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The Pittsburgh Tribune Review is reporting that Steelers’ president Art Rooney II is taking exception to teams that did what they could to prevent Steelers fans access to their stadium. 

Well boo freakin’ hoo!

Rooney claims that teams forced Steelers fans to either buy multiple game tickets or they gave instructions to fans not to sell tickets to folks living in area code 412.  Rooney even raised the issue with the other owners at last month’s meetings in Orlando.  However, the group failed to address Rooney’s whining…excuse me, his concerns.

"We were not able to get it on the agenda, so I guess we will have to go through another year that Steelers fans will have to scramble to try to find tickets," Rooney said. "We submitted a resolution where we asked the league to consider not allowing teams to engage in some of the practices they were engaging in as we understood it last year, where they wouldn’t sell to people calling from the 412 area code and trying to discern who the buyers were and discriminate against Steelers fans.”

Look, most Steelers fans are diehard fans and good people.  Unfortunately those aren’t the ones that we remember most.  We remember those that are in altered states of mind who are poster children for the obnoxious society.  Art Rooney II’s world when at visiting stadiums is protected by sound proof glass and servers at his beckon call.  He should just shut up and be happy to see the thousands of yellow rags that are waved by the card carrying members of the Terrible Taliban that descend upon other stadiums like mosquitoes to exposed body parts on a humid summer night by the river.

Fans bought their tickets and they can do with them as they please.  Some will use Ebay and maximize their earning potential.  As fans we refer to such money grubbers as sell outs.

Some fans will do all that they can to avoid selling tickets to Steelers fans – even give their tickets away to others provided they don’t hail from area codes 412, 878, 724 or 814.

If Rooney can’t deal, too bad! 

The behaviors he’s questioning are simply a couple of the privileges afforded by the home field advantage.

Thanks for the additional incentive Art II to keep those mosquitoes out of M&T Bank Stadium.

Did someone say Susan Reimer?

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