Why Can’t Canty Show Up?

Canty practice
Chris Canty (99), Brandon Williams (98) during 2013 training camp. (Photo Credit: Associated Press)

As fans of the Baltimore Ravens it’s only natural for you to want all of the players working hard during the offseason to improve upon a disappointing 2013 season and stick it to the naysayers who suggest that the best NFL odds for the Ravens point to a .500 season.

And that includes the players participating in “voluntary” organized team activities.

The attendance during these OTA’s has been very good, albeit short of perfect. Questions surface when players like Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata fail to appear. Two players who are supposed to be leaders actually take advantage of the “voluntary” aspect of these gatherings and opt to do other things?

Their absence paves the way for us all to draw our own conclusions until they make an appearance to confirm our bleak expectations or to put our paranoid minds at ease.

Next week the Ravens introduce “mandatory” to team activities as they host their one and only non-voluntary mini-camp. Then we’ll get to see how Suggs and Ngata have taken care of themselves this offseason.

Assuming they report in good shape, their absences will soon be forgotten.

If they report in sloppy condition, it could be a disheartening topic of conversation during the NFL’s dead zone – the days between the last mandatory mini-camp practice and the first day veterans report to training camp.

However they report, it is clearly open game for all of us to opine upon. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what we think. What matters most is what their teammates and coaches think.

Suggs and Ngata each have outstanding resumes, respected by teammates and they are completely immersed in and familiar with Dean Pees’ defense. There’s no reason (at this point) to think both won’t enjoy productive campaigns in 2014.

Been there, done that!

But what about another player who has been MIA – Chris Canty?

Canty had his moments in 2013 but he was hardly reliable or consistent. It would be a stretch for the Ravens to say that Canty gave the team their money’s worth.

Last season Canty had the team’s 16th biggest cap number at $1.507M. This season he has the team’s 10th biggest cap number at $3.17M. With the additions of rookies Timmy Jernigan and Brent Urban along with the availability of Kapron Lewis-Moore and the increased repetitions expected for Brandon Williams, Pernell McPhee and DeAngelo Tyson is Canty worth the money?

Is he even needed?

Releasing the former Giant and Cowboy would save the Ravens $1.83M in cap space in 2014 and another $2.66M in 2015.

The rangy defensive lineman has never been looked upon as a guy who loves the game of football. His commitment has been questioned before and now that he recently received his $500,000 roster bonus yet fails to show after a less than impressive 2013, questions about his commitment have surfaced again.

It’s not as though he has the creds of Suggs or Ngata nor is he as familiar with the defense. When more accomplished players like Lardarius Webb and Elvis Dumervil can show up for the voluntary practices in order to have better seasons, why can’t Canty?

Voluntary or not, you have to wonder what Canty’s teammates think, what the coaches think and perhaps more importantly what the front office thinks.

Right player, right price.

That’s the math of Ozzie Newsome.

And for now, Canty among the final 53 doesn’t add up.

Will Chris Canty be among the Ravens final 53 to open the season?
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No (55%)
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27 Raves on “Why Can’t Canty Show Up?

  1. Thunder on said:

    Every year we talk about who doesn’t show for
    for the OTA’s and why are they not showing.
    They are voluntary so they don’t have to be there. Let’s worry about how they look at Training Camp.

  2. Bmore Finest on said:

    Something to think about. Thanks Tony ! Canty is a vet so his leadership could be valued more then his play. But if the young boys shine in pads a lot, he could be in trouble of making 53. Got some young talent on that line. Cut Canty and use money for Torrey or vet CB.

    • Dianna on said:

      I agree cut him! The only ones who should be missing OTAs should be the ones who were PERFECT last season and I don’t think any of them can say this honestly!

  3. Geo on said:

    At first I was miffed at Yanda for not showing up when there is a new offense to learn. Then I realized that when vets sit back, they are giving rookies more reps. Generous of them!

