Wes Welker’s loudmouth wife apologizes to Ray Lewis


As Ravens fans were basking in the glory of the franchise’s second Super Bowl berth on Sunday, the mood was dampened after the word got out that the wife of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker severely disrespected Ray Lewis.

Baltimore was fired up! In fact, the story set a new comments record on Russell Street Report, and we had to eventually disable the comments given the frustration fans felt.

Hours after posting negative remarks towards Lewis regarding his children, children’s mothers and an obstruction of justice charge from 13-years ago, Anna Burns Welker spoke to Pepper on Sports and issued the following statement:

“I’m deeply sorry for my recent post on Facebook, including comments about Ray Lewis. I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me. My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comments after yesterday’s game. It is such an accomplishment for any NFL team to even make it to the playoffs, and the momentary frustration I felt should not overshadow the achievement of these amazing teams.”

Some may take Burns’ apology to heart but most will still feel that the level of disrespect that was originally shown to Lewis means that this was just a forced apology.

Regardless of what was said to Lewis, Burns opened a can of worms given her background. A simple Google image search of Anna Burns Welker will reveal many pictures of an artificially enhanced woman holding said artificial enhancements and 98% exposed pictures of hear rear end. Many will make the connection that she possibly could be with Welker solely for his bank account.

Plenty of ammunition for the thousands that responded to Burns with a little taste of her own medicine.

Making assumptions into someones personal life if wrong and even though the comments back to Burns did the same thing, she preempted them the second she clicked the “post” button on Facebook. As the significant other of a public figure, this is definitely something that should not happen.

Burns’ husband is now a free agent and will more than likely will play for a new team in 2013. While Welker is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL, the dropped passes in two critical games and now loudmouth of a wife might bring his stock down slightly.

(Remember Kris and Anna Benson, O’s fans?)

Regardless, Welker will still make millions next season, and he’ll still be married to a beautiful woman. Now, they’re most likely not welcomed in Baltimore – Ray Lewis’ city.

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48 Raves on “Wes Welker’s loudmouth wife apologizes to Ray Lewis

    • jeannieB on said:

      I thought at first she was a horrible woman, but as I seat down and thought about it, she might of did this to get attention for Welker, cause he is probaly ignoring her. And she might of thought, well if I say something about Ray Lewis and the Ravens, he might pay attention to me now. But it looks like that might of back firer, plus she needs to ask God for forgiveness to, she might of married for money,but who’s to say he gives her money, like I said might of did it for attention

  1. Ravenator on said:

    you gotta feel sorry for Wes Welker…c’mon Wes, you should have more class than marrying some dumb hooter girl, out for your money!!! No wonder he will not go to the pro bow, he has to be embarrassed…..

      • Elkton Bob on said:

        Jay, you may want to link up with a good Optometrist, or move to San Francisco.
        She is smokin’ hot, Wes doesn’t get that unless he is in the NFL. I really don’t think what she said is any different than what most people (outside MD) think of Ray. If Ray did not play for the Ravens, you know most people in Baltimore would say it about him also, that’s the nature of NFL fans today.

  2. Christie C on said:

    Don’t buy it for a second – not sincere. She’s an idiot Hooters girl who happened to marry football player. I’m sure the New England front office told Welker to shut up his wife. Sweetie, just sit in the corner and look pretty. Better to have people think you’re stupid then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  3. Toni Cruz on said:

    I dont buy it!!, because her husband is a free agent now, she was advised or instructed to make this statement!! Do we really believe she made up this attempted redemption statement all by her self? NO! It really seems that this Patriots team is really classless from comments last year and current!! Such bad sportsmanship, and sportsmanship extends to your significant others when you are in the public eye, especially during championship games!! Someone will lose, there is no way around it! Thank God Ray Lewis is a Christian man with class! He or his extended family could have responded to these remarks, so far as I know they have not!! Because attention is attention whether its negative or positive!! The Lewis family- God Bless them for focusing on the positive…The Ray Lewis Legacy and this winning Ravens Team! I am very proud of this team and this season!!! Once we stop responding to this NEGATIVE attention, then this will be forgotten, If the Lewis Family disregards these comments, so should we! Time to focus on Feb.3rd! Sincerely, Proud Baltimore Fan!! Go Ravens!!! <3

  4. Chad on said:

    I am a die-hard Ravens fan and always will be. And yes Ray Lewis is not only a part of Baltimore, but he is a part of everyone who bleeds Purple!! It seems as though everyone is bothered by this comment that she posted, which they have every right too, but don’t you think that the main person that should be bothered by this is Ray Lewis himself. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have not seen or heard anything from Ray Lewis himself. Seems like we are more bothered by this than Ray is!!!

