Wes Welker’s wife sounds off on Ray Lewis


Wives of players for the New England Patriots don’t take losing too well.

Last season, after losing the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen was overheard yelling at Giants fans saying her husband “cannot (expletive) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

Yesterday, dropped passes – most notably by wide receiver Wes Welker – were part of the demise of the Patriots yet again, as the Ravens won the AFC Championship and will head to New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.

After the game, Welker’s wife Anna Burns took to social media to air a few sour grapes as her husband began to pack his locker for the offseason (h/t The Big Lead).

On her Facebook page, Mrs. Welker posted:

“Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids, 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay! What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”


According to Welker’s Wikipedia page, his wife is a former Miss Hooters International (2005).

Maybe she should stick to looking pretty and refrain from voicing her ignorant opinions in such a public forum.

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111 Raves on “Wes Welker’s wife sounds off on Ray Lewis

    • Madeleine from Baltimore on said:

      Tell the gal she’s awfully pretty, but tell her to put some clothes on. Hard to believe Ms. Hooters has the nads to talk about someone else not being a role model. Didn’t anyone teach her about good sportsmanship in school? If she wants to act like a child then ‘nanny nanny boo boo’ back at her. Give it a rest and realize your ‘Pats” were just outplayed. Grow up.

      • James on said:

        Anna Burns is entitled to expressing her self. I would even give her kudos for trying to string together a few words. I would imagine the manner in which she has expressed herself in the past has been primarily carnal.

      • Jessica from Baltimore on said:

        Yea. This bitch is redic! Everyone on the pats team are just sore losers! Even the coach! Sad that only one Patriots player could do an interview. (Respect to him) And for her to even think that she is a good role model is sad. I’m sure that any role model would tell a little girl that she should be comfortable with what god gave her instead of throwing fake boobs in her face. You’re just a sore loser with the rest of the fans. Do me a favor and give your losing husband a tissue to dry his tears as he watches us win the super bowl. And before you think you know anything about Ray Lewis how about you realize that Wikipedia can be changed by the entire world. Your pretty in the fake way and your also pretty stupid.

    • DUCK, B-MORE PROUD, on said:

      Some people open their mouths, an nothing but sh*t come out, an she’s one of those people..

    • Anonymous on said:

      You know Im sick of this ray is a murderer thing. Lets keep it on the field and what pertains to football. I believe when the Pats were considered a dynasty, your beloved douch-a-licious Belichick was caught cheating and FOUND GUILTY unlike Ray who was AQUITTED. Well I consider your dynasty to be tainted since it was not a level playing field due to the fact you were GUILTY of cheating. What Ray did had nothing to do with the game and done even pull out the he is a role model. So is Brady and Belichick and they are a bumch of sire losers, oh who cheat to win! So SUCK IT!

    • Anonymous on said:

      WOW!! What a huge class difference between the Mannings and the Bradys. The mannings were full of class & grace after their heartbreaking loss & the Bradys act like this. Just goes to show what a spoiled brat Brady is & what hapoens when his God complex is challenged. The Ravens outplayed & out classed u,Tom. Suck it up like a man

  1. Charlie on said:

    Just like she is a true Role model for women, by having to show her t*ts of to make a living, not that I am opposed to seeing her t*ts, but clearly she has no brain, and just some over stuffed saline bags. If she had anything but those t*ts, maybe she would realize, that the justice system in America, had no real reason to charge Ray Lewis for Murder, cause he did not do it. Did people he was out with that evening do it, Probably, and Ray did the right thing and testified against them. Paid a fine levied on him by his peers, as our constitution, and governing laws of this nation stipulate… Ray has since turned his life over to God, and has ask for forgiveness..It clearly stats in the Bible that Christian people are forgiven when ask.. So obviously she is not a Christian, or a educated individual. All she is a boob tooting bimbo, who needs to show her t*ts to make a living. Talk about a role model. Go rub your t*ts all over your Loser ass husband, and ask him why he cant catch a ball !!!!

    • margaret on said:

      EXACTLY!!! dragging peoples past out that they so strongly try to change and that does NOT make you abetter person, just a really sad loser!!!

    • Melissa smith on said:

      Ravens outplayed and outclassed the Patriots. From the coaches on “sore ass losers”. And As for Welkers wife, well she showed just how classless she is. What a dumbass! Whole organization needs to take a class in manners! It’s plain and simple…..we spanked their asses good and their crying!

