What’s in Store on NFL Opening Night?

Goodell the puppet

We all know why the Baltimore Ravens will probably be the only DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION not to host the NFL season opener for a very, very long time.

We’ve heard all the reasons, all of the excuses and fingered all of the potential scapegoats.

My goat is Roger Goodell and the NFL owners.

Driven by greed they disingenuously stuck it to the fans. Not moving the game to Wednesday, September 4 is a disservice to every one of you who for years has shelled out your hard earned dollars to enable the lives that these billionaires lead.

But really, that’s all water under the bridge.

So to help make up for the epic screw over, festivities will be planned in and around Baltimore leading right up to the game.

Although it has been unconfirmed at this time, one source close to negotiations of this kind has indicated that the Ravens will host a party at Rash Field featuring a major recording artist and that artist is said to be none other than Carrie Underwood.

The alleged plan makes sense because NBC is broadcasting the league opener and it has already been widely reported that Underwood will be replacing Faith Hill to perform the weekly opening song on Sunday Night Football.

Curiously, the reason the Ravens are NOT hosting the game that night at M&T Bank Stadium has to do with a scheduling conflict with the Baltimore Orioles. Won’t the same anticipated infrastructure cluster-you-know-what result from an Orioles game played at or around the same time as a free Carrie Underwood concert?

If true, Baltimore will and should have an even bigger ax to grind with Mr. Greedell and his puppeteers.

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15 Raves on “What’s in Store on NFL Opening Night?

  1. paulie on said:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Carrie Underwood
    BUT – BFD! Takes some of the shine off that
    Lombardi if you don’t get to celebrate at a
    home opener . . .

  2. Andrew on said:

    Now my decision on whether or not to fly from Arizona to Denver for the game has been complicated. I may have to fly from Arizona to Baltimore to see Carrie Underwood. I kid, of course.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    We never get the respect we deserve from the NFL or any other team in the NFL. It will keep us strong and hungry and when we lift the Lombardi again this season they can all kiss our collective butts

  4. RavenJoe on said:

    Goodell and his Lap-Dog Bisciotti are to blame for this – Goodell, because he is caving to the Big Bucks for airing the game on Thursday, rather than Wednesday, and Bisciotti, for NOT sticking up for his fan-base…shame on the both of you!! I said it before, and I’ll say it again, had this been either the Steelers or the Patriots, such a travesty would NOT have occurred. Bisciotti sold out, and so did Goodell – the major difference being, Goodell represents the interests of ALL of the owners, and Biscuit ONLY the Ravens fanbase. I will never forgive Biscuit for this treasonous act!

  5. JerryB on said:

    I have an entirely different “take” on this, Tony. None of us really know what went on behind closed doors in discussions between the two leagues and Baltimore’s ball clubs. But, from where I sit, objectively speaking, it would have been much easier for the O’s to reschedule because, as I’ve said repeatedly, MLB reschedules games ALL THE TIME! And, with 6 months advance notice, it should have been even easier than having to do so on the spur of the moment, again, which MLB has to do ALL THE TIME. So, lots of blame to go around, but in the final analysis, the ONLY LOSERS are the City of Baltimore and it’s….fans! Imagine what a hero Peter Angelos coulda/shoulda/woulda been by being the accommodating party! However, as he’s shown repeatedly over the years, that’s not in his…..DNA! Just one fan’s opinion………

    • Anonymous on said:

      If Peter Angelos steps anywhere near Ravens Stadium at ANY time for ANY reason he should be tackled and thrown in the pony. The man is hands down the worst person in Baltimore and one of the worst owners in ANY professional sport.

  6. Mista T on said:

    This will be a tough decision. We’ve been to every Ravens game played played at Mile High, coupled with visits to our daughter near Boulder and short stays in the Rockies, where we have friends. We have always enjoyed going to the new Mile High, but had been contemplating skipping Denver this year because of high ticket demand by others and there being so many other attractive road games (including two stadiums which we have not previously visited).

    On the other hand, seeing Carrie Underwood at Rash Field would be living a fantasy dream! Next to Miranda Lambert, Carrie has been my favorite for years.

    Wife leans towards going to the game, while I lean towards Carrie. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  7. Gerald on said:

    I have been a Ravens season ticket holder from day one,and I really don’t see why everyone is so upset by this. We won the Super Bowl ! I have the memorries. I don’t need to show off to the rest of the world on opening night. Lets just go out and win another, starting in Denver.

    • RavenJoe on said:

      I agree; but playing at home has More to do With Celebrating with your friends over the Championship than anything else, and Goodell has stolen that moment from us for all time, with little/no resistance from our organization!

  8. Ravenwoman on said:

    I think the NFL did its best to reward Baltimore with the Thanksgiving Night game and a favorable bye week. While it would have been nice to open at home, I am sure our first game at M&T will be just as exciting for the fans. I am over it at this point; time to move on.

  9. Gordon on said:

    Funny how Goodell can move the draft a month away from its original time but not one game for the traditional opening game of the winning Superbowl Champions. Money talks BS walks.

  10. RavenJoe on said:

    Goodell does what is in the collective best interest of the owners! It is up to the individual owners to speak out, and Biscuit opted to be the good lap dog, for which I will never forgive him for that egregious act! Biscuit is synonymous with the Vichy French!!

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