  5. megan on said:

    I think ray Lewis is a wonderful role model anyone who has a rocky past and can turn their like around is a great role modEl for the simple fact that change is possible no matter what has happened or what u have done he was found not guilty and if he did do it he is the one that has to live with it and answer to the man upstairs i believe he didnt do it he did the right thing when he came diwn to it and he has done alot for the ravens and other it dont matter how many kids he has as long as he takes care of them its his life and hes happy hes acheived alot most oeople cant even find hapoiness in life and this man has i congratulate him. Go Ravens

  6. Brad Ragucci on said:

    We all have our bones in the closet,but to bring his kids in this is just wrong ,they did nothing to you ,I have kids by different woman and I’m not a bad guy at all,,just keep the kids out ,,,by the way ,you will be watching Ray Lewis this year on Super Bowl Sunday ,,,they beat the Pats fair and did it with class ,,,Wes is a great player we all know that but what made you bring his kids in it ,,,,,,your a very sore loser and your words prove that,,,one more thing Go Ravens

  7. Kell Bustard on said:

    Wait a minutes folks – now I don’t like what she said any more than any of you do. She made a mistake, she apologized – now let’s all move on. Just as it is unfair to bring up Ray Lewis’s past brush with the law, it would be unfair to continue to rub [former] Miss Hooter International’s nose in her mistake. Let us move past this unfortunate incident and move forward to victory in the Super Bowl.

  8. Jillian on said:

    Wes Welker’s wife was instructed to apologize. But it doesn’t change the facts. Ray Lewis is not a good role model and should not be a candidate for the Hall of Fame.
    Sure Spygate was bad….But “Murder” is incomprehensible. AND he gets away with it!!!

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      Jillian, Ray didn’t murder anybody. Just like Mrs. Welker, you need to brush up on your “facts” (and not on wikipedia) and stop believing what every other Patriots fan tells you.

      Your lies and misinformation are not welcome here.

      • Jillian on said:

        When did Wikipedia lose it’s reputation for giving the facts?
        You can’t have it both ways. You can’t pick and choose the facts that you agree with.
        To be specific, the murder charge was dismissed due to a plea bargain. Why would you obstruct justice if there wasn’t some element of guilt? This is not cheating in a sporting event…we’re talking about murder.

        • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

          The murder charge was dropped because the prosecutor had ZERO evidence that Ray murdered anybody. As he came out and admitted years later, he was trying to “scare” Ray into coming clean about whatever he might know.

          Ray was guilty of this: making a false statement to police. That’s IT. Anything else is pure speculation, and unless you were there, you cannot speak to any of these “facts” you keep mentioning.

          It’s unfortunate that you use the deaths of two young men to justify hating a team that beats yours.

          If you want to hate Ray for all the preaching, or dancing, or whatever, go right ahead. But he’s not a murderer. Just stop.

          • Jillian on said:

            You haven’t beaten us yet, and I dare say, you won’t on Superbowl Sunday.

            An innocent person does not lie to the police. That’s the last thing you should do in a murder case.

            Ray Lewis may be a great athlete, but he has no moral character.

            I am aware of his background, that his father beat his mother and Ray Lewis had a terrible young life. But murder, is unforgivable. I’m just sorry for people that condone bad behavior for the sake of sports, Very sad

          • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

            Ok, so “us” is the 49ers? Fine, whatever.

            “An innocent person does not lie to police.” In your world, perhaps. Have you ever heard of what happens to “snitches” in inner cities, where many professional athletes grow up? There is an inherent distrust of the police that permeates some people from birth. Again, YOU DON’T KNOW. You’re speaking from your own biases and calling them “fact.”

            And re: Ray’s “moral character.” Please, look at what he’s done in the 12 years since he was falsely accused of murder. Look at the charity work. Look what he does for his children.

            Murder is unforgivable. I see that you’ve convicted him based on your own evidence. Evidence that I’m sure DA’s in Atlanta would love to see – as noone else has ever been convicted of anything in that particular case.