    • michelle on said:

      AMEN!!! Charlie could not have said it any better myself…….Art Modell went to the jail where he was being held and asked ray square in the eyes and asked him if he did it! ray looked at him and said NO. Art Modell and this family of Raven owners believed in him and because of that he turned his life around and gave it to GOD. He is a mentor to all that watches him on the field and off…….To the bimbo of Brady it shows ho0w shallow that she is not to educate herself better before she runs her mouth maybe she should stay at what she does best and showing off her tits and making sure they dont leak then to run her mouth about something she knows nothing about……..Baltimorian Ravenette Fan!!!!!!

      • ANON on said:

        Wes Welker, #83, New England Patriots wide receiver and friends were thrown out of an upscale restaurant in Aspen, Colorado this weekend following an altercation with the bouncers.

    • scott on said:

      Charlie…you can not confuse north easterners with facts when their minds are made up…C’MON MAN!!!

  2. AintNoThang on said:

    Way to keep it classy New England. Maybe have a clause that if your players marry talentless, classless whores- they have to keep them muzzled….

  3. Jolita Berry on said:

    Girl you need to keep your mouth closed stand there and look pretty for the camezra! Stay in a model’s place. You and your husband can eat on sour grapes elsewhere! YOU ARE A HATER AND A SORE LOSER! Ray Lewis worked hard for his team! HOW DARE YOU judge him for his past. Last time I checked you nor your husband is God. Stuck up wench! For the record, he was judged NOT GUILTY …CLEAN SLATE baby girl! And another thing putting Mr. Lewis on blast won’t take away your husband’s BIG LOSS! You two have fun watching FROM HOME!

    • Beatrice Forbes on said:

      Could not have said it better.Tell her like it is.If she don’t know what she is talking about then she’ need’s to shut up.

  4. Tracy on said:

    Anna Jones is a golddiger who picked her husband up @ Hooters. Who cares what she thinks? Sore loser!!!

  5. Chimere on said:

    Woooow!! She’s mad nd a money hungry ex shooter girl!! Ray has done so much for our city(Baltimore)…what about the positive things! Nd Ray is a Wonderful role model!!

  6. Jimmy on said:

    Why were you on his page? Are you an undercover fan? Or are you secretly looking up Ray because much like the Pats left their fans, Wes leaves you unsatisfied? Ray is the most motivational player ever to play the game. His decisions in life leading up to the man he is today does not define him. Also, nobody defines or judges you for your trials through life so why are you doing that? Stop being negative and take a loss like an adult. Your on here judging but you’re the only one being someone not worth looking up to. Good day to you.

  7. Michelle on said:

    Her source is Wikipedia??? Wow! Scholar there! Why don’t you buy your husband super glue so he can catch the ball????!! Ignorant idiot!

  8. annette on said:

    hmmm So the “bored” are supposed to listen to someone who is in their drawers, hanging their tata’s out, and shoving their Arse in the air. Lol…talk about starving for attention.

  9. Dana Insley on said:

    WOW, From the great words of Ron White: “The next time you have a thought, let it go” Why can’t they just be good sports ? Why do that have to bring up crap that doesn’t matter ? Like someone said Ray Lewis takes care of his business. We’ll visit her in bout 20 years and see how many husbands she’s been through !

  10. QY itstorm on said:

    Just like a groupie that waited around the hotel for Wes . Probably his first cousin anyway

  11. tony on said:

    A loss is a loss but tapping into people’s personal life is just crazy people male mistakes. She needs to gain some weight before Wes leave her too lol

  12. Anthony Stike on said:

    Sounds like the Patriots and their wives are extremely POOR losers. They need to go back to school to learn how to be graceful & classy. I’m not a Peyton Manning fan, but he showed more class in a losing effort last week, than the Patriots have ever shown.

  13. Victoria Carter on said:

    Why do we give importance to a Hooter’s (whatever she was)? The fact of the matter is the Ravens, led by Ray Lewis, won! If her husband keeps playing like he played yesterday, she may have to go back to Hooters. We love Ray and really are not concerned with her tirade. She also needs to make sure that she has the facts. People get sued for slander! Remember, Hooter girl, it’s just a game of which we have not seen you suit up. Go wiggle your assets some place else.

  14. Explain why he paid a family off on said:

    People who are innocent dont pay off families and burn their bloody clothes.

    • Anonymous on said:

      If God forgives him , who are you to judge him!!! Not a Ravens fan but right is right!! Ravens won the game not just Ray!!!

    • 0rioles on said:

      Please read up on the facts before you make statements like this. You just sound ignorant and poorly informed.
      P.S. Wikipedia is not a good source of facts.

