Words Aren’t Enough For Troubled Ravens

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This is not what I wanted to write about this offseason. My last article was about the issue the Ravens were having this off-season with four arrests. Now, as we get ready for rookies to start training camp, comes a 5th arrest for the Purple and Black.

After Jimmy Smith was arrested late Saturday night and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, it’s time for the Ravens to do more than just dish out words.

During the last day of the Ravens mandatory minicamp in June, John Harbaugh said, “We will always have the same high standard for our guys, and it’s the same message. … And we’ve emphasized what we need to with our guys. We have good, really good guys. Football matters to them. The more it matters to you, the less inclined you are to do anything to jeopardize that.”

Those are great words from the leader of the football team. But apparently not all the players got the message.

Think about it… if football was what truly mattered to Jimmy Smith on Saturday night, he would have seen the cops coming and listened to them. Instead, he took the chance of jeopardizing football by being confrontational with the police… even saying to them, according to the police report, “What the ____ are you gonna do? ____ you, what the ___ are you gonna do? I’m Jimmy Smith. I play for the Ravens.”

Really Jimmy?

That’s going to help you?

ray-riceThat’s the sort of attitude that I can’t stand. That’s the sort of attitude that I wish John Harbaugh would sit down and lecture. Those remarks alone are enough for me to want the Ravens to suspend Smith. That entitlement angers me more than anything.

So Harbaugh has said all the right things this off-season in response to the five arrests, but now it’s time for action. Someone needs to be disciplined by the Ravens to send a message that this will not be tolerated.

Many Ravens fans took to Twitter and Facebook this weekend saying that Jimmy Smith’s arrest was not a big deal, that he was released and only given a citation. But an arrest or jail time is not the issue. The issue is the players need to learn to stay out of trouble.

If a Steelers player was in the same situation as Jimmy Smith, would Ravens fans still say it’s a non-issue?

Rhetorical question…

Admit it Ravens fans, you would be laughing at the Steelers and giving them a hard time just like the fans of every other NFL team are doing to the Ravens right now.

I’m not defending my team anymore. I’m ticked off at the 5 arrests this offseason. No matter how little or big those arrests are, that is what defines your team. I’ve made fun of the Bengals and Raiders in the past for their troubles with the law, but no more.

Now, I’m fed up with my own team.

WJZ’s Mark Viviano always has the best perspective. He tweeted:


He is right.

Players need to realize that their window of time to play in the NFL is very small… 10 years, maybe for the great players, 3 years for the average players. For that amount of time, they need to concentrate on one thing… making themselves better football players. The “fun” and partying can happen after.

It’s time for Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, and Steve Biscotti, to step up and do something about these issues.

Words obviously are not enough.

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14 Raves on “Words Aren’t Enough For Troubled Ravens

  1. RJ on said:

    Spot-on my friend! So many on the message boards have call this type of reaction “over-the-top”, and “not warranted”. Well, I don’t agree! These primos are disrespecting the rule of law, and the Organization needs to deal with it effectively, which they obviously are not inclined to do, for obvious reasons. They talk a good game, but they won’t back it up!! I am ashamed to be a Ravens fan right now; I am ashamed of the entire freakin’ organization, starting with Bisciotti on down; and I am ashamed of myself for paying out my hard earned cash to subsidize this inexcusable behavior!

  2. Enough on said:

    Relax. This is a nothing issue. Nothing. If reports are accurate Smith didn’t get out of the way fast enough. Quick draw on the cuffs. By the way you are allowed to use the f word. Last I noticed that wasn’t illegal. Failure to obey a lawful order??? Give me a break. For the writer of this article go root for another team. This overreaction is unbecoming. This was a guy not saying yes sir quick enough and an officer overreacting. It will never be anything in Court. And the fact that folks like you have already condemned Smith and the organization on these details is pathetic.

    • RJ on said:

      Could not disagree more….will certainly agree to disagree! Imho, that officer (or officers) are there for our protection, and like it or not, they should get our complete cooperation, without any crap from a glorified athlete!

      • James on said:

        Look, none of us were there, we don’t know what exactly happened. But there is a good chance things got over blown.

        It seems like it was a mixture of Jimmy being a little drunk, basically saying things he wouldn’t normally say and the cop overreacting. If it was a normal person the officer probably would have understood that, got things under control and just as long as Jimmy wasn’t driving home they would have let things go. But Jimmy was stupid enough and/or drunk enough to make a point to let the officer know who he is.

        There is also the chance that it was a a-hole cop. We’d like to pretend these cops don’t exist but they do. I had one come to my door after he was called to my neighbor’s house. When he was leaving the neighbor’s house he heard my wife yelling. When we answered the door there was clearly nothing wrong but he still had a bad attitude and threatened us, saying if he has to come out again one of us was going to jail.

          • Really? on said:

            I’m afraid the police report does not state the officers personal agenda. With the amount of cops who look for any reason to arrest or detain people to earn an income, seeing an NFL player brought money signs into his eyes. Why bother with arresting a homeless person for loitering or a child for violently attacking someone, when you can arrest a pro athlete for saying the F word and refusing your blatant abuse of authority. Of all cops, less than 25% do not let the power go to their head. I do not think this officer is in that 25% in my personal opinion.

      • Ray on said:

        Officers are there for our protection? I don’t know what fairy tale world you live in but in fact police crime has skyrocketed over the last 20 years. The police are becoming more militarized and instead of protect and serve they now intimidate and subjugate. I wouldn’t take the word of a police report as an accurate description of what happened that night either. Everyone knows that disorderly conduct and resisting arrest are the “take anyone we feel like to jail” charges. When I hear the stories of the guys that played ball back in the 50′s – 70′s and why they never got arrested, one has to wonder why so many are being arrested today.

        • Really? on said:

          Well said. I agree 100%. We need new law enforcement, to hold the current law enforcement accountable. Not only for crimes against civilians, but also the increase in 20 years of murder, rape, kidnapping and abuse perpetrated by these officers in their private time. Some are worse criminals than those whom they are paid to protect us from. Cops haven’t been serving and protecting since before the OJ chase.

          • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

            What blatant disrespect for the law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect and serve!

            Many believe that the athletes who are chastised for their transgressions are in the minority and that most are good, upstanding God-fearing men. Count me as one of them. We just happen to hear more about the bad apples.

            I believe the same to be true in the law enforcement business. You might hear of those who stray from decency because that’s more newsworthy in this TMZ world. For me, those who honor the shield are more noteworthy and I believe they represent the silent majority.

            Let’s not defend Jimmy Smith’s momentary lapse of reasoning with hypothetical rogue behavior from cops with an alleged agenda.

  3. Ravenblue on said:

    It’s basic common sense. It may not be ‘against the law’ to swear at a cop, but it’s not exactly going to help is it? Surely if there’s something going off, you do your best to diffuse the situation, and that starts with respecting the guy who’s going to issue you with a citation.

  4. Nancy on said:

    We are the ones raising our boys. Joe Ehrmann has some great advice for those of you who think boys will be boys. (Look in the mirror and admit you have thought this about your own boy)

  5. Really? on said:

    I hope this offseason turmoil has the same effect it did in 2000. These team is looking like it is falling apart, but I truly believe it will build up the underdog mentality. One of these guys needs to embrace their inner Ray Lewis and turn this whole season around. I hope it is Ray Ray.

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