What is the proper way to honor Ray Lewis?


Baltimore is officially losing its adopted son.

Ray Lewis is likely to keep a residence in Baltimore but at the conclusion of this season, he’ll retire from the NFL after 17 seasons and retreat to his home state of Florida as he does every offseason. This time, Lewis won’t be back for a while.

Even though he believes he has plenty of football left in his body, Lewis made a promise to his son and his other five children to be more involved in their lives. This is especially important to Lewis, who didn’t really have a father growing up.  His oldest child, Ray Lewis III, has accepted a scholarship to his father’s alma mater, the University of Miami, and Lewis will be there watching his son grow as a football player – and as a man.

Once Lewis is gone, how will he be remembered? Sure, he’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame and likely will appear on our televisions on a routine basis, but what about in Baltimore?

There is no doubt that Lewis will be the only player in Ravens history to wear the #52 jersey and his name will be inscribed into the Ravens ring of honor, but Lewis is frankly bigger than that.

I’m talking bigger than Johnny Unitas.

Unitas has a statue and his own plaza named after him at M&T Bank Stadium, A lot of exposure he receives was for the player he was but more was to give old Baltimore Colts fans a sense of history and identity with their favorite team. Ray Lewis IS the Baltimore Ravens, has meant more to his team than possibly any other player in history and hopefully even more will be done for him.

A statue? Definitely. A plaza? That’s nice. But what about a scoreboard and a larger game clock? He was always the one asking, “What time is it?”

Just close your eyes and think about the first pose that comes to mind for Lewis’ statue, chance are it’ll come from his “squirrel” dance during player introductions.

Clearly, the best location for the statue would be at the end of the tunnel near Section 117, but that’s highly unlikely. Maybe they would put his statue on wheels and push it out to the tunnel for players to run past during pre game introductions.

It’s fitting – Lewis was pre game introductions.

In time, these questions will be answered. If the Ravens gave so much exposure to Johnny Unitas, there is no doubt that more will be given to Lewis.

Like I said before, he IS the Baltimore Ravens.

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10 Raves on “What is the proper way to honor Ray Lewis?

  1. Sean on said:

    Sorry, but Ray Lewis, as great as he is, is not bigger than John Unitas. If you don’t understand that, then I question your football education.

  2. Kathy on said:

    Sorry Sean, but I don’t agree. The Colts were our past, the Ravens are our present and our future. Lewis deserves to be remembered forever at M&T stadium. He has a bigger place in my heart than Unitas, and I am old enough to remember the night the Colts left and broke my heart,

    • Sean on said:

      Are you old enough to remember any of the championships that Unitas won. Did you see him play? I lived thru both eras. Ray Lewis is great and deserves to be honored. He is not bigger than Johnny Unitas.

  3. Mark D on said:

    Sean: 95% of all NFL fans on the earth would question -your- football education. Most people can’t find the words when describing Ray’s importance to the sport of football. Ray’s impact is not confined to just Baltimore.

    • Sean on said:

      Then 95% need to get re-educated. The NFL as we know it would not exist without Johnny Unitas. He is easily one of the 5 most important figures in the history of the NFL.

  4. Fran the Fan on said:

    I’ve lived through both eras, and had/have season tickets to the Colts and the Ravens.I’ve seen them all, from Buddy Young to Ray Rice. Why can’t we erect a Baltimore “Mount Rushmore” like Tony Lombardi enviisions to honor Ray, Johnny U, and other Baltimore sports icons?

  5. Pasadena John on said:

    Ray is one of the greatest to play the game, and I love hm as a Raven and a Baltimore sports icon, but Unitas is number one and no one will top him.

  6. jagger on said:

    Kris , your a complete Idiot if you think Ray Lewis is bigger in Baltimore then Unitas. Ray is right up there with him but John is it!!!!! wake TFU!

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