  15. Anonymous on said:

    She’s a sore looser just like the team her hub plays for and who knows after that dropped ball,missed catch whatever we may be saying next week or so PLAYED FOR!!! She is a classless golddigger,she would still be at hooters if she hadent met that football player,and she better be careful because he may not have liked her doing what she did,never speak for someone else,she might just end up back at hooters haha!!!!

  16. TAM1103 on said:

    What a ignorant, whiny B*TCH! I could care less what the man does in his PERSONAL life! It’s his business, NOT yours! You are truly NOT a true football fan because Ray Lewis is one of the BEST & for the love of all, stop bringing up something that happened over 10 years ago…he did NOT kill anyone! Get your facts straight you uneducated B*TCH!

  17. a raven fan on said:

    This game wasn’t about one player. Like the media keeps focusing on. The Ravens are a team. Before you talk about someones pass make sure you have a clean record. Bringing up someones pass I hope it made her feel better. But it has nothing to do with Ray’s kicking butt on the field. He’s my 7 year olds favorite player. Glad and proud to say I’m a RAVEN fan♥♥♥

  18. Go Ravens! on said:

    If it wasnt for Low Class she wouldnt have any class at all. Thats how this team operates. Bilichick sets their example.

  19. Amy on said:

    maybe if your husband did not drop that pass in the second half stop trying to blame others for your husbands fail

  20. Abby on said:

    It’s sad that she blames a person’s past character (who has now found The Lord), just because Wes Welker couldn’t catch the ball, and because the Patriots lost. If anything, our team has respect. You don’t hear Ravens players still complaining about Tom Brady sliding and holding up his leg to purposely injure Ed Reed. And, our coach had the decency to talk to the media after last years loss. Seems like the parents of New England players, coaches, and fans never taught them to treat others the way they want to be treated. Let anyone who are not sinners cast the first stone.

  21. joyce on said:

    Take your half naked body well actually more that that and make money to buy some class..Oh yes you can’t buy class ..so I will just wish you well on your body touch-ups

  22. joyce on said:

    Take your half naked body well actually more that that and make money to buy some class..Oh yes you can’t buy class ..so I will just wish you well on your body touch-ups

  23. Leisha on said:

    It is easy to make a false comment but takes intelligence to make an accurate statement. Maybe young Anna Burns should do some research before she opens her mouth. The justice system in America, had no real reason to charge Ray Lewis for Murder, cause he did not do it. Do your homework Anna before you open your mouth and slander someone. Also, work on your being a loser skills!!!!!

  24. cynthia on said:

    The balti.ore ravens played as a team and won it is truely sad that the wife of a player who played and whos team lost only thing to say was something so mean about a man who has over come great challenges in this life who states he has made mistakes and with the grace of god become a better man is just showing her own imperfections insyead of saying how proud she is of her husband and there team people like her shouldnt have a forum to spread hate i cant only say this shut up and grow up

  25. Bobbie on said:

    What a idiot! Obviously needs to keep her dumb mouth shut because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about! I absolutely hate sore losers! Damn haters! Freakin trash go back to hooters!

    • C.Mack on said:

      While she may indeed be an idiot, I’m not sure what she’s saying that’s inaccurate?

  26. Anonymous on said:

    All u scumbags are sore winners stop being jealous of ppl who have money unlike ur in educated Baltimore asses and convicted felons of players

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Pretty funny… “in educated”. I suppose there are snobs and there are “in educated” snobs.

      • I bleed black and purple on said:

        Okay first of all it’s your not ur, secondly it’s uneducated, which you clearly seem to be. If you’re going to talk badly about anyone or call them uneducated perhaps next time you should check your own Grammer first. By the way I was born and raised in Baltimore and proud!

    • Anonymous on said:

      “in educated” – what is that??? Also, what’s with the spelling? Obviously you are UNEDUCATED, but that’s ok, we believe everyone should be able to voice their opinion, regardless of how poorly you write. I only hope you get an education and learn to write properly.

    • Don't Worry About The Name! on said:

      The last time I checked Maryland was in the TOP 3 where Millionaires make their home. So it’s not about money, it’s about being uneducated and classless, which you are the TOP 1.

  27. Carol Coulthard on said:

    How mean-spirited is that! It takes a certain dignity to be a gracious loser; and apparently this is what the whole team lacks. Ray Lewis is a good human being,. He has done countless good deeds for those in need. How dare you try to pull him down to your ignorant level.

  28. Slkjr on said:

    Just heard on ESPN will Welker have a job next year with his inability to catch the football. Maybe she should go ask for her job back at hooters!

