don’t think we’ve lost so much. He was a headache and a problem. And a sixth-rounder is hardly much better than a seventh. Geesh!

  3. cheri on said:

    Yes it was one of those situations where you say ‘If it’s too good to be true then it probably isn’t”. Well that applied here. I just knew when all the details would come out that it would ahve a bunch of stipulations which it did. Here is hoping he is good enough for the Cowboys that the Ravens will get that 6th rounder that would cover up the Campanaro 6th we gave the Browns. I have to say though that I hope he’s not so good that I am thinking damn we could have had this 24 year old to go with Smith and Brown and used that 17th pick on a different player instead of Mosley but then again none of us or Ozzie has that kind of crystal ball to see if that will happen or not.
    For the above post keep in mind that even if he plays 50 percent for Dallas DOES NOT nean he would had played 50 percent here because the Ravens are so much better at LB then Dallas is so you can’t go by that.

  4. CrabbyPatty on said:

    Don’t know why so many people are complaining about this deal. McClain wasn’t planning on playing for Baltimore. If he did want to play for us, what are the odds that he would have ever even seen the field behind D. Smith, Mosley, A. Brown and Bynes? This may not be a “steal” for Baltimore, but we didn’t lose anything, and what did you expect teams to trade for McClain, a first round pick??? The Ravens rolled the dice and came out even. No big deal.

  5. newsman 11 on said:

    This is really dumb . We should have kept him period . It’s one thing if we would have gotten ANYTHING FOR HIM AT ALL . WE DIDN’T . He’s only 24 ….he could have a brain transplant and turn out to be a star …or even just better than average . This makes me question how smart Ozzie and Harbaugh really are !!!

  6. Lionel on said:

    We used a 2nd rounder last year and a 1st rounder this year on an ILB, and we have Daryl Smith playing well. There was literally a zero percent chance Rolando was going to play 50% of the defensive snaps on the Ravens, and that is if he even made the team.

    The Cowboys lost Sean Lee (again) and are not as deep at ILB. That said, the odds Rolando plays more than 50% of the Cowboys’ defensive snaps is only microscopically above zero percent, imo.

    When all is said and done, I think we either get nothing for a guy we valued at nothing, or we move up a handful of spots in the 7th round (if McClain makes their team and we finish ahead of the Cowboys).

    It was a non-event ‘trade’ in terms of implications, because the player involved is a nobody.

  7. Kevin on said:

    What are you people expecting? Really Rolando McClain is not going to make even the LB desperate Cowboys defense. Expect nothing and be happy he is no longer part of the Raven discussion, he is Dallas’ headache now.

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