Woodley Not Backtracking on Comments About Flacco


Well, I can’t tell if Lamar Woodley is being stubborn or just being a fool. Remember two years ago, when Woodley stated that Joe Flacco would never go a Super Bowl in his lifetime? Did people actually think this question wouldn’t be brought to him again after what transpired in the 2012 season?

ESPN’s Jamison Hensley caught up with the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and asked Woodley about his thoughts and if he would take it back.

“I don’t take it back at all,” Woodley said to ESPN. “As a player on any team, you’re never going to say your rival is going to win the Super Bowl. That’s knocking you out of the tournament that year. Somebody on their team pretty sure would say that as well. That’s the nature of what it is. A lot of people don’t understand. They’re going to take it the way they want to take it.”

Oh, we will take it as we want to.

Those of us in Ravens Nation, will take it as you being a fool. It’s truly funny how Steeler players think they can run their mouth without any consequences. When Hines Ward was on the Steelers, he would always say how the Ravens talk but don’t back it up.

That’s funny when you consider the following.

Since 2000, the Ravens have:

  • More playoff appearances than the Steelers (Ravens 9, Steelers 8).
  • More playoff wins (Ravens14, Steelers12).
  • Allowed fewer points per game in the playoffs (Ravens 15.5, Steelers 23.1).
    • Note: The Ravens have played more playoff games over this span with 21 v. Steelers 17.
  • The same amount of Super Bowl wins (Ravens and Steelers tied at two apiece).

What is ironic about those statements by Ward is the fact that this rivalry between the Ravens and Steelers really picked up steam in 2001 when the Ravens were the defending Super Bowl Champions, while the Steelers and their fans were too busy hanging on to the Super Bowls they won in the 70′s.

Ward was running his mouth in 2001. Jerome Bettis was running his mouth, Joey Porter was running his mouth, and they didn’t win anything at the time. It’s funny how the double standard works in Steelers Nation.

Keep chirping Stillers’ fans. Because as of right now, the Ravens are the big dogs not only in the AFC North, but in the entire NFL.

And it’s been that way for quite some time.

33 Raves on “Woodley Not Backtracking on Comments About Flacco

  1. Chris on said:

    Woodley, Ward, Bettis, Porter n all Steelers players, past n present, and all their fans….The Numbers don’t lie douschebags!!! We are the big dogs of the AFC North, NEVER EVER forget that, you will always be nothing more than in our shadows, watching the Ravens continue to win Championships while the piss colored team and their so called fans look on, idolize and wish they were half as good as the Champs from Baltimore !!! Keep dreaming Shittsburg, you will NEVER be this good, SORRY !!!! BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA :)

  2. P from Toronto on said:

    Love this article! Squeeler fans are just bitter, stubbon, hurt and looking up to pur Black and Purple champions! They can’t handle the freaking truth, and if they wanna hang on to those years way way way back, let em’! Bottomline is if they want to really say that, Baltimore as a city has 5 championships, AFL & NFL, 1 CFL,why wouldn’t that make 6 as well lol….Haters are gonna hate bottomline, we will queit them up again!

  3. john mcc on said:

    The Steelers are at the beginning of being a relic of the past , just a bunch a rusty old players that live and dine on things that have been; much like the old rust belt state of PA.,and this clown is a perfect example of it. I can’t wait to play these Bozos this year. Maybe we could make Woodley a water boy on the Ravens if that.


  4. Bucky911 on said:

    Hey Woodley, I think Flacco has proved himself he has his first ring and I’m sure it will not be
    the last, I also think his pay check has alot more zero’s than you have on yours.

  5. Josh on said:

    I’m glad he’s not taking his asinine and arrogant comments back. It makes him look even more foolish. Typical loudmouth Shittsburgher.

  6. Robert on said:

    I love how Steelers fans trumpet their 6 Super Bowl championships, but literally NO ONE cares. The past is the past, and it’s not important to anyone just how good a team was in the ’70s.

    • karl on said:

      Considering they’ve been around for 80 years, they should have more than 6 SB titles. That’s about 1 per 12 years.

  7. Harlan on said:

    I’m confused. I thought Lamar Woodley is dead. After his claim that neither Joe Flacco nor the Ravens would win the Super Bowl again during his lifetime, I just figured he was deceased. You mean he is a liar too, in addition to being a terrible predictor?

  8. Sharon on said:

    I f everyone that ever made a stupid comment about the Ravens that was later proved wrong, there would be a whole lot of people out there struggling to pull their feet out of their mouths. So, I’m not surprised that Woodley will not backtrack his comments. Think about the shame he must feel. He got bounced out of the playoffs by Timothy Tebow of all people and his team last year was circling the toilet bowl riding the big flush down to irrelevant mediocrity. Meanwhile, his rival was barely missing the Superbowl only to win it the following year.

  9. Brian Tray on said:

    The ravens front office….particularly Ozzie, have made more of the right moves at the right times than any other team in the NFL. John Harbaugh has cashed them in. We own the Steelers. Their team is in disarray. Their O line is terrible . They have no running game. Ben is one of the greatest of all time but the front office has disrespected him and tried to prove they can win while disregarding his opinions…..see Todd Haley. Dick Lebeau is the probably the greatest of all time but with the lack of talent he has (see William Gay) that is finally going to get shattered, (see loss of Harrison). They have no depth, less talent and will finish 4th in the AFC North this year. Even Cleveland rocked their world last year.

