TWO-MINUTE OFFENSE: Another Raven off to Cleveland?

NFL 2010 Dec 19 - Ravens vs Saints

Joe Linta’s remarks about the Ravens were poorly chosen words that only Amanda Bynes would be proud of. That drum has been beaten to death and I promise I’ll only tap on the single-ply calfskin one more time…

“I’ve never in my life seen a dumber move. I guess people can say, ‘Well, Joe was dumb, too.’ It could have been (dumb), God forbid, if he got hurt. But $1 million to Steve Bisciotti six years from now? That’s like 100 bucks for you or me today.”

He said it. It was a bad career move. Any attempt on Linta’s part to defend these words, comes off as nothing more than a forced apology. He’s rung that bell like Quasimodo. But it’s time to move on.

Rob Gronkowski is a player that some felt the Ravens would select in 2010. You may recall that the New England Patriots moved up in the second round, one pick ahead of the Ravens to turn in Gronk’s card.

But the Ravens never were going to take the talented tight end with the 43rd pick because they had medical concerns about Gronkowski. Unfortunately, those concerns have now come to fruition for Bill Belichick & Company. Our best to Gronk for a speedy and complete recovery.

Next Tuesday evening (June 4) at the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards, Justin Tucker will be the featured guest. This great event includes: Food samplings from Atlantic Caterers; an autograph from AND a photo with the Super Bowl Champion kicker; plus a VIP Q&A session (hosted by yours truly) for just $59!

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Another Raven is considering a move to Cleveland and this time it’s the team’s Director of Media Relations, Chad Steele. Word is that Steele is looking to take over the top spot in the Browns PR Department. No knock on the very capable Steele but illusionist Criss Angel would be hard pressed to change the way the public views that mess by Lake Erie.

Hopefully this process gets Steele a little more front and center on the radar screen for similar positions with other teams. But given the ongoing volatility in the Browns’ ownership and the track record of other Ravens’ front office personnel migrating to Cleveland, accepting such a position clearly has its risks.

The topic of Mt. Rushmore has made a tour around the NFL thanks to Pro Football Talk. We’ve been on this topic for quite some time as it relates to the Ravens and the fourth position on the immortal mountain has come down to Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. Feel free to cast your vote below.

Which likenesses belong atop the Ravens Mount Rushmore?
Total voters: 5191
R. Lewis (25%)
Ogden (17%)
Reed (19%)
Stover (8%)
Suggs (6%)
Boulware (1%)
J. Lewis (2%)
Rice (10%)
Flacco (12%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

Finally, Ed Reed is said to be in Atlanta rehabbing after recent hip surgery. Insiders say that the Ravens were very aware of Reed’s hip issues and that may have been one of the contributing factors not to bring the future Hall of Famer back to Baltimore.

However, Reed will be returning to spend time with his mates from the Super Bowl winning squad when they accept their championship rings at The White House on June 7. Unfortunately Reed’s sidekick at safety Bernard Pollard won’t be joining the team, allowing foolish pride to stand between him and what would undoubtedly be a red-letter day in his life.

Pollard’s choice, clearly his to make, will unfortunately taint his brief legacy here in The Land of Pleasant Living.

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27 Raves on “TWO-MINUTE OFFENSE: Another Raven off to Cleveland?

  1. Fran the Fan on said:


    Does the Mount have to consist only of players? If not, then it’s a slam dunk that the one person who is more responsible than anyone else in the organization for the Ravens success over the past 17 years needs to be there – Ozzie Newsome.

    If it’s players only, then it’s got to be Matt Stover (lest we forget all what he did….)

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Fran, in my mind it’s players only. As for Stover, I had him on the original Mount. But I think Flacco has earned that spot now.

      • Shaun on said:

        Tony, I still think it should be Stover over Flacco. It may be Flacco in a couple of years but not now. Right now even Ray Rice should be over Flacco.

  2. Frank on said:

    I am curious why isn’t Todd Heap on the list to vote for.Since Todd was not only one of the elite TE’s in his playing days for The Ravens and a Baltimore Ravens Fan Favorite.What are the reasons for leaving him off this list for the mount.

