TV GEEK: Tomlin Jokes, Snowplows, and Superimposed Yard Markers


The last 2:30 of Sunday’s Ravens-Vikings game made it one for the ages.  The snow made for a sloppy game, but what was the broadcast team’s excuse?

The field at M&T Bank Stadium was completely snow-covered causing Tim Ryan and Chris Myers to struggle from the first snap of the game with yard lines and ball placement.  Fox superimposed the field numbers for Ryan and Myers to help them and the viewers figure out down and distance.  God forbid we get the old school feel of football where you rely on the first down markers.  You could literally hear Ryan’s sigh of relief when Fox got fancy with the numbering.

Jacoby Jones’ first punt return was quite interesting.  Myers took it upon himself to rename Jacoby “Jarious” Jones.  He more than made up for it to Ravens fans though, by talking about how Mike Tomlin was nowhere to be found on the sideline.  It wouldn’t be the last time.

Ryan seemed to go out of his way all game to call out Lardarius Webb for every little misstep.  On a 4th and 2 play in the second quarter, Matt Cassel threw a quick pass to Greg Jennings that was un-defendable by the corner.  Ryan went on to say it was bad awareness by Webb.  Let’s be honest – it’s a four-yard bang-bang pass play, you can jump the route and potentially get burned big OR sit back and play it safe, bump Jennings off the line and live to see another day.

For the record, if you (like me) didn’t know who Tim Ryan was, he was a defensive end for the Chicago Bears for four years, during which he started five games. He holds the record for sacks in a single season at USC.

On the Vikings’ first field goal, Myers felt the need to let the viewers know that snowplows were not allowed on the field to clear a spot for the holder, referring to the famous snowplow incident in the Dolphins- Patriots game from 1982.

Chris went on to show his out-of-touch-ness after a Ray Rice catch and run saying “Ray Rice, a body full of tattoos, all have meaning.”

Great Grandpa Chris decided to focus on Rice’s tattoos, not—-ya know, Rice’s years of charity work.  Get with the times Chris, 95% of players on the field are covered with tattoos.  Back when Myers was young the only person he ever saw with a tattoo was Pop-eye.

Myers again reiterated the NFL’s “no-snow plow policy” on the Vikings’ second field goal.


Then came the final three minutes of the game.

The game got wild, but Myers and Ryan kept their composure.

On Jacoby’s 77-yard kick return touchdown Myers threw a second jab at Mike Tomlin:

“You see what Jacoby Jones can do without Mike Tomlin on the sideline!”

As poor as this broadcast was from time to time, they did an excellent job letting the closing minutes of the game speak for itself.  The guys did what every good team should do – facilitate the action and the end of Sunday’s game was packed with it…

Next week the Ravens have a Monday Night showdown with the Detroit Lions.  The forecast: intense with a strong chance of Grudenisms.

Here’s to hoping for a Ravens win; and a spider-2-wide-banana.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Aside from Carolina being relevant…


9 Raves on “TV GEEK: Tomlin Jokes, Snowplows, and Superimposed Yard Markers

  1. steve on said:

    The whining over the commentators on this site has gotten petty and nitpicky to the point of having no value beyond making yourself look like cry babies. The guys are on live TV – stuff happens from time to time. I’m amazed you didn’t call them out for saying ‘ray lewis’ instead of ‘ray rice’?

    Stop stomping your feet over the petty things and focus on stuff that actually matters or is of substance. Grow up.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:


      The column is labeled “TV GEEK” and there’s the “MEDIA WATCHDOG”, also clearly labeled. If you think the guys are whiny, then just skip over it. If you read this piece from Matt in its entirety, he is both critical AND complimentary. But maybe you didn’t get that far because you were too busy doing your own whining?

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      You seem to be the one stomping your feet, steve.

      I like Matt’s critique’s of the broadcasts. But they’re not for everyone; that’s fine.

      If you don’t like TV GEEK (in huge letters every time), don’t read it. Read the stuff that you think “matters or is of substance,” and skip what you don’t like.

      What’s hard about that?

  2. Anonymous on said:

    the whole entire game…I was saying…please shut up!! everytime they spoke. They were horrible announcers and need another line of work!

  3. Billy Bob on said:

    I particularly liked the Fox Spanish broadcast for the first quarter — it made a lot more sense than Tim and Chris. Fox has pretty low standards for NFL games, considering its top team is Joe Buck and Troy ‘nodding off’ Aikman.

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