    • Chooch on said:

      I give Yanda a pass on OTAs. He’s the only All-Pro on that line and is consistent. He’s well respected on this team and around the league. I don’t understand a guy who isn’t earning their paycheck not at least making an appearance…at least to sit in meetings and meet the new guys who they may be “going to war” with.

  4. Boldin Raver on said:

    Urban is this year’s version of Williams. Williams as an NT is low, big and crazy strong – the prototype for the position — but he came into the league short on knowledge and technique. Urban is another physical freak who is the prototype for a 3-4 DE — long, athletic and all around big enough to be an NFL lineman. Although he’s from Division one, Urban wasn’t used as a pass rusher, some of the scouting reports said because it wasn’t part of the system. Some people have taken that a bit further and said he lacks that skill. I’ll have faith in the scouting department to believe they are pretty certain they can bring that out of him. BUT, that seems to suggest that they see a developmental timeline in Urban that could leave him on the sidelines watching and learning from Canty this year. But Tony you are right. Canty should be fighting for his roster spot with a little more conviction. Urban is HUGE! he might make just take the position by force. And with word that KLM, who can play DE, is looking great, Canty could be looking more and more like that third person in the love triangle.

  5. Rxdoxx on said:

    Yep, but this is veteran bubble year
    Terrence Cody (5 yrs), Canty (10 yrs), Koch (9 yrs), whose possible replacements could easily be on the roster already

    We can easily forget that Sizzle is 12 yrs and Haloti 9 yrs, Daryl Smith 11 yrs who could possible bubble next year as their replacements are groomed this year.

    I don’t mind any of them not showing up, especially since there is no DC or scheme change to get familiar with (except ST Koch) its voluntary … they are vets and know what they HAVE to do.

  6. Marcus on said:

    I think there is a possibility that he will be, but not a strong one. When we signed Canty, I was kind of excited, but I find it funny that you do not have the defense down pat, as evident of last season, so why can’t he show up to really learn the defense. I do not understand some of these guys. Suggs, Ngata I can understand, they have been the defense long enough. Like you touch on, if the young guns can show that we do not need him, I say cut him and I believe Harbs would do just that. Save the cap space for someone who really wants to be here!! Not for someone who is just collecting a check.

  7. Sarcasticfury on said:

    The Ravens can save over two million in cap space next year by cutting Canty. Seeing as the Ravens have Torrey entering FA next year and need to clear cap space to sign him, Canty would do well to not give the Ravens reason to cut him.

  8. JerryB on said:

    Only guessing, but all three were either injured at some point last year or coming off injuries, so maybe they feel the additional time off is warranted. Then, again, maybe they just want to take advantage of the “voluntary” nature of the OTA’s……

  9. wickedsolo on said:

    I stated a few months ago that Canty could be traded and/or cut and I kind of got lambasted for it. Granted, his cap hit isn’t THAT much, but the Ravens have some legitimate young players that they want to see get on the field.

    Why keep a guy around who wasn’t very good to begin with and is going to potentially impede on the development of a younger guy?

    I’d try to trade him to a team like Dallas or Chicago (a team in need of a DT) for a mid-to-late round draft pick and just call it square.

  10. Gabe on said:

    Why can’t Canty show up? He certainly can, but there is no need for him to do so. If anything his absence is helping the young guys get more reps. The bottomline is he’s a veteran. It’s not a big deal if he’s not at OTAs, you know the voluntary offseason workouts. Canty is a good player who isn’t making that much money. Not only is cutting a player after giving them a roster bonus bad business, but it hurts the depth at a position that is lacking proven talent. I see less than 5% chance he gets cut.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Gabe, using that logic why should Webb report? Daryl Smith? Elvis Dumervil?

      You should remember that the Ravens cut McKinnie after he received his roster bonus.

      • Gabe on said:

        I don’t think any of them need to report. It’s OTAs, and it’s not like there is a new coach or scheme that is being installed. If they want to come out and practice, more power to them, but it’s really not a big deal either way.