  10. Brian Tray on said:

    On the other hand……..and I still can’t explain how we did it, the Ravens brought in Elvis Dumerville, Michael Huff, Daryl Smith, Chris Canty, and Marcus Spears. Don’t be surprised if they sign Brandon Lloyd as well. Add in Matt Elam, Arthur Jones and Brandon Williams from the draft and they have the best defense in the NFL. Did I forget to mention Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, Ladarius Webb, Jimmie Smith, Pernell McPhee, Corey Graham, Courtney Upshaw….etc., etc. Deen Phees has to be ecstatic. The most talented and deepest defensive unit in the NFL. No one will be looking forward to playing us. Particularly when we rout Denver in the opener. When Ben, Tom and Peyton see SIZZLE and DOOM coming off the corners…..watch them try and try to run the ball against Ngata, Spears, Canty and Jones.l A true nightmare. I don’t even want to mention we have the best offensive line in the NFL and the best downfield passer in the game. We have 4 recievers that can run a 4.3 and one of the best running backs to play in the NFL in the last 5 years………..THIS TEAM HAS EVERY REASON TO GO UNDEFEATED…TO HELL WITH THE REPEAT, THAT’S A GIVEN.

  11. Mike O' on said:

    Even the Bengals had a few good years during the Boomer Esiason era. Figures never lie, but liars always figure! If you are going to compare records, playoffs, etc. with the Steelers, why not start at 1996, the year the Ravens were born, hatched, or whatever?

    The bottom line is that the Steelers have had a long, rich tradition of being a winning franchise that has resulted in a bigger nationwide fan base that makes you local yokels jealous. But why should I go on and keep stating the obvious? You Raven fans like to talk trash, but it is the classic “whistling in the dark” syndrome of making a lot of noise cause your scared of the Steelers. Boo!

    • IrieMon on said:

      You and your idiot boyfriend Lamar are obviously both not watching the same games we are. Why in the hell would we be scared of the Squeelers. We have absolutely owned them the past few years and they are doing nothiong but getting older (not to mention Big Ben buttlisburgher can’t even stay healthy for a portion of the season). Your a D Bag just like the rest of Squeeler nation. Get a life and a new TV so you can watch the same games the rest of us are watching. ZIIIIING!

    • DarthSizzle55 on said:

      Why you trolling on a Ravens website then? 1996 ok start then, Both teams sucked, the end. Now onto 2000.

    • John on said:

      I see you’re tired of reading bad news and left the dark side. Welcome to the land of the pleasant living and the home of the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!

      But, be honest with yourself – who’se going to lead the Steelers? You’re QB can’t stay healthy – and he never has. No reason to assume this year will be any different.

      You can’t run the ball, and your best wideouts play for other teams. And then there’s your atrocious offensive line.

      Your strength is your defense. No, check that. Your strength is your defensive coordinator. He’s the best in football. Your defense actually has no leaders and is old and slow. If you want to see how they’re going to look this year, check out the second half of the Super Bowl (hey – folks – it’s the truth).

      So quit your yacking and send your front office a thank you note for drafting Landry Jones. He’s got potential and you’re going to need him sooner than you think.

  12. Chris on said:

    I think this is being overblown. If some asked Suggs, if Jen will win a 3rd Superbowl, no doubt his response would be in line with what Woodley said about Flacco. I didnt think so back then and I still dont think he was taking a shot at Flacco now. The goal is to win it every year, you cant do that if some other guy is going to win.Does it make him seem like a pompous jerk? Yeah because it wasnt the pc answer. But cant knock a guy for being honest. If the goal is to win every year no player in any other uniform can win it.

    • Big Perm on said:

      But the fact is that Joe just won the freaking super bowl and this guy is sticking to his statement that Joe never would. seems like youre not grasping the point. noone is knocking him for making the original statement, its that he’s not going back on it. he’s a freaking idiot. typical shitsburger.
      And dont compare Suggs to woodley.

    • Big Perm on said:

      i was just thinking the same damn thing. why is lamar “bitch ass ” woodley all up on our Ravens site? F him

  13. CORavensFan on said:

    Steelers are in the geriatric league this year. Their games are going to be played on the History Channel due to their fans constantly talking about their past.

  14. Bob on said:

    Who cares? Of course he’s gonna say that. Should he just say Flacco is the best quarterback in the league because he was last year’s Super Bowl MVP?! This is the kind of crap that is annoying from reports and fans.

    • Bob on said:

      It displays a lack of security in my opinion. I’m all for defending your team, but magnifying this he-said stuff from other players is petty.

  15. Rick S on said:

    I always enjoyed when Anquan Bolden would point to the scoreboard during a game when engaged in a discussion with a defender on the opposing team. Mr. Woodley, his teammates and the Steelers fans all know which team is in possession of the Lombardi trophy, but we could always send them some pictures if their memory seems to continue to fail them.

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