Would you draft Manti Te’o?


Manti Te’o has been in the public eye for quite some time now ever since the infamous girlfriend hoax/whatever it was. Watching this situation from afar, it has a Tim Tebow-esque impact on the way people view him in a negative way. If you are the Baltimore Ravens, is that something you really want to have on your team?

A lot of teams will say, “Hey we are not worried about that we just need to see results and if the kid can play.” Well, that’s one way to look at it. But it is easier said than done.

With Te’o – as with Tebow before him – it is a circus-like atmosphere. Sure, at Tuesday’s Notre Dame Pro Day, he ran a 4.7 that should help his draft after running in the 4.8 range at the NFL Combine in February – but does his play justify the accompanying unwanted attention whatever team drafts him will receive?

If the Ravens were to draft him, I wouldn’t be outraged by the selection, but that I think that is just additional pressure they are putting on the team that isn’t really needed.

You could argue that if there is any team in the NFL who capable of dealing with issues outside of the game of football, it’s the Ravens.

We love Ray Lewis. He will be with this city and Maryland for as long as football is played. But at the same time, there have been many stupid people claiming Ray Lewis to be a murderer given the situation in Atlanta in 2000.

The Ravens are used to having a very polarizing figure on their team.

Ravens fans, players, and employees alike saw the stupidity and hatred of Ray Lewis on a daily basis. While some embrace the “us against the world” mentality, others are relieved to have the spotlight that Ray Lewis brought with him turned off.

Some fans care about perception of their favorite team among general NFL fans. Many outside of Baltimore consider the Ravens “thugs” despite the fact that those days left with Brian Billick. The current Ravens have one of the closest “family”-type locker rooms in the NFL.

With the preexisting public perception of Manti Te’o, adding him to the Ravens would only reinforce the haters, and give them something else to spew uninformed opinions about.

Do you think Teo is worth it?

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15 Raves on “Would you draft Manti Te’o?

  1. Joe on said:

    I want Arthur Brown. Guy has the speed/explosiveness, instincts and ability to cover the middle of the field.

    I wouldn’t HATE it if we got Te’o though if he was gone.

  2. Hollywoodheiz on said:

    Watch the National Championship game and draw you conclusion. Should be a no brainier based on that. And that’s just “on field” issues.

    • jai on said:

      I’m not any kinda Manti fan, but Te’o was a centerpiece defender that made plays his entire college career. The whole ‘watch the BCS championship’ ideology doesn’t make sense. It’s one game. It was a handful of plays. Doesn’t ‘watch his career tape’ make more sense? If the Ravens (have the opportunity to) pick him, it’ll turn out great for us. He’s gonna be an excellent player for someone for a lotta years.

  3. Tim on said:

    Pass, please. If he falls like a lead balloon and they can grab him late, then maybe. But not where we’d likely need to take him.

    I think if there is any team Te’o should NOT go to, it is the Ravens, at least as an early draft pick. If he an early draft pick for the Ravens, he immediately adds the mantle of “Heir to Ray Lewis” or “Ray’s Replacement” to his already overstuffed baggage. The imaginary GF saga has demonstrated either a naivete or immaturity (or both) that will put him at a disadvantage in a potentially cruel NFL locker room, and he hasn’t necessarily handled the pressure very gracefully to date (changing stories, awkward interviews). But if he’s also going to face constant comparisons to the best middle linebacker of all time, that’s just going to put even more pressure on the kid. Maybe he can handle it, but based on what we’ve seen, I wouldn’t want Ozzie betting a high draft pick to find out.

    Plus, I’m no expert, but I’ve seen enough ND games to just not think he’s all that great a prospect anyway.

  4. Robbo on said:

    Only in the 2nd rd he has instincts people make it seem like he was a bumb or somiething he should of got the hizmam he is good his short cone drill was one of the better ones he is a leader aldo & he is a beast on the field he ran better than burfict &we All know how he did at his combinfe &how hef is doing now if ozzie &co draft him im all for it just not @32

  5. Bruce Romo on said:

    ILB — Rolando McLain (after Oakland cuts him, off-field issues yes/but former Alabama guy, still young, huge upside), Jameel McLain ( we’ll see how this injury plays itself out…), A ROOKIE THEY DRAFT, Josh Bynes, Albert McLellen…
    ??: Nigel Carr, Brendan Ayenbadejo …
    Upshaw could slide over at times…
    some new unknown un-drafted player (like Bynes, Mclellen, Mclain, Ellerbe, etc — we have a knack for finding these guys)
    … I like Alec Ogletree … Reddick from NC possibility

  6. Harry W. Holland III on said:

    I think Teo is a good ILB. I don’t think he is the best at the position in this year draft but, I have a hard time seeing him as a bust either. So it just comes down to whose available. I would rather have a Brown, Greene, or Collins if he can play on the inside. In the end if the Ravens select him. He will be welcomed. In Oz We Trust

  7. Skip on said:

    Yeah I would draft Te’o if he was the BPA. He’s not my first choice ILB (Ogletree and Brown I have ranked above him) but my guess is that he’d pair well with say McClellan.

  8. Mike on said:

    I wouldn’t be totally against it as long as there was clearly nothing better on the board. I’ll be very against it if we draft him with Arthur Brown on the board. Kevin Minter on the other hand I’ll be pissed if we draft him before day 3 of the draft

  9. Jerry M on said:

    It don’t Matter who we get. Just know this who ever Ozzie & company do pick they will be the right guys for the job Baleed Dat Bra. Remember fella’s we have the greatest front office in da business

  10. Fran the Fan on said:

    Wait a minute. He runs the 40 a 10th of a second faster time in his Pro Day than he did at the Combine and now the media trolls are saying he first round material again? No. Not in the first round. Not for first round money. Alabama, the closest thing to a professional football team in the college ranks, ran over, around, and through Te’o. There are better options out there. If he’s available in the 2nd round or lower, I’d bite, but I think he’ll be long gone by then. Some team will make the mistake and draft him in the first round. I just hope it isn’t the Ravens.

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