        McKinnie was never cut by the Ravens, they reduced his salary.

      • Gabe on said:

        By the way, if Canty is cut, the total number of NFL snaps taken by Ravens DL players not named Ngata or Cody (who probably does not make the team) would be 482.

        Maybe you are comfortable with that level of inexperience on the DL, but I am not and I doubt the Ravens would be either.

        • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

          Depends on the talent don’t you think? Canty hasn’t exactly been a beacon of good health over his last 5 seasons.

          As for your snap count, I think you’ve forgotten about Pernell McPhee who has 1,245 career snaps to his credit.

          • Gabe on said:

            There could be a chance that all of these unproven players start playing like veterans in the pre-season, but the talent isn’t exactly overwhelming. It’s not like we are talking about a group of first round picks.

            Pernell is still listed as an OLB, and while he takes some snaps on the DL, it is almost entirely in sub packages. He hasn’t really excelled in that role since his rookie year though.

            Canty has had some injury concerns, but he was mostly healthy last year, and injuries are part of the NFL. It’s why quality depth on the DL is important. Canty has the versatility to play multiple positions and alignments, and once again is not very costly. The small gain in cap room by cutting him seems insignificant compared to the loss in talent and leadership.

  11. Chris DuVall on said:

    With the additions of rookies Timmy Jernigan and Brent Urban along with the availability of Kapron Lewis-Moore and the increased repetitions expected for Brandon Williams, Pernell McPhee and DeAngelo Tyson is Canty worth the money? ANSWER– I am comfortable going into battle with the young guns. Let him go.

  12. charlie on said:

    i think the older guys are kind of “taking it easy” before the heavy lifting. canty will either stay or go depending on the younger guys. the nfl season is really long if you get into the playoffs and they ain’t 25 anymore.

  13. Sascha on said:

    What surprises me about Canty’s absence is that, unlike the other veterans who have declined to participate, Canty’s starting job — and perhaps even his roster spot — might be at risk. I would expect that sort of risk to light a fire under him.

    That said, it may well be that the team tells older players who have been banged up a lot that they should focus on non-football conditioning and shouldn’t worry about attending OTAs. With all of the bumps and bruises that Ngata and Yanda have sustained over the years, I think their bodies probably need rest and non-contact conditioning more than anything else. Maybe the same logic applies to Canty.

    Of course, that logic could also apply to Webb, but I think he is still trying to recover the skills he lost due to his 2012 knee injury (even though he looked pretty good last year).

  14. Craig on said:

    Those guys should be there, even if they don’t practice because of injuries, etc…there presence is important.

  15. TRUTH on said:

    About half way in, my first reaction was to take this article as a joke. Surely this must be the workings of an amateur. To be sure, i scrolled to the bottom out of curiosity and of course once i saw Tony’s face I realized, yup – i was right. Didn’t even bother with the rest of the story.

    Grasping at straws bro. Let your young bucks handled the weak stuff. Only write something when you have something worth writing. Otherwise, you diminish your value.

  16. RAYVENRAYG on said:

    We have coaches being paid to evaluate these players when camp starts. These are older players who too easily could get hurt for a voluntary OTA and cost us weeks or month’s of downtime to run with younger guys to teach them what? How to run? Suggs being out for most of the 2012 season hurt in offseason non football injury what if a similar incident at a voluntary OTA took out Canty or Suggs Or Ngata or Webb they would have pleased you and hurt the teams season, but of course your expectations of a veteran would have been appeased so no harm no foul right. There will be plenty of time to bitch later if they don’t show up to camp in shape or get cut because of the 80/20 rule. Suggs & Ngata learned from great leadership guys Lewis & Reed and others who didn’t attend every voluntary OTA. Let the coaches teach in the voluntary OTA’ s then the veterans can add their leadership value at camp.

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