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Since the announcement several months ago that Ravens Radio was moving to WBAL and 98 Rock, many have speculated on who would be the broadcasting partner of Gerry Sandusky.  Well, the secret is out!  Although Hearst officials would not confirm the hiring, Sandusky is reportedly ecstatic about the opportunity to again work with a former colleague and long time mentor Vince Bagli.  It will be great to once more hear how the hometown team can defeat the likes of the Cincinnatis and the Clevelands.
Many have asked how Dan Cody is coming along with his rehabilitation.  The former Sooner is doing well and has been a beast in the weight room.  Cody who once had trouble keeping his weight at 270 is now up to a lean 310 pounds on his 6’5” frame (4% body fat).  Rex Ryan is said to be tinkering with the idea of using Cody at defensive tackle.  Could this be the real reason why the Ravens let Maake Kemoeatu go?
Sources close to 24×7 have informed us that Kerry Collins has purchased a home in Reisterstown, MD not far from Cal Ripken’s Tufton Ridge estate.  I don’t think he has family in the area so draw your own conclusions.
On a related note, apparently the Dolphins pursuit of Collins and veteran Gus Frerotte has cooled.  Why?  Word is that Nick Saban is very enamored with Kyle Boller.  Saban apparently has shared with pro personnel scouts close to the Miami front office that he believes Boller’s toughness, team first attitude, his willingness to accept blame yet distribute praise are all qualities that Saban aspires to have and he would like nothing better than to expose his new franchise QB Culpepper to such traits lacking in the newest Dolphin.  Now that the Dolphins have L.J. Shelton, the team is dangling LT Damion McIntosh as trade bait.
Curiously, Vince Young has yet to hire an agent and that could work out well for the Longhorn.  NFL executives with the first 10 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft were recently polled at the league meetings in Orlando and it was learned that if these execs are true to their word, Young will not be selected in the Top 10.  With the Rams commitment to Bulger and the Browns commitment to Charlie Frye, Young is likely going to become a Raven.
Not so fast!
Young can go back to school since he hasn’t hired an agent and there is a buzz now in and around Austin that Young has conferred with school advisors and has enrolled in a few Summer classes hoping that next year he will be the No. 1 pick in the draft.
One of the players that Vince Young is often compared to is Randall Cunningham.  Reporters and scouts have contacted Cunningham often over the past few months as a result of the comparison and they’ve stirred the former Raven’s competitive juices.  Cunningham is said to be in excellent shape and with the money being offered to quarterbacks coupled with a rather mediocre league of signal callers, Cunningham is said to be thinking of a comeback.  Endorsement offers are said to be missing only one thing – Cunningham’s John Hancock.
Now that the NFL is seriously considering LA, word is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is assembling a team of investors to buy the team if in fact it is an expansion franchise.  The California Governor is already said to be lining up support within the governmental ranks and should he be successful, he will step down as Governor assuming of course he is still in office.  Naturally the team would be called the L.A. Terminators.
Word is that Daunte Culpepper couldn’t be more excited about donning the aqua and orange.  Friends of Culpepper who live in Dade County are also said to be happy about Daunte’s arrival and not just because they miss their friend.  No, it’s about business.  One friend reportedly is a minor partner in a pleasure cruise ship that Culpepper is interested in acquiring.  The ship caters to the very wealthy sector of Miami Beach’s Star Island, home to the inventor of Viagra and Shaquille O’Neal, among others.
One rule change that was not announced until today, allows NFL head coaches who challenge calls made on the field, to go over to the review camera with the referee to point out things in the video tape that he believes will support the challenge.  Coaches will have the option to accompany the referees during their review.
Why would coaches choose not to view the tape you ask?  Well, if during such a review an argument of any type ensues, not only will the coach lose the challenge and a timeout, he will also forfeit all remaining challenges and he will be called for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty.
Well we all knew it was coming but no one could have expected it to come this soon.  T.O. is at it already.  Apparently after signing his deal with the Cowboys, he learned that receivers are required to wear long tights to practice along with knee bands to prevent leg injuries.  To make matters worse for T.O., Under Armour tights are not allowed.  The Cowboys and Jerry Jones will only allow Russell Athletic tights to be worn because Jones has an exclusive and lucrative endorsement deal with Russell.  Owens said that it shouldn’t be a reason to hold out of summer camp but he may change his mind if the Cowboys don’t change theirs.  Owens’ agent Drew Rosenhaus was asked about this pending drama and he simply replied, “Next question.”
New Orleans hasn’t been the host to much good news over the past seven months.  And just when things started to take a turn for the better with owner Tom Benson’s commitment to the city and the signing of Drew Brees, the proverbial rug has been pulled out.
Word from Drew Brees’ surgeon after a recent check up is cause for major concern on the part of the Saints and Head Coach Sean Payton.  Apparently a MRI completed recently conducted solely to evaluate Brees’ progress, showed signs of another tear not originally detected or diagnosed.  Team officials are extremely concerned that Brees will not be ready for the 2006 opener and perhaps not at all in 2006.
When asked to confirm or comment on the injury, Dr. R.U. Friggenkiddinme said, “Gotcha!”

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