  29. Bobbie on said:

    What a idiot to say something you know nothing about you low class hooker! I’m so sick and tired of these freakin loud mouth no class bimbo’s hating on my team ! You lost now shut up already ! I’m happy and very proud of my team! Ravens all the way ! We don’t need your stupid comments!!!! Go back to Hooters where u obviously belong! Freakin sore losers! Say what you want, but guess what we’re going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ravenation on said:

    What else do you expect from a class-less team? I guess the wives are either already class-less or they are taught to be that way. Belichick is the most class-less coach yet. What he teaches his players and how he acts is absolutely asinine and its a shame more people havent opened their eyes! Even whiney Brady is the same. When we lose….no Raven has ever walked off the field and not showed respect for the other team, unlike the Patriots and the coach. I am so glad they were put in their place and the look on Brady’s face was priceless..he looked like a pouting 3 year old sitting there lol! Anyway, Show class for once Patriots, even our rival Steelers show alot more class and respect than you!

  31. Warhead on said:

    I’m a Ravens fan but she did just site the facts, I mean if those are the facts, then they are the facts… So what the problem other than she didn’t need to try and smear him just because her husbands team lost.

  32. Nicole S Moore on said:

    Response to Wes Welker’s wife ignorance:
    Even though I am well aware the false information she referenced about Ray Lewis I still took her advice and read the Wikipedia information on Ray Lewis never boring to red more about Ray. I discovered that Mrs. Welker has a reading and comprehension problem that she needs to address while she watches the Ray Lewis and the Ravens play in the Superbowl. To address the information about Ray Lewis 6 children that is not old news. Mr. Lewis acknowledges and speaks highly of his children every time he has a chance to. Plus what do his six children have to do with anything when he financially and emotionally takes care of his children? Next Ray Lewis does not have 4 wives this is the first example of incorrect information in Mrs. Welker’s statement. Wikipedia clearly says 4 women. He is not the only NFL player with multiple children mothers to his children. Now to address Ray Lewis murder trial: Wikipedia clearly states the murder charges were dismissed and he was found guilty of obstruction of justice. Paid fine, completed probation, testified against the gentlemen who did commit the murders. FYI the gentleman who admitted to the murders where acquitted for self defense. Again this is another example that Mrs. Welker’s has a reading comprehension problem.
    Ray Lewis has admitted that this sad tragedy is what helped him to become a better man and drew him closer to God. This is how he has gained the respect of his peers because a mistake that some never overcome he did and encourages others to do the same.

    Lastly he did not pay a family off. The Civil case was monetary case that the family persued. They all settled on an amount. Not a payoff. Maybe if you were a women of substance/virtues you would sit down with him and discover the truth for yourself. But you have chosen a path of true immature ignorance.

    Happy you defended your husbands but he did have a bad day at work like everyone has. But when Ray Lewis loses he NEVER blamed anyone nor tried to attack someone else because of his poor performance. You need to listen to his speech last year when the Ravens lost to New England. Your husband seems to be a descent gentleman but should we judge his character for marring a former Miss Hooters International were people frown upon the image portrayed who also displays reading comprehension problems? SMH

  33. I bleed purple and black on said:

    Wow what a total slut bag! Get over it sweetie your husband fell short as did his team. To attack someone who personally and professionally is a better man then Wes walker will ever be is pretty low. Why don’t you go to Tom Brady’s house and you, Wes, Tom, and Geizelle can watch a real man and athlete play in the Super Bowl!

  34. Donna on said:

    Let’ dig up her past and see how well she fares. It is not good to pass judgement on someone. We usually have 3 fingers pointing right back at us and what the heck does his personal life in his past or present have to do with the Pats losing? She gets the “Stupid football wife” of the year award from me. Give me a break.

  35. W.C. Varones on said:

    “Maybe she should stick to looking pretty and refrain from voicing her ignorant opinions in such a public forum.”

    Does Lewis not have 6 wives, 4 kids? Was he not acquitted of murder? Did he not pay the family off?

    Who’s ignorant here, the bimbo or the blogger?

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      acquitted: v. ac·quit·ted, ac·quit·ting, ac·quits. 1. Law To free or clear from a charge or accusation.

      6 wives and 4 kids? I think it’s 6 kids with 4 mothers, not wives.

      Pay the family off? How about Ray, who pleaded to obstruction of justice helped the families out in part to ease their pain for both their personal and financial losses.

      So, what’s your point WC?

  36. Kravenz on said:

    It’s obvious from her pic what she’s selling. Same as Brady’s bought trophy wife; they don’t marry them for their brains or class…………..

