Which Former Ravens Would You Welcome Back Home?

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I’ve never liked LeBron James. He’s been coddled since the day I first heard of him and probably since well before that.

I’ve never liked the sports fans of Cleveland. They whine more than the sirens in Baltimore City and in that regard, James and Cleveland seemed like a perfect pairing.

But the apparent match made in heaven didn’t last as long as expected. Even the Akron, OH (40 miles from Cleveland) native skipped out of town, opting for the sexy and chic South Beach in an obnoxious and embarrassing way.

James and his handlers allowed ESPN to make a spectacle out of his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami with a self-indulgent 1-hour “special”. As cold-hearted as I am towards the sports fans of Cleveland, I can’t deny feeling sympathetic.

Imagine local legend Cal Ripken leaving Baltimore.

Even without James, Cleveland still seems to muster up enough disdain to keep me cold-as-ice towards the Cavs, Indians and the Factory of Sadness. One only needs to be reminded that an 8-year-old boy wearing a Jets jersey who was once tackled by an “adult” Browns fan after the visitors left with a W.

But I digress.

Now James is considering leaving Miami for a return to Cleveland. Building-sized murals will return to dilapidated buildings in downtown MistakeByTheLake, OH and once again, we’ll all be witnesses. ESPN will see to that.


But enough about LeBron. You will all soon be sick of the name anyway, assuming you aren’t already.

His expected departure from Miami got me to thinking, “If you were Ozzie Newsome what active former Raven(s) would you welcome back to Baltimore?

And before you answer be mindful of age, injuries and the cost of acquisition. As one of our message board members “esmd” eloquently and succinctly stated, “you win in the NFL by getting faster, younger, and cheaper.”

Expensive reunions don’t cut it in the Era of the Salary Cap.

Which of the following former Ravens would you welcome back to Baltimore? (Pick as many as you like)
Total voters: 1138
Cary Williams (6%)
Mike Oher (1%)
Anquan Boldin (22%)
Ben Grubbs (11%)
Cory Redding (6%)
Jarret Johnson (11%)
Paul Kruger (7%)
Dannelle Ellerbe (7%)
Vonta Leach (7%)
Bernard Pollard (9%)
Ed Reed (10%)
Dawan Landry (3%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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16 Raves on “Which Former Ravens Would You Welcome Back Home?

  1. Rxdoxx on said:

    Need a choice saying I’ll pass on all for the 53 but welcome them back as alumni

    Cary Williams was the only pause

  2. Malc on said:

    Anquan Boldin & Steve Smith on the same team in their primes would be absolutely fierce , they’d bully cornerbacks .

  3. David on said:

    Tony did LeBron kill your dog or something? Such hate. Last i check he made the right decision to leave for Miami. No longer ringless because of it.

  4. cheri on said:

    Sentiment reason Ed Reed. Boldon would be nice even with S Smith on the team. C. Williams over Ross as the 3 would be prefer.Lastly here is to hoping that we are not wishing for Oher to Nevada because Wagner is that bad.

      • James on said:

        I suggested bringing McClain back when the team didn’t sign Blount. He has a similar running style, he has experience playing with the Ravens and he would come much cheaper.

        I don’t think anyone else thought it was a good idea. And right now with the depth behind Rice I don’t know how much sense it makes. If Pierce doesn’t look ready and/or if the rookie seems to be struggling to adjust to the NFL I could see it coming, but not before that.

  5. rockmattioli on said:

    I`ll always be beholden to LeBron for what he did to Cleveland(for art modell`s sake)…

    I can just see tony grossi`s face looking like he was taking a very dry,impacted dump(and trying to hide it)……

    thanks LeBron!

  6. James on said:

    I had to go with Kruger. I feel like he is a guy that feels a need on the team. With all the talented young players on the team they don’t have a legitimate young pass rushing olb. After Doom and Sizzle the olb core is made out of run stoppers. This isn’t a bad thing now, but it could be in the future.

    Outside of Ellerbe, Leach and Grubbs this list is made up of players that are either too old to bring back or were kind of disappointing when they were in Baltimore

    • James on said:

      That was supposed to be “fills a need on the team”

      That’s what happens when I try to make smart comments at 12:30 at night.

  7. Ray on said:

    I think only Grubbs and Oher would have an immediate impact for the Ravens as they’re two of the best at their positions even now. Williams and Pollard could also possibly contribute but with Webb, Smith, and Elam even that is hard for me to see. Except for Boldin all the rest are either too old or not good enough. I don’t think Boldin would have a big impact seeing as we got Smith. I see lots of people voted for Kruger, Ellerbe, Reed, and Johnson. Kruger is a pass rusher ONLY… he is lost in space when he has to do anything other than rush the passer. Suggs and Dumervil can and that’s why Paul is in Cleveland. Johnson and Reed are WAY past their prime… and in my opinion of having played MLB myself, both Brown and Mosley have better skills than Ellerbe and if they’re not better already it won’t take them long before they are. I admit though that I did vote for Kruger because if I was the coach of the Ravens I’d play him more like an end. :D

  8. paulie on said:

    What is missing here is a box that says None of the Above. Don’t think any of these guys are still playing at a level where they could crack the 53. Closest is Boldin who I always liked – but Smith is better now.

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