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You people kill me.  You know who you are.  You are the ones who boo the hometown team.  You are the ones who cheer when your struggling quarterback goes down with an injury or when a referee is hurt.  You probably race to beat the little old lady to the last seat on the bus too.

And now you sell out tickets to your arch rival fans to help embarrass your city.

Thankfully CBS decided to pull this game from national coverage.

Newspaper beat writers write about it.  Radio talk show hosts talk about it.  And Pittsburgh fans who live in the area are laughing about it.  They are laughing at you.

You will wave the Super Bowl flag in their faces and ask Steelers’ fans what they’ve won since the 70’s.  You will criticize the Ravens’ players and say they quit or that they’re showboats or that they’re only worried about themselves.  You are quick to profess that there’s no “I” in team and just as quickly you log on to ebay to whore your tickets to the highest bidder knowing full well that the bidder will be a card carrying member of the Terrible Towel-aban.

And then you have the stones to call yourself a die hard fan?

Jamison Hensley of The Sun wrote an article yesterday entitled “A Wave of Discontent.”  In the article, Hensley gathers thoughts from these so called “fans.”  One self-proclaimed “die hard” said, "This season has been demoralizing.  This team has to stand up and recognize that this city enjoys winning and that’s what we’ve got to get back to."

Another adds, "I think it shows [Ravens fans] are kind of upset.  Maybe this will send a message to the right people about how things are going."

Still another talks about making a quick buck and another about doubling, tripling or quadrupling his investment in the tickets.

Some fans you are!

Greed is good I suppose, right Gene, Mike and a pair of Scotts – or should I say Judas?  Die hard.  You don’t die hard – you die easy and find comfort in a death bed lined with greenbacks.  I’d hate to be in a foxhole with you!  You feel bad?  Get over yourself!  You feel just fine now that your wallet is a bit chunkier.  You are probably those fans that are first to complain about a player that wants a new contract yet you sell out your PSL neighbor.

To all you Steelers fans that make the trip down I-70, welcome to Baltimore.  Really, welcome!  Enjoy your stay.  Patronize the many wonderful establishments in the city and have a great weekend.  Have fun at the game and enjoy the stadium.  I admire your passion and you are to be commended for it.  I only wish that fair weather fans like Gene, Mike, Scott and Judas were more like you.

To all those fans that feel like I do, bring your hard hats tomorrow.  Let’s collectively send a message to those ebay prostitutes and match and exceed the passion of the yellow towel wavers who will, thanks to those Judases, arrive in numbers.

You fair weather Sally’s kill me!

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