Unnecessary Drama Over Bryant McKinnie

Bryant McKinnie

The media and fans are piling on Bryant McKinnie as they assume he is piling on the pounds. But if you could, open your mind to another possibility.

Let me start by reminding everyone that during OTA’s Bryant McKinnie was in much better shape than he was during Super Bowl XLVII.

Now let’s assume that McKinnie’s new deal with the Ravens is tied to prescribed weight hurdles. That seems like a safe assumption, right? So if you accept this assumption then obviously McKinnie failed to achieve the first hurdle for training camp.

But that said, it’s quite possible that even though he is technically over the prescribed weight, that weight may still be less than the weight he played at during that now infamous playoff stretch.

It’s not as though McKinnie couldn’t take the field yesterday but failure to meet weight goals had to come with some repercussions – one of which is the embarrassment of not making weight and that fact becoming public knowledge.
It’s akin to a parent punishing a child.

John Harbaugh could have allowed McKinnie to practice. It’s not as though there aren’t other Ravens out there who are unpleasantly plump. But he didn’t want to let McKinnie off the hook and if there are weight incentives in the contract that the Ravens tackle agreed to, then why should he?

Harbaugh said he was disappointed. His body language this time around was different than in the past when McKinnie’s weight issue reared its ugly head.

“Disappointed”… sounds a bit like a parent, doesn’t it?

The bet here is that McKinnie was close to the prescribed weight and will be back on the practice field today or tomorrow. And when he is, observers will wonder why he was held back at all when comparing this version of McKinnie to the 2012 edition.

Just like everyone will soon forget that Jacoby Jones flunked his initial conditioning test, they’ll soon forget about McKinnie’s weight and write both off as unnecessary drama.

And really that’s all it is.

13 Raves on “Unnecessary Drama Over Bryant McKinnie

  1. BoldinRaver on said:

    Makes sense. Assuming that a lax attitude is the threat that comes with a Super Bowl hangover, the coach wouldn’t want to cut slack on day one of camp – ask Jacoby.

  2. paulie on said:

    I would feel safe making a bet that McKinnie has played his entire career heavier than he reported this year. I’ve watched him most of that time with the Vikings and now with the Ravens and believe that he’s the kind of guy that does best with strict rules and limits.

  3. Tgun#42 on said:

    Big mac has been working his but off this offseason. He has been playing tennis, boxing , swimming. He will be great.

  4. Big C on said:

    He’s a big guy man… and you know those stimulants we non drug tested folks can take (diuretics, Stackers, zenedrine) are illegal for him. He’s 6’8″ and in his 30′s, the weight just isn’t coming off. He does look slimmer than he did in the super bowl, He may have added muscle un knowingly. He’s been in town for most of the offseason, I think he really put his foot forward. Plus he passed the conditioning test, Harbs said his cardio was there. Maybe he really wants him below that threshold so he’ll lose additional weight in the heat and his joints will stay healthy. Either way, he’ll be our starting tackle once he’s back. I think it’s a totally different deal this year than last…

  5. john schultheis on said:

    First ,let us have Harbaugh released actually weights of all players ( which he does not do) and last years’ closing weights and then talk about any player in camp this year. Why are fans only on this guy?He was an important part of protecting Flacco down the stretch. Oher could not do it ,no one since Ogden has done it as well except McKinnie. Second, let’s talk about Upshaw’s weight. Harbaugh says he lost 20 lbs some media guys I know that are at camp and even Jones on this website says he does not look 20 lbs less. Reports were he weight 295 lbs at OTA”S in June. where are fans voices about this guy, that 2 years in a row has come to camp over weight and ben injured because of it and was slow starter on this defense? What about Jimmy Smith ,not his weight but other issues worse than McKinni. and his injuries the last 3 years? Smith’s attitude and laziness is not what you expect from a top draft pick.. When drafted while the players were locked out in the player/owner new CBA holdup.while other players9veterans androokies were here working out together,r Smith was no where to be found. Neither in their own failures by Upshaw,Smith ( I won’t even go in to the Kindle’s of the world), have they been as productive as McKiniie has been. Yes we have needed a long term quality left tackle but this guy will have to do until then or the Ravens and Ozzie would not have re-sign him.

  6. Big C on said:

    Damn… y’all see the video on Baltimore Ravens.com?? Holy goodness, he’s got a little way to go. He’s in shape for 98% of the teams in the league.. But he’s not in the shape he needs to be in if they’re getting a lot of reps like it’s reported. He was so high, just in his 2 pt stance… popping straight up. Suggs blew right past him. He probably can’t keep his energy level up to the speed of practice…

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