  37. Anonymous on said:

    When she gains some brains then she should open her mouth. Stick to being a hooters girl. Having some class is part of being beautiful..she really lacks..

  38. snook on said:

    When the Mrs. gains some brains then she should open her mouth. She should just stick to being a hooter girl. Part of being beautiful is having class.. She just plain lacks!

  39. lisamichele on said:

    Opinons are like a**holes, everybody has one!
    Since when would anyone in their right mind take a Hooters Girl opinion to heart? As for Welker, he needs to shut his woman down. She makes him and the team look bad, like poor sports! Wait…we didnt need her to show us that though! Run back to your hole and cry! Let’s face it, your man couldnt keep his hand on the ball. Hopefully he’s better at covering your mouth with it!

  40. Kat on said:

    A Hooters girl speaking of others as role models, that’s funny. Maybe the silicone went to her brain.

  41. Gail Kiser on said:

    From 1 female to another. You notice i didn’t say woman cause she has alot of growing up to do. Ravens won, fair and square. In fact we whooped their butt. You little girl, have no room to talk. Do i want you as a role model for my daughters, oh hell no. Ray Lewis has more class in his little finger then you have in your whole body. Act like the woman you are supposed to be and accept defeat gracefully.

  42. Anonymous on said:

    she is just afraid her husband will not have a job next season..and Ray played well enough to make it to retirement

  43. Heather on said:

    All she is doing is making excuses for her sorry team. A person shouldn’t be judged by their past but what they are accomplishing now. She’s just mad they lost. Oh well! Ravens all day baby! Ray Ray is #1!

  44. John from Baltimore on said:

    Absolutely beautiful woman but the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Don’t speak about things of which you don’t have the aptitude, nor the full story. Sit back look pretty, say duh a lot and let your millionaire husband make the decisions that will take care of you. It is better to sit back, say nothing and thought of as an idiot vice opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

  45. Anonymous on said:

    Wow! At least Ray Lewis doesn’t have to appear almost naked and never worked at an establishment based on the size of his rack for money. Her parents must be so proud that she was Miss Hooters. Besides her comment is ridiculous because doesn’t she know that it isn’t uncommon for people to have been married multiple times t and have kids with different people. That is just how society is these days. Maybe she needs to look up the definition for “acquitted”, she must not realize it means: to relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty. Guess she also doesn’t know the law innocent until proven guilty either.

  46. Don't Worry About The Name! on said:

    She may be pretty on the outside, but she is just as ugly on the inside!

  47. Robin on said:

    Dumb women saying dumb things…….your husbands suck…get over yourselves
    ..worry about who your taking your clothes off for ….. to get paid and a little less time about Ray Lewis

  48. tdm on said:

    Wow! At least Ray Lewis doesn’t have to appear almost naked and never worked at an establishment based on the size of his rack for money. Her parents must be so proud that she was Miss Hooters. Besides her comment is ridiculous because doesn’t she know that it isn’t uncommon for people to have been married multiple times and have kids with different people. That is just how society is these days. Maybe she needs to look up the definition for “acquitted”, she must not realize it means: to relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty.

  49. Jody on said:

    Gisele must have had a meeting after the Superbowl last year with all of the Pats wives and girlfriends and told them to whine, pout, and make a scene whenever the team lost and it would guarantee them the attention that seek so much and think they deserve simply for being a professional football player’s significant other. I cannot stand people like this. Just because they are quote on quote “America’s Team” and think because of that title they are entitled to a perfect record every season is just a perfect display of poor sportsmanship and being sore losers. With that being said Ray Lewis is an amazing player and the best linebacker to ever play the sport and most definitely a Hall of Famer. I like many others read the reports following the incident and know unquestionably that he did not do anything wrong. He has been forgiven by the Lord and has long since moved forward in his life. and one final thought… Go Ravens!!! see you in New Orleans!!!

  50. J.D. on said:

    mrs. welker … you are a babbiling brook of sewage that spews from your pie hole …. if you had as many stuck out of you as you’ve had stuck in you …. you would look like a porcupine …. show some class …. the better team won …. and F.Y.I. ……. YOU MAY WANT TO DIG UP YOUR OLD MANAGERS PHONE NUMBER AT HOOTERS …. YOU MAY NEED IT BEFORE TOO LONG

  51. spiderweb on said:

    How sad! What is that saying “people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. I am guessing she has a few skeletons in her closet. Of course, starting with the Hooters empire is an up and coming respectful career. Let’s see, resume, I can smile and serve people wearing very little. Maybe stick to being a trophy wife for the team that lost to the Ravens.

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