  3. Jim on said:

    I think Stover over Flacco, No doubt in a few years will that change but as of today. Stover hands down. My thinking if it wasn’t just for players you would have to have a spot for Art Modell as well as Ozzie

  4. Sam on said:

    I picked Ray, Ed, Ogden and Stover…the only other people I would have put ahead of Stover is either Modell or Ozzie.

  5. Mike on said:

    Flacco with only continue to… cement.. his place on the Ravens MT. Rushmore. He has a very good argument now, but a few years down the road we will place him 2nd to only 52 in our history.

  6. Tommy.O on said:

    Hey Tony, will you guys give us updates on OTA’s, as in who is doing what. I know its just a walk through type practice but i am intrigued at many match-ups. Like Corner is it going to be Webb and Jommy or Webb and Corey? Who is our #2 Reciever, hows the O-Line look, Center battle. Hows the D-line look. We have a lot of exciting match ups this summer.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I’ll be out there tomorrow and report on my observations tomorrow afternoon and during the weekend. Thanks Tommy O!

  7. JerryB on said:

    I’ve got Flacco over Rice in this debate. No QB in the NFL has done more for his team in the last 5 years than Joe Flacco! And, looking forward to a full season with the Caldwell/Flacco duo, Flacco looks to pick up right where he left off last year following the dismissal of Cam Cameron, who is back in the college ranks where he belongs! As an aside, we may never know just how good a coach Harbaugh is because he had the good fortune of arriving on the scene at the same time Joe Flacco did. What we can say with certainty is that Flacco began to soar like a Raven almost immediately following Cameron’s firing, which begs the question, what took Harbaugh so long……..

    • Ed in ON on said:

      His loyalty is generally a good trait. In this case he was too loyal.

      Yet remember we were a Lee Evans drop AND a Cundiff shank away from representing the AFC in super bowl, despite Cam Cameron….

  8. WiscoRavensFan on said:

    The first 3 are no brainers… R. Lewis, J. Ogden & E. Reed… so is the 4th, it’s gotta be Joe Flacco. He owns every QB record in franchise history & brought a ring to Balt while winning SB MVP & matching Joe Montana for the best postseason QB run ever. That is why he wins over Stover.

  9. Chip Riddleberger on said:

    Tony, while I think Flacco is well on his way to locking in his place among the “Raven” Mt. Rushmore I still would give the nod to Stover at this point due to his consistent production and longevity. Flacco had a great playoff run and he needs to build on that for a whole season (which I think he will with a full season of Caldwell at OC and continuity with the O-line). But hey that’s what makes debate fun. Now if you were to do a “Baltimore football” Mt. Rushmore things would get even more interesting with Unitas, Lewis, Berry, Reed being locks in my opinion. Have a great event next Tuesday!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Chip, we plan on doing an Orioles Mt. Rushmore and a Baltimore Mt. Rushmore (Michael Phelps maybe?). Thanks for your well wishes. You guys should come. I know you’ll enjoy it and the price is great!

      • Chip Riddleberger on said:

        Hey Tony, the event sounds great but Tuesday is going to be tough. We are actually in Florida right now on vacation but we get back this weekend (but I always check the site regardless as you can tell). I look forward to the Orioles and Baltimore Mt. Rushmore’s which will stimulate some serious debate ( Phelps and maybe even a Baltimore Bullet player). If this event is going to be annual I look forward to coming out next year. Talk soon

  10. Tim on said:

    The way Steele was more front and center during the Raytirement and the playoffs I thought maybe Kevin Byrne was leaving soon and Chad was getting ready to take over here. Guess not.

  11. paulie on said:

    I think my Mt. Rushmore would be a tad more exclusive.
    Art Model, Ozzie Newsome, Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis.
    There have been some other great players and some very
    good coaches too, but no one else reaches that upper echelon.

  12. Ravenwoman on said:

    I think anyone from our front office who even contemplates a move to Cleveland is stupid. Look no further than Phil Savage and George Kokinis. Working for the Browns nearly ruined their respective careers and neither one of them has received as much as a sniff at another General Manager’s job. Luckily for Kokinis, the Ravens brought him back as Senior Personnel Assistant (whatever that means) and Savage works as Executive Director of the Senior Bowl. That is what Brown can do for you!!!

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