        • Tom Molidor on said:

          Jillian, get your facts straight, yes it was a murder case, no one was convicted of any charges for murder. RAY GOT HIS CONVICTION DID WHATEVER HE WAS SUPPOSE TO DO FOR IT.this is the USA, innocent until proven guilty still goes here

        • Drock on said:

          Did you really ask that Jillian? You do know that wikipedia is not a definitive source of information right? Anybody can edit a page.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Wow, Jillian you are just as much of an ignorant piece of junk as his wife is. Seriously go educcate yourself. Ray Lewis is and always will be one of THE GREATESTs to play the game and he deserves it all! Show some respect dammit!

      • Ravenator on said:

        Damn, Jiliian…were you there? Poor sportmanship is the worse! Patriots got their ass kicked so get over it. The 49 ers will too!!!
        Sounds like Jilian is a hooters girl like Anna Burns!!!!

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Last year it was Brady’s wife. Now it’s welkers wife, New England house wife’s are a bunch of b@&$)!!!! Suck your husbands hotdogs and shut your mouths!!! And they talk about how we’re the villains! Bunch of babies up in New England

  10. Samantha Holtzapple on said:

    I think for anyone to bring children into any bad post is trash! If u r going to talk smack be sure you are clean of wrongs. What ever happen to good sportsmanship? I know one thing we have never seen Baltimore Ravens cry over a lost! Ray Lewis is one of the main reasons our team has so much heart!
    My niece for Christmas went shopping with Ray Lewis in Baltimore MD, he put his arm around her like they were family! I’m very proud to say I had the chance to watch him win n lose but not once did he do it in a bad way! GO RAVENS!!!!

  11. Jillian on said:

    Let’s get it straight…We are not talking about a mistake here.
    yes we all have sinned….But we don’t murder!!!

    • Scott on said:

      1 Timothy 2:11-12

      “A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.”

      I say he didn’t murder anyone. Argument over!

      Want a rematch? I win again!

  12. Jay Nez on said:

    Who are we to judge? All over the fact that this man is doing well and is seeking God for guidance!!!!! WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE? Kids are God’s greatest gifts, we were kids once, The facts are distorted. The man was not charged. If you lived in a crazy place and a fight jumped off, blame the rich guy for everything, he settle the law suite!!!! Wake up humans, We all have our own cross to bare!!!

    • Jay Nez on said:

      The man is not guilty, Not enough evidence and witnesses validated his story,,, There is a rule in the streets, NO SNITCHIN!!!!! There is also another one “If you get your butt kicked, come back and fight another day”!!!!! Cry babies,,,,,

  13. Sean E. on said:

    In the official court records Ray was Aquitted of all murder charges, also the knife that was found had not had Ray’s finger prints on it. I find it is mostly the Squeeler fans that refuse to accept this along with an Ex Miss Hooters.

    They all say well why did he pay the families if he did not Kill them? again goes back to the Plea Deal. drop it let the champion retire in peace and walk into Canton in 2015 where he deserves to be after 17 seasons

  14. Anonymous on said:

    I was sitting here reading all the posts from what this wife spoke about Ray Lewis. I am not sure as to why this is an issue. The same with many of the athletes that play football. Okay the Ravens won the game fair and not cheating at all. Oh and another thing why would some Patriots fans talk regarding Torrey Smith losing his brother. People need to be careful of what they are speaking out of their mouths. It is heartless and cruel for anyone to speak negative about Ray Lewis, Mrs Welker or Torrey Smith. It is a game only. Football is a game but you are making it personal. I am a Raven’s fan but I do not go into talking about the players like that. Whatever team you root for then do it and be proud of your team. When it becomes personal then I have a serious problem. Fans are making it personal. When fans of other teams call Ray Lewis a murderer then that is when I draw the line. Ray Lewis is not being moved by any comments from other team’s fans. Let us just celebrate the victory with our Ravens and the 49ers. It was a fair win by our Ravens against the Patriots. Certainly what Ray is saying through bible scriptures and that is no weapon formed against me shall not prosper and every tongue that rises shall be condenmed. So for those that believe then trust me he is not being moved by the ignorant comments from others. This is all I have to say regarding this issue.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Are you serious he is the greatest to play that position. Better than single tray, Butkus, lambert, randy white you name it. The intensity in which he played with longevity….. Priceless. I am a dire hard Cowboy fan. But you have to acknowledge greatness when in its presence. Handle your business Ravens!

    • Anonymous on said:

      In that region it’s a cult I remember when they won there first Super Bowl and the fans were screaming hate Yankees. So sad!

  15. Anonymous on said:

    She’s probably just mad that the Patriots didn’t win AGAIN, and she won’t be getting that big check. Didn’t Gisele Brady’s mouth get her in trouble last year????

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