With big dollars come bigger expectations


The newspaper business is on life support. Go ahead, pick up the latest edition of The Sun and you will feel like you are reading yesterday’s news.

Television is changing. How many of you watch your favorite programs as they are happening?

Queue up the crickets.

DVR’s and On Demand viewing have helped speed up the delivery system of your TV faves – you can even get some of them on your Smartphone!


That has changed too with podcasts, satellite and iTunes. Does anyone buy CD’s anymore? And who doesn’t jump from station to station during commercials that these days seem like 5-minute gaps in content?

The desire for and consumption of content is immediate.

We want what we want!

We want it all and we want in NOW!

Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” is more relevant today than it ever was.

Take Joe Flacco for instance. Earlier this season some fans who crave that instant gratification were ready to bench him in favor of Tyrod Taylor. And then, many of those same fans were ready to give Flacco whatever he wanted just to keep him in here in The Land of Pleasant Living after he hoisted The Lombardi.

Quick Fact: Baltimore is the only Super Bowl winner to NOT bring back its Super Bowl winning quarterback the following season. We wouldn’t do that twice, would we?

Well thanks to a brand spanking new deal that will pay Joe The Quarterback almost $121M over 6 seasons, lightning will not strike twice. Joe has successfully cashed in on that great stretch run that produced the Ravens’ second Super Bowl title.

Count me among those who didn’t think Joe could do it. I stand corrected! I just didn’t think that he was mentally tough enough to perform well in a contract season. I just didn’t think he was a clutch player who could deliver in a pressure cooker.

Thankfully I was wrong – very wrong!

But in 2013 the pressure won’t lessen for Joe. If anything the heat on No. 5 will climb to unprecedented levels. He’ll be the defending champion, the defending Super Bowl MVP. Teams will be gunning for him and the Ravens. The Super Bowl hangover is real as evidenced by the inability of a defending champ to win a playoff game the following season since 2005.

Oh and let’s not forget that he’ll also be the league’s highest paid player.

The Ravens will probably be forced to say goodbye to some players and whether it’s justified or not, their departures, particularly if the replacements don’t adequately pick up the slack, will be blamed at least in part on Flacco.

If Joe shows those inconsistencies in 2013 that were part of his game in 2012, questions will surface and the “I told you so’s” will blow up sports talk radio like The Godfather.

Joe faced the pressure in 2012 and knocked it down like Mike Tyson used to do to opponents in the first round. But this time around the challenges are even greater thanks to expectations and that contract.

It’s the nature of the beast!

What have you done for me lately?

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13 Raves on “With big dollars come bigger expectations

  1. Josh on said:

    I think if there is one QB who can handle “bigger expectations” after a deal of this magnitude, it’s Joe. His demeanor, attitude and work ethic are second to none, and I think we will be in very good hands at QB moving forward. Let’s get another ring, Joe!

  2. Tgun42 on said:

    We need a LT. We will not find a good LT that is a value in Free agency and we draft too late. IF he has protection he is great. McKinney protects the blindside. KO and Yanda are strong in the middle. We get young on D hoefull Ngat can help us and SIzzle with the contract situation and we can go after a DT or DE and draft around the rest.

  3. dood on said:

    *Cue up the crickets… unless you are trying to make than stand in a straight line, which I tried to do once, and it didn’t turn out well. Worst. conga. line. ever.

  4. john on said:

    So how ballistic will Ravens fans be if Joe gos back to the deer in the head lights look for a few games, like this past year and has a slump after making the big bucks? You know its going to happen.

  5. Jerry B on said:

    Joe’s “inconsistencies” during the 2012 season resulted from playing in an “inconsistent” offense. Once that problem was solved, the inconsistencies ceased! Tony, if you didn’t think Flacco was a “clutch” player before this year’s playoffs, you need to go back and review some games over the past 5 years! A couple that come to mind are the game in Atlanta a few years ago when he threw the go ahead TD pass in the waning seconds of the game, only to have Roddy White “push off” and catch the winning TD pass with no time remaining against Greg Mattison’s infamous 3 man rush; the “clutch” pass he threw to Boldin in the endzone in Pittsburgh during the playoffs a few years ago that Boldin dropped; and, of course, last year’s winning TD pass that Lee Evans dropped! In fact, this guy has probably had more passes dropped than any of his comtemporaries! He has ALWAYS been been able to rally the team with the question frequently asked of Cam Cameron’s offense……”What took so long!” All he has to do is keep taking his team to the playoffs as he has EVERY year he’s been in the league. By the way, did I mention that he’s won 9 playoff games ON THE ROAD! How much more “clutch” does a QB have to be?????

  6. Greg on said:

    the best course is to not bother trying to dissuade anyone from their preconceived notions of flacco. they have and will keep distorting the evidence to prove whatever point they want. No SB yet? not elite. Just one SB? Trent Dilfer. MVP? Jones shouldve been. 120M contract? not enough fantasy stats in the regular season. Most road wins in playoffs? not good enough to give his team 1st round byes.

    i came to a realization that its a waste of energy to respond to anyone with any of these arguments. Let the asskicking speak for itself come january where they are insisting it was “officiating” that causes their team to choke against us (denver, SF) or luck (everyone else).

  7. jim on said:

    Flacco is taking up to much much money. The Ravens will have to cut to many needed players because of this. Joe will kind of be a one man team. Mark my word; he will have a streak were he reverts back to the ” deer in the headlights look” and will play accordingly like last year. The Ravens might get seven wins if their lucky, I guess its worth a Super Bowl win, but that’s what you are going to get, so get ready Baltimore.

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